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Upcoming PC Gamer/ Twitch Streamer Lambotv Is The Channel To Follow

The world of E-sports is a rapid growing industry right now, where many talented gamers are sharing their awesome experiences via various streaming platforms. Lambotv is a 14 year old serious PC gamer who is in my opinion a fantastic Fortnite competitor who broadcasts his butt kicking via Twitch. Next to be aligned with the biggest streamers on Twitch with an arsenal of creative content and a steady growing fan base. Visit the link provided and enjoy the awesomeness of one of the best Generation Y broadcasters has to offer.
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Been a while since I’ve brought you something fresh from the independent music scene. I always find the best talent is undiscovered or getting muffled by all the noise out there. However KFIRE’s lyrical delivery is bound to emerge from the deep crab bucket of musical talent. Only at the young age of 25 capable of manifesting wisdom and knowledge that can only be obtained by dedication to ones craft. Seeking to give her peers something more meaningful in the genuine art form of Hip Hop. With her latest track “Fly Out”, I am very impressed and delighted to share this track with our Superstars readers! You all are long overdue for some good tunes so open ya ears, without further ado I present to you representing Detroit, Michigan hip hop artist KFIRE!



Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer

The long the wait is over! Finally released the official trailer for Marvel’s The Avengers Infinity War.

All I can say is that this trailer is nothing short of Awesome


All our favorite characters featuring in one movie this is going to be one heck of an adventure!

The Walking Dead’s Shane, actor Jon Bernthal becomes The Punisher

The directors, writers and all cast involved get a 10/10 rating from me.

You read that title correctly, fans of Jon Bernthal mostly remembered from his stunning
performance as “Shane” on AMC’s The Walking Dead in my opinion has walked Netflix’s
original series “the Punisher” right out of the comics!
Washington D.C. native Jon Bernthal was the right choice for this role/character, playing Frank
Castle a Marine veteran who comes home from war only to have the war follow him. His family
is murdered due to a conspiracy that he inadvertently participated in. Leaving Castle (Bernthal)
with a one track mind, punish those who wronged him.
From pilot to finish this tale is a wild ride, filled with emotion, bloody violence and a little
unwanted political correctness intrusion. However, it makes for a great binge watching weekend
solo or accompanied.
The directors, writers and all cast involved get a 10/10 rating from me. Why? Over the years
many in Hollywood have tried to give us comic geeks a Punisher via big screen that cuts the
mustard and have tragically failed in their attempts.
From Dolph Lundgren (The Punisher 1989) to Thomas Jane(The Punisher 2004) and Ray
Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone 2008) all which were not horrible films but failed to provide a
sequel or even that of a trilogy. Hey, I’m a fan of all those guys and films yet still not afraid to
say they left us asking WHAT HAPPENED? Steve Lightfoot answered that question with his
fantastic fresh origin yet still genuine to the comic books Netflix version of The Punisher!
Easily setting up a promising franchise that eventually can even lead to the big screen amongst
the Avengers. If so don’t change the actor, Mr. Bernthal “It can not go back like the way it was
before!” You are THE PUNISHER!
Marvel’s The Punisher | Netflix Official Site

Thor Ragnarok Official Trailer


The next installment of Marvels Thor comic movie series is “Thor Ragnarok”!

Got to tell you the trailer looks amazing and they look like they gave Thor a new look! Take a gander at the official trailer below.

Thor: Ragnarok is scheduled to be released in the United States on November 3, 2017, in 3D, IMAX and IMAX 3D.

Read about Thor Ragnarok lore HERE



New Music Alert | Al halaban Jmt- Prod Feat. Mawkley | @RACovanMagee

Introducing some international flavor, from an aspiring but not new to the game producer. Jean Marc Tola aka JMT-PROD presents to you his latest production featuring rap artist Mawkley!


Hear the song below via Reverbnation and check out JMT-PROD biography as well.



Of origin Sardinian and Sicilian and was born in Marseille in 1969.
Jean Marc Tola was influenced by groups as “IAM”, “Massilia Sound System”, “Assassin”, “NTM”, “Wu Tang Clan”, ”KRS One”, “Public Enemy” and so many others a lot.
He discovered the computing in 1981 and began the Computer Aided Music (CAM) in 1987 with his first Amiga and a basic sound card.
By means of Sampling, Time Streching, and Pitching thousands of sounds and after years of compositions, he forms his first group (La cinquième colonne) in Vienne in Isère.
In 1996 They take out their first album ” Colonne V ” followed one year later of a new album: ” Des mots… “. After several years of scenes, repetitions of Studio, the members of the group decide by mutual agreement to leave towards other projects.
That push him to make new meetings and to have several collaborations with Groups of the area (Karukera-Kylla, Ethos, New Jack Swing, Akim).
Then he becomes a manager and a booker of several advanced groups (Hot Line, Fred Alpi, Les Gueules de bois) and in progress (Showmanship, Kaliyuga, , Le Petit Orchestre, …)
In 2003 he takes part of the team which creates in (Vienne Antic Theater) a Festival ” Les Authentiks ” that knows an direct success and still exists.
Then he participates in adventures in several Musical Universes (Hip-hop, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Electro music, …)
He come back after 15 years full of new compositions enriched by his previous experiences . He composes and arranges himself all the melodies and the rhythmic by bringing his identity appropriate to all his productions.
This new Opus “H.H.J. JAPAN” with featuring the American rapper “Finesse”, taken out in November, 2016 and distributed by SPINNUP.
It is available via all the main platforms in the universe of the online music (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Rhapsody, TIDAL, Deezer).
A new production will be born before the end of this year with on “TRAP” environment.
From 2017 he plans to take out a production by month and stay constantly in search of new rappers.

