Freezy The Queen And Producer Kashkount Onnatrack Drop First Single “What They Gonna Do” From Upcoming Mixtape


Freezy The Queen has released her high energy single “What They Gonna Do” produced by the talented Kashkount Onnatrack. This is a producer making a name for himself nationwide with the focus and drive of a seasoned industry vet! Look for the mixtape dropping early this summer.

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Florida Rapper T-Money

Get familiar with rising Florida based rap recording artist and songwriter T-Money
by connecting with him on social media at the direct links below.  Stream his latest
mixtape “Bringing The Real Back” on DatPiff as well.
Facebook: Tim Hendrix
Instagram: tmoney863
Soundcloud: $$ T-Money $$
YouTube: T-Money
Datpiff: $$ T-Money $$ mixtape name Bringin Back Real

A Candid Interview With Cameron Hailey


Supastars Online Mag: What’s up Cameron?

Cameron Hailey: What’s up, thanks for having me!


Supastars Online Mag: How has your 2018 been so far?

Cameron Hailey: My year has been pretty good so far, but I’m really working hard.


Supastars Online Mag: What are your plans for 2018?

Cameron Hailey: My plan this year is release my album “LoveChild” and I got few more surprises coming up but stay tuned!


Supastars Online Mag: What’s the name of the latest single you have out, and how would you describe it for the listeners?

Cameron Hailey: The name of my new single out right now is called, “1 call” . The sound is straight HIP HOP SOUL.


Supastars Online Mag: Who did you work with for this single?

Cameron Hailey: MARQELL produced the song, IT FEATURES OSHEA AND T.RULAH.


Supastars Online Mag: What does Cameron do when he’s not singing and working on new music?



Supastars Online Mag: Who are some of the artists and singers that have inspired you to do what you do?



Supastars Online Mag: What is your favorite Waka Flocka song?

Cameron Hailey: “No Hands”.


Supastars Online Mag: What would a Waka Flocka, Cameron Hailey collaboration sound like?

Cameron Hailey: That would be 1 word. EPIC!!!!!!


Supastars Online Mag: Is there anything else you would like to plug? Any shout outs?





Instagram – @cameronhaileyy

Facebook – cameron hailey lockhart

Twitter – @DaRealCameronH.





Charlotte’s Own Saratoga Starkz


Saratoga Starkz is a hip-hop artist based in the Charlotte, NC area. His musical content shows his fans the ability of his lyrical skill while also being melodic in his focus on the importance of ownership. However, this does not stop him from providing a voice for the people that are caught between the reality of work and play.



Kipp-E & Klyental Redeeming The Rap Game!

A relentless onslaught of aggressive rhymes and witty wordplay over hard hitting productions, yes, the rap game is redeeming itself in big ways. Hailing from Beaver Falls just outside Pittsburgh, PA is where the industry will find the next best Rap group since UGK, OutKast, and Mobb Deep. Rap duo Kipp-E & Klyental have set the bar high for their city sharing the stage with industry heavy-hitters such as Bone Thugs -N- Harmony, Ghostface Killah, Wiz Khalifa, and Stalley to name a few. The duo is focused and driven with the right amount of energy which is a recipe for greatness. When asked how they compare to other artist, their answers were simple:
“We don’t, I don’t think people know how to categorize us because we come different on almost every track. We were raised by the generation of hip hop that created moguls and nobody sounded the same. I think we are a representation of what the game has been missing for a long time”. – Kipp-E.
“We don’t, everything is pure and from the soul. We are not here to make unbelievable tales of wealth and false stories, we are here to give a Testimony of Life and the ups and downs in it” – Klyental.
A unique style from real life, lyrical content mixed with melodic blends over trap beats to just the pure grit and grind of hip hop. This amazing duo has garnered attention from newspapers, magazines and sold out shows. Satisfying the ears of the most discerning listeners their music can be heard over the air of Pittsburgh local Radio stations. Kipp-E & Klyental has proven to be more than ready for the main stage.


