I have already viewed three episodes and I tell you right now I’m hooked! Union and Alba’s chemistry is golden and edgy with healthy dose of funny. Scheduled for a 13 episode season, Bruckheimer and friends definitely have a hit on their hands. This in my opinion is the next best show to hit the living room since “Lethal Weapon”!

“L.A.’s Finest” follows Syd Burnett (Gabrielle Union), last seen in Bad Boys 2 taking down a drug cartel, who has seemingly left her complicated past behind to become an LAPD detective. New location and a new partner, Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba), a working mom with an equally complex history, Syd is forced to confront how her unapologetic lifestyle may be masking a greater personal secret. Taking on the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles while skirting the rules, and speed limits, Syd and Nancy become a force to be reckoned with – on the streets, and in each other’s lives.

Debuting in 2019, Spectrum Originals is a premier destination for premium original series available exclusively to Spectrum video subscribers on-demand and ad-free. This free service will launch with the Sony and Bruckheimer-produced drama “L.A.’s Finest,” starring Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. An initiative of Charter Communications, Spectrum Originals is the latest expansion of Charter’s market-leading video offerings, which include regional sports networks and its award-winning Spectrum News services. More information on Spectrum Originals can be found at

Without further ado take a gander at the official trailer below:

Ice Black bringing sexy back!


If you love old school 90’s R&B and hip hop like I do you will love Ice Blacks single “You Ready” featuring “Super Jay”. This is a super sexy single with melodic flows and soulful vocals.

Paris Jones from Oklahoma City, OK. better known as “Ice Black” discovered his love of music at the young age of 7. His love of music was born after entertaining family at events and picnics. His first influences of music and style were 2Pac, Nas and Michael Jackson.

Inspired by listening to instrumentals, it doesnt take much to get Ice Black’s creative juices flowing. He is setting the bar high for others with his strong lyrical content and passion for the game. His talents have satisfied the ears of some very discerning music fans.

Music is his passion and he stated the best advice he was given as far as the music business was to keep networking and keep an open mind to ideas that could take him further in the industry. His musical cadence of how he raps is an essential element in perfecting his sound and style.

He is currently pushing his single “You Ready” and “Goosing” will follow.

The video “You Ready” is like jumping in a time capsule to the 90’s which was am amazing era for soulful love songs. Fans can expect hot music and shows as Ice Black is focused, driven and always gives 100% in all he does!

Stay up to date with his movement on his Instagram and Twitter @iceblackflyguy, Facebook page @Paris Jones and also on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

The Dick Had Me Dizzy by Author R. Coxton

“Money is the root of all evil” or so they say. For self-made millionaire Magnus Williams there’s no evil when the word “NO” doesn’t exist in your vocabulary that includes getting the women you want but don’t necessarily need. Cristal is the woman men only dream of having. Business savvy with a game plan to get to the top, she will ride with the perfect one as long as the price is right. But what happens when circumstances force the man who doesn’t understand the word “NO” and the woman who just wants to have it all together.

Lee Jones, a self taught musician from the age of 5



Clearwater Florida’s Lee Jones is no stranger to the music scene. Discovering a love of music at a very young age Lee has perfected his craft.

He is a self taught musician, teaching himself to play the drums at the age of 5 and moving on to guitars, keyboards, horns and more. Jones went on learning to record and harmonize music creating Gospel,Christain/ Praise & Worship, RNB/NeoSoul, HipHop, Gansta Rap, BoodyShake, Blues, Jazz, all types of House Music and country. He is blessed with the talent to embrace all genres.

When asked the most important thing he has learned in the industry he replied “Learning how to forgive & forget about how some people are so selfish continuing to get over others in this music business not fulfilling  promises and contracts etc…”

Rest assured you will be hearing alot more from Lee Jones for years to come!

Follow his movement

Twitter derrt



Introducing Flam Fevva

Flam Feeva was inspired to make a career in music by listening to the music his parents played growing up. He discovered a passion for it at the age of 8 and started writing.

Winning an Ohio Hip Hop award for best video in 2009 made him realize he was onto something great.

Through rhyme and poetry combined with vivid story-telling puts him in a lane of his own. He is certainly setting the bar high for others on the industry. His latest masterpiece “Hiconic” is satisfying the ears of some of the most discerning music fans and leaves them yearning for more!


Meet Author Tiffany Brown

Powerful woman / author Tiffany Brown releases Reality Check, a fictional book based on real life experiences and events.  Reality Check follows the journey of Toni, a young successful woman who is at the peak of her career.  She’s highly respected in her community and believes in her purpose to help others.  After becoming a victim of a crime she couldn’t have prepared for, she must figure out how to survive her own tragedy while still helping the children she is entrusted to protect.  Denise and Melanie are two of Toni’s clients who are dealing with the pressures of life and trying to find themselves in the midst of crisis.  Can they learn to trust again?  Are they ready to accept their blessings?

PLEASE NOTE:  This book contains the difficult subject of sexual assault and has a non-consensual sexual scene.

Visit to order your book today!

See what SwagSwitcha Double J.B The Platinum King has been up to

SwagSwitcha Double J.B The Platinum King, when you refer to one you refer to all. You may remember him originally as the Commander in Chief of the Mild Fleet. Since then he has retired that position and became the bridge between mainstream rap and Nerdcore. Unique from his look to his music, it will open the eyes of all who listen. His style and swagger is as good as his flow and lyrics, and he shines as bright as the0 jewelry he rocks. Nerdcore is his home, but his sound knows no boundaries just like his style has no limits. No matter what music he does, Nerdcore or not I will always stay true to his self and that is a GFL “Gamer for Life”. Hip hop is about expressing oneself and talking about what I know and your experiences. Igrew up around drugs, sex and money and street life but lucky for him, he chose anime, video games, super heroes and the nerd life.

Check out the new single I’MILL from SwagSwitcha’s  upcoming EP Kings Banner available late May. Follow SwagSwitcha and listen to the track on Spotify. You can also find the artist on Itunes. Shout out to the beat maker Behemoth Beats check him out on soundcloud. @behemoth_beats


Rapper THOR is a voice for people suffering from Depression and Mental Illness

There are many rappers that represent different people from all walks of life, rappers that are a voice for many different struggles, but there aren’t many rappers that represent the struggle of mental illness and depression, and rapper Thor has stepped up to become that voice.  Thor has overcome mental health, mental abuse and depression in his life and often speaks about it in his music.  Any many recent interviews Thor has expressed interest in being an advocate of those battling depression and informing them on ways they can seek help.
Visit Thor’s official web blog and learn more about his crusade to help people battling the beast of low self esteem, depression, mental illness, trauma and mental abuse at his official website

Girls Got Talent Event to be held in Charlotte, NC

Come out to the 2nd Annual “Our Girls Got Talent” by Renewed Inspiration in Charlotte, NC on April 27th between 11 AM and 2 PM. Come out, support and encourage the youth in our community. Visit Renewed Inspiration at



Rapper Y’man Dog’s single “Grind” is a hardcore street anthem without a doubt. Gritty beats with motivational “get that money lyrics”. Not your average cookie cutter rapper. Definitely in a lane of his own. Looking forward to hear what he cooks up in the lab next! Stay up to date with his movement: