Christopher S. Hunter A.K.A. HT Playa was born in NY and latched on to music at a young age introduced to jazz music by his grandfather Christopher quickly excelled to be a top musician in his region. HT was introduced to a form of hip hop called “battle rap” and was intrigued by the clever punch lines and quickly began going and doing it himself throughout his high school and the rest of NY. He made a name for himself in college but After 2 years of college H.T. realized that this wasn’t the route he wanted to go and quickly dropped out and moved to Cleveland. After linking up with a few local studios and consistently making music HT and his friends started the time for greatness movement to inspire up and coming cleveland youth. HT is hungry and poised to be one of the artists we hear about in the near future!

Contact info:

Christopher Hunter: 631-456-8777