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Roseup drops “No One Understands”

No One Understands is one of RoseUp’s first singles released in 2017. The song speaks on the inner perspective of the penal system and what an inmate experiences while locked up. RoseUp was incarcerated at the age of 15 and spent time behind bars until his mid 20’s. As his words express in the song, no one truly understands what an inmate experiences during their time of incarceration. Take a moment and listen to the message of this profound artist. Our justice system is not what it seems. You can follow RoseUp and his story on Instagram @roseup_profound

Link to song:

Introducing Richie B Unruly


Retracing Steps. A term not many think of but use without realizing it. Rumeale, also known by monikers Richie B Unruly and Gyn Rummy brings a sound enveloping listeners with a nostalgic feeling meant to help anyone look at how far they’ve come on their journey into manhood, understanding the mentality of what it’s like to feel alone and grow, learning how to show and receive love and finding who you are.

The journey continues on #TheRoadToCOA

Below are the standard music outlets for your pc and phone.

Retracing Steps: The Prologue

Retracing Steps: The Transition

Retracing Steps: The Heart

Retracing Steps: The Finale

Singer N.O.V.A.A. in his own words….



Just like any kid with a dream. I wanted to make my dreams my reality. I started off singing in the church choir and began to write poetry as life got a bit harder as I got older. With the hardships I fought as I got older. I turned my poetry into rap. Recorded a couple songs but nothing close to a hit. I ended up falling off the music road, this was about age 14-15. Things going on at home weren’t the greatest like every family we had our problems. A lot of things changed between these ages. And writing just wasn’t my biggest goal at the time and music sure wasn’t on my mind. At age 16-17 it was the hardest part of my life ,was losing my sister. I had done music with my younger sister when I was younger and she always told me I was going to be a star. And it reminded me of my only way to reach her beyond the grave ,Which is what got me back into writing and music. I always had the talent inside me so I decided to pick up back where I left off. Only problem was I hadn’t touched music in forever so trying to know who I was and where I wanted to go with it took a while but I found myself. Now recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest artist in the  industry. Such as Yungg Fattz Grammy nominated and also I’ve worked with Nfamous (The God Flow). Just elevating each other up. Colorado is known f= or many things but music is not one of them. Soon Colorado will be on the map known for some of the greatest artist. Stay humble and stay grinding.

“Talent is God= given. Be Thankful.

Fame is Man given. = Be Humble. “


Mason Parker “African American: An Origin Story”.


Watch the latest powerful video from recording artist / poet MASON PARKER titled “African American: An Origin Story”.  Listen to the powerful lyrics and watch Mason Parker’s stellar performance in the video!  Get more updates and information on Mason Parker at the links below.

IG: @iammasonparker


Philly’s Own Jonny Bell Sets The Bar High For Other Artists WIth His New Video “Stuck In Camden”




Jonathon Bell, known by his stage name “Jonny Bell” could be categorized as one of the most versatile recording artists in the music industry.  Born in 1988, Jonny spent his childhood years growing up in Exton, Pennsylvania, a suburb located 30 minutes outside the city of Philadelphia.  He discovered his love of music at a young age playing the electric guitar.  Legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Clapton were all inspirations.

“Hip hop started for me in the back of a ford escort, rhyming to classic instrumentals and repeatedly listening to albums by Talib Kweli, Common, and Kanye West”, Jonny says. It only took a couple years in college pursuing a civil engineering degree to realize his true destiny was to be the next influential voice in Hop-Hop culture. Eager to produce his own music, Jonny learned how to achieve a better sound by constructing a 2-room home studio in his parents basement after he dropped out of college to pursue his true passion.  After 3 years of balancing work and music in a samll town with only one small venue he knew it was time to reach a bigger audience.

In 2013, Jonny packed up all of his studio gear and moved into an apartment in South Philadelphia.  He produced, recorded, and engineered all of his recent work in the comfort of his own home-studio apartment.  Philadelphia served as new form of inspiration to feed off of.  As a full-time employee and part-time musician, Jonny experienced the highs and lows from standing ovations at open mic’s and struggling to pay bills.  It was only a matter of time before all of those long hours, endless nights, and long work days would pay-off.

In 2016, Jonny released his single “Stuck in Camden” as a debut artist.  Jonny narrates a true story of being stuck in Camden, New Jersey one night after attempting to drive his friends home.  His production on this record emphasizes the early influences of true hip-hop culture and story-telling.  The music video, filmed and edited by Philadelphia based videographer Chop Mosley premiered on Russell Simmons All Def Digital Channel.  Throughout the year of 2017 Jonny has dropped more singles to his long awaited full-length project.

You can follow Jonny Bell’s music and progress by following him on Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram, and be on the lookout for his full-legnth project “The Lady in My Dreams” set to release in early 2018.

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