Mr. Scrilltown Himself returns after long hiatus!


Back after a long hiatus, Mr. Scrilltown Himself (aka Feddie Scrillz) is back with the hot new mixtape titled, “Bag Money” to anxious fans. This is his first mixtape since he released “High Rollin’/Legal Hussle (Royalty Mob Records) in 2007. It’s been 13 years since he has released music, and he is saying that this is one of the best collection of artists that he has ever worked with on one project.

The Bag Money line-up includes: Tevo-Tevo, Jackboy DPayne, Mansa Ace, Mark Free, JayKid, RudeGal 4.0, Tree High Codeine, T.U.T., YungAzz D-Locsta, Big Scrill Will, Scario Andreddi, MP Mascotti, Rekka, and T.O.G. Along with some of the hottest production from: Dom Major, Caesar Beats, Premise, TNTXD, Ric & Thadeus, Tone Jonez, & GConTheTrack.. The mixtape is available on all digital platforms, and will be available on compact disc (which will include three BONUS Tracks).

Be on the lookout for the upcoming video for the hit single “My Mama” that has over 10,000 streams and is getting radio spins worldwide and the new upcoming mixtape (released through Sony/Orchard) “Street Music & Meditation” This Is My Therapy Volume 1, Coming Winter 2020 ScrilltownMO.. MoneytownUSA

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