DJ Xclusive City, Central Florida’s Rising Star!

Currently, Xclusive City holds a weekly residency at One80 Skytop Lounge in downtown Orlando along with “iCONiC Thursdays” the longest running party in Orlando history.  He is also a resident DJ at Mango’s Tropical Cafe.

DJ Xclusive City is unstoppable. He’s been known for breaking records over the past years, he was the first DJ to premiere “If” with DaVido back in 2017. And the first to break Afro B’s smash hit “Drogba (Joanna)” in the clubs. Xclusive City was chosen back in Dec 2019 as the newest member of the world famous Da Union DJ Crew.  He now does iHeartRadio weekdays with DJ D-Strong and Viva La Koi and has his own live mix show Sunday VIBEZ at 104.5 The Beat on Sunday Nights playing the latest tunes and upcoming artists.

The term DJ is used to describe a wide variety of characters in today’s musical landscape. There are DJs who are on the radio, DJs who spin at clubs, DJs who perform at festivals, DJs who produce…and then there are DJs who do it all. That is DJ Xclusive City.

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Check latest video from DaSkribe Jehuty


This week’s music video spotlight is on the music video “Make America Better” by recording artist DaSkribe Jehuty.  The song is packed with powerful messages concerning the current climate of America.  This song is also an answer / response to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.  This song and video is a true call to action for Americans to not only get out and vote but to be more proactive in their lives if they want to see a change.  There is no one paragraph that can sum up and encompass all the powerful lyrics in the song so listen to it for yourself at the embedded YouTube link above.  Post your comments and feedback below!
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President Trump’s Campaign Mail Illegally Seized In New Jersey

It is no surprise to anyone when they hear a story surrounding police controversy these days however this one touches the political arena.

On the evening of September 4th, 2020 in Monroe County, New York a truck was involved in a accident resulting in the death of 2 people and the trucker fled the scene before the police arrived. The suspect drove away in his truck and returned to the truck yard located in Jersey City, NJ owned by Kandi Holdings LLC.

Mr. Kyron Hodges the owner of Kandi Holdings LLC was alerted to a police investigation at his truck yard. He arrived and asked the investigating officers with the Jersey City police dept what was going on. They informed him about the accident and that the suspect is one of his drivers. The driver however was never arrested and the truck was not seized only the trailer with the mail in it even though the driver told them they have the wrong truck.

They went on to tell him the trailer would be impounded during the investigation. He explained the load inside the trailer is very important vip cargo and needed to be delivered. The police refused to release the cargo and stated it is part of the investigation.

Mr. Hodges went on to explain the load consists of Donald Trump’s campaign mail and the importance of its successful delivery. The officers did not care and continued with what they were doing. Mr. Hodges then asked if they had a warrant to seize the load of mail and they replied they did not but they were seizing it anyway. Mr. Hodges was shocked by their reply.

Mr. Hodges has a history of harassment from local police over the years but this time he was truly shocked. The police are disregarding the fact that mail from the United States President is being kept from delivery for no reason. Mr. Hodges explains they are not answering his calls and will not tell him the whereabouts of the presidents campaign mail that was illegally seized in New Jersey and taken to New York Please weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section. Is this an attack against Trump’s campaign by local law enforcement or just a disregard to the constitutional rights of Americans or an attack on Mr. Hodges? Hmmm, a lot to take into consideration. This is a story I thought should be brought to light.

Lady Zhe’s style of play lends to any music genre.

Lady Zhe is a product of the Long Beach Unified School District, and an alumnus of Long Beach Polytechnic High School.  She is the proud mother two children. She is also a member of Christ New Commandment Baptist Church where Theodis Scott Jr. is the Pastor. She earned two Bachelors of Science degrees. One in Music and one in Management Science with an emphasis in Information Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She earned her Master’s in Public Policy from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

Lady Zhe has performed nationally in a variety of venues. In 2005 she had the opportunity to study with Karen Briggs and in 2010 she studied with Regina Carter. She has recorded with Detroit Music Award Winning Artist Paul Miles and has opened for Motown Legend Martha Reeves of the Vandellas.  Lady Zhe Has performed in a number of Venues from classical, Jazz and gospel. She is a three-time Detroit Music Award Nominee.

Lady Zhe brings a sensitivity and passion to the 5 string Ned Steinberger passive electric violin like no one else. Even though Lady Zhe has been classically trained her roots are in the gospel music. Once you hear and see Lady Zhe you will know this performer loves to improvise in Jazz and other genres of melodic music.