New Music Alert | Icon Hip Hop Recording Artist Solomon Childs Returns After Being Shot w/ Hot New Single “My Baby” | @BullzEyeEnt



If you aren’t up on this Iconic New York City super star, you need to do your homework. Reppin’ Staten Island, Ny to the fullest, Solomon Childs is well renown as an affiliate with the Wu Tang Camp! Childs been dropping rhymes well over 10yrs with a serious dynamic range in audiences worldwide. According to multiple news sources, late 2016 Solomon Childs sustained gunshot wounds to his neck and back by unknown assailants on Forest Ave in Staten Island, Ny.  The attackers are still on the run, however that incident has not hemorrhaged Solomon’s movement and creative ability. He’s back, better than ever powered by Bullz Eye Enterprises Power-House PR ( and under new management!

Solomon Child’s “My Baby” is 2017 thrown back into genuine well crafted Hip Hop of the 90s. Do not have me mistaken, this track is fresh, hip and cool. A bold display that Solomon Childs won’t be hindered by a few gunshot wounds.


View the track below & ENJOY!


SUPA STARS Certified | Queen of Kings | @SupaStarsMag

 We aren’t shy about our vision and goal of being the # 1 duo in the world. To sum it up, Queen of Kings represents us standing above and being different than anyone or anything else out there…a queen among kings.

1) I’ve discovered Queen of Kings last year 2016, around the holiday season. How long have QK been in the industry?  Introduce yourselves.

Sirena is the lead singer and my name is Auggie Del Rey…the outlaw who accompanies her.

We have been doing music both individually since we were kids. We also have been in other bands together. We started QK almost 3 years ago in Texas right before we moved to LA.

2)  I only expose the best and most unique talent.  Queen of Kings,  what’s the origin of your stage name?

We did a lot of soul searching at the end of our last band. We knew our time was up with that band and brand. We needed something fresh, something that we felt could be huge, and something I could see in the big lights. So I literally closed my eyes one day, after listing several names for consideration, and I could clearly see “Queen of Kings” in big letters and in big lights on huge stages around the world. We aren’t shy about our vision and goal of being the # 1 duo in the world. To sum it up, Queen of Kings represents us standing above and being different than anyone or anything else out there…a queen among kings.

3) Listening close, I hear 90s influence, your sound is definitely seasoned.  Who is responsible for the fresh sounds of QK? Your influences?

That’s for sure! We collaborate when it comes to the creation of songs and again, it always comes back to the feel…can I feel what we are singing and playing? I bring a little more of the extensive catalog of musical history. Because I have studied and loved all sorts of music…from rock, metal, R&B, pop, etc.

Sirena is definitely influenced by Selena…I mean, come on…we are from Texas and she still is the Queen of Tejano music! And I also love Selena…I know all her songs and still jam them today. Sirena also loves the big voices of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and the work ethic of Jennifer Lopez.

I am influenced by Michael Jackson, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, and anything that will make me stop. I am not that guy that will hate on the newer music because I want to always learn and I want to always be able to touch my audience.

4) Let’s name drop, who have you collaborated with and or opened for?

To be honest, we have been the underdog for some time now, but we don’t give a fuck! IT energizes us more to play with more passion and write better songs. We have been involved in projects with Neyo, Common, Snoop Dogg, and several demos with Universal & Paramount. At the end of the day, we view ourselves as being equals to those artists. Meaning, we have the utmost respect, but are expecting to be at that level soon.

5) Tell the readers about your latest project? Where’s it available?

Killin’ Me is a song that deals with the perspective of a girl, but can also be applied to anyone in a relationship that has had enough. The title is a sarcastic feeling of, “Really?! You went and did that? You’re killin’ me and I am done!” We released it in late October and it has been pushing us forward and has given us even more momentum. This talk about “over night” is bullshit because we have been at this for years and are grateful now to be seeing the progress.

6) What’s next for Queen of Kings in 2017? I see a QK and Recording Artist Covan collaboration ; )

We are actually in the studio now working on another song titled “Alabama”. We are VERY excited about this project because just as with each other release, we push our boundaries and strive to create something that will capture the emotions of the song. We are also continuing to play shows here in Hollywood because our fan base is growing. I will also add that it is not only growing, but we are acquiring crazy and passionate people that love us and our music. We refer to them as our family, our QK Family! And THAT is what is separating us from the rest of the fakes here…that our fans will out-passion anyone!


Give me something exclusive, something that you want to share with the industry and fans.

Our goal when we moved to LA 2 years ago was to grow, get on a label, grow our brand, and tour the world. We are very close to attaining that vision and are excited about it. We take no days off and we know our purpose.

We are humbled by the love and support and we are using that as fuel to bring music that can last the test of time. Exclusive? Our readers, watchers, lovers, outlaws,supporters, and family are what makes this exclusive…that’s what’s important to us!

Auggie Del Rey
We Are Family

Welcome to the Movement