MOBB BOSS making major moves

Get familiar with rising Florida based hip hop recording artist, mover, shaker and prominent businessman in the Entertainment industry MOBB BOSS.  Mobb Boss has been making major moves in the industry with the release of his singles “Heart of A Lion” and “My Boo”.  Get more updates on MOBB BOSS by vising his official web blog at

Get familiar with the name Philonius Phunk!  Philonius Phunk is a rising beatmaker / producer that is changing the sound of hip hop and urban music as we know it.  Philonius Phunk is a powerful force in the “Nerdcore” sub genre, known for blending classic boom bap hip hop sounds and drums accompanied by samples from video games and sci-fi movie scores.  Listen to the type of flavor Philonius Phunk is breaking on the boards and the beats by checking out his official website at

2 steamy new releases from author D. Christopher Harvey

Prestigious Author and Poet D. Christopher Harvey has two new steamy book releases that will certainly make this summer even HOTTER.  III-D and SIN-credible Ink.  III-D is a collection of very detailed short stories that will take the readers on a mental rollercoaster ride, and SIN-credible Ink is a Valentine’s Day treat for the ladies.  A collection of poetry and mind blowing gift to all the women in the world.
 Author D. Christopher Harvey has many more amazing literary works coming very soon!

Whitney Leigh,An aspiring,freelance tattoo model.Born and raised in a small Indiana town.

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I’m Whitney Leigh, an aspiring, freelance tattoo model. Born and raised in a small Indiana town, but I have luckily got to experience traveling and an amazing oppurtunity to explore modeling. Over the last six years, my passion for modeling has grown and expanded widely. I love to be in front of the camera! I have done various types of modeling mostly involved with the tattoo and high fashion industry.
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To date, I have worked with various photographers in many different states. I have been published in Tabu magazine, SkinArt magazine, and also some online magazines. I have done high fashion run way shows, music videos, cars shows, and even motorcycle rallies. I enjoy doing unique styles and aspects when it comes to modeling, which makes it more fun and interesting.  I view myself as very versatile and experienced. I’m always thriving to further my career in modeling. I’ve been told I have no fear. I just believe you can’t let fear hold you back when there is so much to accomplish in life!
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Instagram @mztat2angel
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Snapchat Lilwhit6290​

Boosie Badazz: Leaks Several New Tracks From Double Album BooPac

Justin Klepac, a.k.a. Klepac, is a rapper from Temple, Texas

Justin Klepac, a.k.a. Klepac, is a rapper from Temple, Texas. Born April 6th, 1992, music was always in his heritage. His grandfather played for a polka band and his father played local gigs in temple until 1997.

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Klepac was introduced to rap music in 1998 when the PokeRap came out from a kids show called Pokemon.
At this time Klepac new he wanted to make some sort of music but not sure yet.
I’m the early 2000s, when Will.I.Am. dropped his song Secrets on Cartoon Network, Klepac had decided rap music was a fun thing to do.
Listening to artists such as Nelly and Eminem shortly after.
Later down the line artists such as KRS-One and Big Pun became big inspiration along with Ol Dirty Bastard.
In 2012, Klepac officially launched his professional career by networking with Fetti Gang BSM.
TrePounds, and Fly Boy were the first two collabs. Then later on to making a track with Sadat X from Brand Nubian called Wise Guys.
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Klepac had hosted two major tapes along with Trinidad James and Sy Ari Da Kid.

Next he will be looking to do another major collabs in 2017.


Tre Deuce The Trash Man

Hottest /youngest upcoming rap Artist in ceNtral Tx…from Temple TX westside valleyforge to be exact…He is consistent working everyday…working with HooDfame/Gucci Gang…Tales From The HooD mixtape drop This summer all original beats…stay tuned.


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Shae-Nitty born in San Antonio, Texas; raised in Leesville, Louisiana

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Facebook/sound-cloud/reverbnation: Shae-Nitty =pages : NittyLiveTv. SNF .,

Instagram : ShaeNittyLive
Youtube: ShaeNitty Foundation , NittyLiveTv
Business contact #254-589-2123


Hey I’m Shae-Nitty. My day of life is April 18, 1994. I am loving life as it blossoms. I was born in San Antonio, Texas; raised in Leesville, Louisiana; While doing some schooling in Saint Louis, Missouri! I am sop down to earth in the hippest ways. I enjoy smoothies and just enjoy eating my veggies. I have been a lonesome child for a while though with the comfort of my foundation. I have took on the ways to give comfort to nations all over the word. Ahh my gov’t: lol . LaShae Kohliem .

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I have been writing music since 2010. I began to get in the booth in the year 2013. Though, believe me it was not at all as it seemed to be. I realized that I was beyond shy.. ooh.. man.. What did i do.

I  traveled in the states pushing my creative talent. Which came to me starting my Non-profit Organization in 2013 !

I picked up on my poetry. As I came  out of my shell. I have since 2015 created tags for the label ” Currency Committee” now located in California . In 2016 august, in GA, i decided to get back in the booth, tho on my own terms. I had one in my closet, and this is where I recorded my 1st mix-tape #ROLEMODELEPIC at.

I greatly am happy for the mountain I have climbed to the river I am rowing on.. Please indeed keep me in mind within your prayers.. I love positive movements ,and I believe in the honest solution of spiritual growth. I am really just an Inspirational Artist on the way to assist the growth in many lives all over . I am really rapping neo within the soul  !

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Personal Interests 
, GRAPHICSBYSHAE . NITTYLIVETV, Hair .        Growth Speaker . Lifting up nations

SHAENITTYFOUNDATION MY NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION.  Coming Soon my Creative Works Program . A program for all ages and genders of any creative existence!

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Pictures: The different styles of Lashae(Shae-Nitty)Kohliem.

Kick it with Cooley High in Vegas June 23rd, 2017

Come out and kick it with Cooley High in Las Vegas on June 23rd through June 25th at Kama Club (The Rooftop) at The Turmeric.  700 E. Fremont Street, Las Vegas Nevada.  E-mail Ms. Terri at for more information!  This is an event you don’t want to miss!

Circa 2009 The Key To Healthy Living

In order to live a more healthier lifestyle, it is essential for you to remove products that contain harmful chemicals from your daily life.  Many commercial and big brand companies use chemicals to create their product in order to preserve the shelf life, and to mass produce more of the product in order to gain more profit, but at the expense (pun intended) of the consumer.  When using these products, the chemicals absorb into your skin, seep into your bloodstream and make you sick and in some cases even activate cancer cells.  You don’t have to live like this, and thankfully Nickie Brown the owner of Circa 2009 has the solution for it!  Circa 2009 provides and manufactures many skincare, haircare, beauty, aroma therapy and hygiene products that are 100% chemical free and made from all natural / organic ingredients at very reasonable prices.  The products provided by Circa 2009 also rejuvenate the skin, and revive damaged hair!  Many of Circa 2009 consumers feel and receive amazing results using the products.  If you are interested in purchasing the healthy, all natural products such as shampoo, body butter, oils, cream, polish, etc. etc. then check out the official websites here at and