Blondeballer of Real Chance Of Love on Vh1

1. What have you been doing since the show Real Chance of love on Vh1  …I have been doing a couple magazines such as spire magazine and shhh! I did another show set to air soon and I also do club appearances. I love to spend time with the family and I also go to school.
2. How did your Reality Show career start to take off ..I was actually at a snoop dogg concert at the Rose Bowl and someone asked me if I would like to try out for a reality show. I did and about a week later they called me back and said pack your bags.
3.  What is the biggest drawback for being on the show …I would have to say the haters who are on you about the show but really dont know that it was edited. THey make you a character and thats not who you really are in real life. They can make you seem horrible when really your a nice person.
4. Is it hard being so popular or do you love the celebrity …No I like it. I like that people watch the show and actually remember my face. It makes me smile that even if people are hating that they recognize me and notice that I am doing something with my life. Maybe it will encourage someone who is sitting on the couch like I was a year ago to go and persue it.

5. Will you be doing Vh1’s Charm School ..hummmm you know what if they ask me I will.
6. How have you juggled your Reality Show career & your Law School …It is hard. I have had to do alot of work from the computer and even miss out on some club events but all in all I just try to take it a day at a time.
7. What advice do you have for other ladies looking to follow in your footsteps ..GET UP GO DO IT!!!! If you really think you can you can. Let me tell you it is not hard to be on reality TV so get up and go do it.
8. How has your safe way to lose weight worked out for you , can you tell us the secret to lose weight safely ..It has worked I have lost 10 pounds and it has been easy because the secret it to eat every 3 hours and who does not love to eat right? Just small meals all day until 1 hour before bed.
9. Do have any info to give your fans ..JUST I LOVE YOU AND YOU KEEP ME WANTING TO DO TV without fans your no one. Even if your in a magazine it does not mean that it will sell fans are the ones that keep you going.
10 What is your twitter..
twitter- vh1blondeballer