Cadillac Mike Drops New Single “All She Ever Wanted”



The latest release from Cadillac Mike, “All She Ever Wanted” is capturing the attention of some of music’s most discerning listeners. In a musical landscape brimming with trendy fads like trap and pop Cadillac Mike stands out from the crowd truly embracing the essence of hip hop.

2003 is when it all began for Michael; the year that the streets coined him “Cadillac Mike” and the year that he finally decided to pursue a music career. After all, he was born into a musically-inclined family. His older brother, Carlos, known in the music industry as Bang Bang, is who Cadillac Mike states as his inspiration.

Carlos is affiliated with a well-known Antioch music artist and produced named Sideways, who has produced cuts for 50 Cent. Mike’s father, Mark, was a highly-skilled guitar player back in his day and was once offered a major role in a movie. However, due to conflicting issues and having three sons to raise, the movie deal fell through

Cadillac Mike’s music career was established with a small rap group by the name of Hood Rich Entertainment, which, aside from Mike, included Young Boov, Super Hyphy and Young DaDa. Since the group was just starting out without their own studio, they were sent to a San Francisco artist named Young Thugg. The crew was determined to do whatever they could to furnish enough money to pay disburse for studio time with Young Thugg. Everything from making music and performing at local bars and county fairs. After releasing their free street album, Hood Rich Entertainment went their separate ways in 2005.

Nonetheless still driven and focused to make a name for himself Cadillac Mike continued his pursuit of a career in music. The long sleepless days and nights of him locking himself in the studio proved to have paid off as the streets began to vouch for his music.

As years passed, various major label artists took notice of Cadillac Mike’s music and he has since become affiliated with labels such as Thizz Entertainment and Young Los of Money Gang Mobb. Cadillac Mike has also been featured on 15 albums, six of which were sold in stores, and tracks of well-known artists such as The Jacka, Rydah J Klyde, San Quinn, Peanut, Geezy, Shigady The Playboy and Trill Real Former Cash Money label mate, Yowda of Maybach music and Comptons very own Compton Av.

His first solo debut album, California Heart, released on July 4, 2013 was digitally distributed and was also sold as a hard copy. With a total of 3 full albums and 10 singles to tally up his catalog. Cadillac Mike is presently hard at work in the studio prepping and perfecting his craft for the mainstream.

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