Geechee One Films brings you the movie TWERK

Geechee One Films brings you the short dramady film written and produced by Felicia Rivers titled TWERK.  The movie stars actresses Lakendra Thomas, Lovlee Browne, Monee Kierra, as well as additional performances by rising actor Lorenzo Simmons, and Angela Anderson who has a recurring role on HBO’s Vice Principals.
The movie’s main character Haley’s favorite hip hop recording artist Young Black One is coming to town and has announced that he’s looking for a female co-star for his upcoming music video to his single “Twerks Up”.  Haley and her girls are determined to audition for the role just for the chance to meet him and get next to the famous rap super star, even if it’s by impressing a panel of cut throat judges.  Will Haley have a chance?  Is there more to this?
All of the answers in the previous paragraph are answered in the movie.  The movie is available to stream or purchase on Amazon.  The direct amazon link..
The movie’s producer and screenwriter Felicia Rivers is no stranger to the film world.  She has written and produced several web shows and movies, such as the critically acclaimed series “What About Your Friends?” available on YouTube.  She was recently honored in the prestigious Women of P.O.W.E.R. blog.
Synopsis from Amazon
Haley’s favorite hip hop artist young black one is in town and looking for a main lady to star in his music video twerks up. Haley and her girls are not the only ones determined to audition just to meet him. With the cut throat judges will Haley ever get her chance?