Introducing Kula Voncille


Popular Virginia based emcee / lyricist, prominent businesswoman and all-around excellent performer Kula Voncille is preparing to take over the Spring and Summer months as her booming career has been heating up all through the Winter.  Earlier this year Kula Voncille blessed the world with several new songs and live shows alongside her beautiful band of sisters, the powerhouse supergroup Shady Bootz.  Through February, Kula Voncille has hosted several Pop-Up Shop Events throughout Virginia and surrounding areas to allow black owned businesses to flourish within the community and to introduce their products, services, and wares to more consumers in the market.  In March Kula Voncille made a huge impact with being honored during Women’s History Month in various web publications and esteemed, well respected blogs and websites such as Blacktopia, The Women of P.O.W.E.R. blog and The Worldwide Collaboration website just to name a few.  Recently, Kula Voncille has been the comedic and very entertaining host of several Hip-Hop Lip Sync Battles and Contests, and the strong, prominent every woman has no plans of slowing down now that the Spring months are coming up!!


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