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NVNN Eazzee submerges into his personal life with the single “Bag of truth” which explains the problems we face in America today like inequality within our communities to subliminal racism that makes the truth Difference in today world, motivation to stay in your work, and motivated and happy through tough times . Being the independent artist he is, NVNN has been proving to not only stand up to his doubters, but to show supporters that he is going to take it up a notch in his working process significantly. Nonetheless, with negativity being at upmost high all over the world. Never Value Negative Notion Eazzee makes this high frequency single to leave a message that represents him as an artist and also as an individual who can make a difference with not only his sound, but also his character. NVNN Eazzee leaves with a quote saying “Their are people who are picked in the spotlight and people who deserve to be in the spotlight. It’s harder for those who are just picked to be in it, but if you know you deserve it, it’s easier to claim it, work smarter not harder and you’ll ball the hardest”

Biography :

NVNN Eazzee was born on November 21,1999 in New York, Bronx. Growing up Eazzee went through traumatic pain with the absences of key influences of a family and often didn’t have a role model to look up to but himself. Being the self reserved person he is, Eazzee grew up thinking life was actually the opposite of his name not easy, but hard. Growing up in the south part of Bronx on featherbed lane, it molded him into the person he is now which taught him to look at life with more of visionary and diverse lanes rather then the spoon fed things we are all taught at a young age. Furthermore, if you wanted to be where you need to be you HAVE to put in the work, time and make sacrifices. Most of all, invest into yourself. At age 14 Eazzee moved himself out of the street crowded Bronx to the laid back scene of Washington for a better life. Eazzee always had influences of rap because he was born from the place it was originated at, so for him it felt natural. Mixed up with a different caliber of genres like electronic, pop and reggaeton NVNN’s biggest influences in rap came from the Notorious B.I.G, Kanye West, ASAP Rocky, to the electrifying Avicii (r.i.p) and Martin Garrix as well as a few other artist and influences. At the beginning stages of his music from his Ep “Different” to his masterpiece “Eazzee lifestyle” NVNN has came a long way. He started picking up quick reactions from his music when he started building buzz from his sadistic single “Minute” to his happy high vibes like “Woahhh” and most recent release “Better Things Comes Around” from not only the US but reaching all the way to Great Britain UK and many more! Eazzee started investing more time not only into rap but also making music videos and beats as well. In a year not only did Eazzee managed to gain fans from all over the world but also manage gain a big following on Soundcloud, as well as doing numbers on Spotify and other platforms. NVNN Eazzee has more work coming out and expects to make major moves to make an impact on the communities of poverty and struggles but also for the future of society as well.

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