AUTISTIC RAPPER / PODCASTER continues to make PROGRESS in the MUSIC INDUSTRY despite his Condition


Rapper / Podcaster J-0 AKA W.A.S. revealed on a recent edition of THE DIGITAL MEET AND GREET with hosts JT and Some Guy Named Jay that he has been living with Autism, and remains to make gains, and accomplishments in the music and entertainment industry despite his “ailment”.

J-0 also states that he would like to be an inspiration to those living Autism and other disabilities, and to let them know that regardless of their “differences” and “struggles” that they also can achieve many great things and overcome those obstacles in order to do so!

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Podcaster and rising indie rapper living with autism, J-0 A.K.A. W.A.S. wants his rise and success in the music industry to be an inspiration to others and show that his “ailment” doesn’t stop him from pursuing greatness! ????
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