Ebony Blaque (born Ebony Jefferson) has been in love with music from the day she can remember. At the age of 5, Ebony was singing in her local church choir and at the age of 12 Ebony teamed up with two other young singers from her school to form an R&B group known as the “Little Diamonds”. As the girls grew older Little Diamonds slowly fell apart, Ebony who knew her path in life was that of the music highway began writing poems and later her own songs she would soon sing to others. Ebony decided her school choir was where she needed to be, and throughout her elementary and junior high years, Ebony gained strength in her vocals and learned to master her pitch. Ebony joined her high school dance team her sophomore year, she danced at football and basketball games, pep rallies, marched in the city parades and any other local city activity which gave her a lane to shine.

Ebony’s childhood was anything but easy, her daily routine starting at 15 was school, dance practice and once done there, she headed to work until 2am five days a week. Ebony knew it was only a matter of time before she would get her big break and do what she loved for a living. Her junior year of high school she formed a street dance team with two other classmates. They entered into every competition outside of school they possible could, in hopes of winning money, and placed at least 2nd in every competition. Ebony became co-captain of her high school dance team, which meant she had to choreograph dances and lead the daily practices. She decided she wanted to be a dancer and put singing on the back burner.

Ebony met a local female rapper that was interested in utilizing Ebony’s vocals to record a hook for her single. It was that day, while at the studio, the engineer played Ebony her part of the song back, that Ebony was left in a state of shock at the sound of her voice, and how captivated the others at the studio were as they listened. From that day forward, Ebony has given her music career 110% so that she can elevate up the urban music ladder of success.