Candidly speaking with rap artist PJ Dakota



Songwriter / performer PJ Dakota’s new single and video “Just Skate” is being featured all over the world on various websites, platforms and radio programs.  “Just Skate” is the breath of fresh air the world needs after recovering from all the tragic and somber events from 2020!  Today Supastars Online Magazine sits down with the rising indie artist to discuss her positive, upbeat new single and video “Just Skate” among other things.  Tap into the mind of this amazing, gifted recording artist.

Supastars Online Magazine:  What’s up PJ Dakota?  Are you ready for this interview?

PJ Dakota:  Yes I’m ready and excited. Thank you for having me.

Supastars Online Magazine: Could you tell the readers a little about who you are as an artist?

PJ Dakota:  I’m a R&B/Hip Hop Artist, singer, songwriter, and producer from Flint MI. and I love working with upcoming independent artists.

Supastars Online MagazineCould you tell us about your latest single “Just Skate”?

PJ Dakota:  Yes, Just Skate is my latest single that we are promoting all over the world with hopes for listeners to reminisce about skating and having a good time. This past year has put a damper on things and we hope Just Skate will lift people’s spirits. The song and movement offers positive vibes and a drama free zone. It’s for Everybody. Just have a Good Time. JUST SKATE!!!

Supastars Online Magazine: Who did you work with on the song?

PJ Dakota:  I worked with Angie McClendon who had asked me to write a song about Skating. We worked with Jeff Fountain on the music production. As well as the awesome vocal talents of Armisha Smith and upcoming artist Gabrielle Smith with background vocals.

Supastars Online Magazine:  How would you sum up 2020?

PJ Dakota:  A Trying time, Scary time, refocusing on everything – life, music, the future, and finances.

Supastars Online Magazine: How was your overall experience in the year 2020?

PJ Dakota:  I got to focus a lot more on myself and get a lot of things in order. I utilize the time off from work. Worked on my health and music.

Supastars Online Magazine: Did the pandemic affect you when it comes to your music and what you do as an artist? 

PJ Dakota:  Yes it affected me as an artist. I was laid off from work and now told not to go outside or do anything. For the first two months I became depressed. I had no energy or desire to do any music or anything. I was so used to being out networking and performing and being in the studio. Here I was with my project not done needing to be mixed and mastered but everything was closed. But then I found a studio that was open and I got back to it and started working on my project again. So now I’m in the studio getting CD finalized and I got the call to do the Just Skate song. Loving the final version of the song we decided to put it on the project and we’ve been moving ever since. So now just getting things ready for when this Covid pandemic is behind us or alleast to a point where we can get back to performing and traveling and doing music.

Supastars Online Magazine: How has your new year been so far?

PJ Dakota:  It’s been moving at a Steady pace. My Team has been promoting the song on every radio station we can get it to, doing interviews and blog interviews everywhere we can. Back in the studio work on new material.

Supastars Online Magazine:  What plans and goals do you have for 2021?

PJ Dakota:  I will drop a full CD in March called Day Dreaming. We will be shooting several music videos as the weather breaks. We are currently pushing and promoting the Just Skate music video. We plan to chart on the Billboard Charts and the Itunes charts with Just Skate in the next Month or so. Plans to travel overseas pushing the Just Skate Movement and the Day Dreaming CD.

Supastars Online MagazineIs there anything you would like to plug or mention that we haven’t discussed so far?

PJ Dakota: Everybody please continue to stay safe. S/O to Angie McClendon for believing in my talent. S/O to my team at S.S.Global with Tiffany Gaines, my Booking Agent Latoya Crayton and my management Team at Goddess Entertainment Management with Tishea Mendoza. All the artists I’m working with under On Top Management and the Team at Day Dream Production. My music can be found on all media platforms. Thank you to my Fans and Everyone who believes in PJ Dakota. And a Big S/O to the Waka Flocka’s Supastar Online Magazine.

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