During the 2015-2016 calendar Lady Zhe has performed in Los Angeles as a featured soloist in a smooth Jazz concert. She was the featured soloist for the opening of the premier natural hair and lifestyle conference: Nappywood: “State of the Natural Hair Union” at the Reef in Los Angeles, and is scheduled to do the same this year at the 4th annual conference.   She has also performed as a part of the 1st violin section in the Bellflower Symphony for their Opera concert series. In April 2016, Lady Zhe was the featured musician for the Cal State University Dominguez production of the insightful play “Wine in the Wilderness.” In July 2016, Lady Zhe was filmed for “Nathalia”, a music video of the lead single for Burhan G, Denmark Music Award Winner, November 2016 US album release. Currently Lady Zhe is currently working on a new musical/video project that will showcase her talent, gift and artistry to the world. Her single Elevate was released world wide on June 21, 2019.  She is the host of the Jazz and Tech Lounge with Lady Zhe podcast on the Bshani Network which has grown from 450,000 downloads and streams to 1.5 Million worldwide. She is also an author and has also published a book in September 2017 titled, SEO Training 2017: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for Small Business which is available on Amazon. You can find more out about her music on and follow her on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter @ladyzhe.

new clothing brand known as P.M.S. (Petty Meme Syndrome) turning heads

Fashion is another form of expression.  Although you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can certainly often tell how a person feels just based on their choice of clothes, and how the individual wears their attire.  The new clothing brand known as P.M.S. (Petty Meme Syndrome) created by prominent businesswoman Subrina Pruitt certainly knows this, and the rising clothing brand has dedicated their entire line to designing apparel that allows the wearer to express themselves in many different ways.
“We sell Petty Apparel because some are born petty, others grow into it or they were provoked into this lifestyle. Let us say what you always wanted to say.” – Petty Meme Syndrome
You can see more of the fabulous designs by Petty Meme Syndrome at their official website

A Candid Conversation with Lay’na Michelle

Today we sit down with the one and only #rnbempress Lay’na Michelle to talk about all her current achievements in the music industry.  In this one on one in depth interview we talk about her awards, being the first indie artist ever to perform live for the Detroit Pistons Pregame Show at the Little Caesars Arena, her new single “Certified” and more!  Read all about Lay’na Michelle below and follow her on Instagram at

Supastars Online Magazine:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Lay’na Michelle:  As an artist I’m the one that aims to put your mind at ease.  Someone who is creative and confident in my ability to do so. I’m 420 for your ears.


Supastars Online Magazine:  What makes you the one and only #rnbempress ?

Lay’na Michelle:  I have listened to all types of music from different decades all my life.  I take something from every queen/legend that has made an impact in music.  For example I take the confidence and boldness from Etta James, the style & grace from Aretha Franklin, the energy from Whitney Houston, the relaxation from Erykah Badu, the laid back vibe from Ms. Jilly from Philly, the strength and soul from Ms. Tina Turner and so on.  I make sure to represent the queens .  Take all the ingredients presented and you get me.  The Royal Noble & Beautiful Empress or the #RnBEmpress.


Supastars Online Magazine: You have won many awards, could you tell the readers about the multiple awards you’ve won over the past few years?

Lay’na Michelle:  My first award I won was fan choice BBW entertainer of the year in 2018 from an organization called ThickNation based in Las Vegas.  I was also given “Phenomenal Album of the Year” from the same organization the same year.  2019 I was awarded the Spirit of Detroit Award and 2020 I was voted Female artist of the year at an independent award show in Jacksonville, Florida.  I am truly thankful and blessed to know that the music I put out is being heard and acknowledged.  I’d have to say though, my best award comes every day when a person supports my brand and tells me that I am doing a wonderful job.  That’s something I could never put on a shelf.  It stays right here in my heart.


Supastars Online Magazine: You also made history by being the first indie artist ever to perform original music for the Detroit Piston’s Pregame Show at The Little Caesars Arena in Michigan?  Could you tell the readers about that experience?  What was it like?

Lay’na Michelle:   To have a crowd of people from different walks of life embrace me with so much love was life changing.  Even though probably a high percentage of people in the crowd may have never heard of me, cheering me on and off the court I knew then this is truly my calling.  If they never heard of the #RnBEmpress they have now J.


Supastars Online Magazine:    How did performing at Little Caesars Arena for the Detroit Piston’s Pregame affect your  career moving forward?

Lay’na Michelle: I gained more confidence which helped me to accept more bookings and know my worth.  I have anxiety which lead to my seizures.  After realizing that I was able to showcase my music, knowing more than half of the attendees most likely don’t know the words or ever heard my songs cheer me on was amazing.  I knew that I could conquer anything that comes my way. As long as I keep GOD first.


Supastars Online Magazine:  You currently have a new single out now titled “Certified”, how would you describe the single?

Lay’na Michelle:  A fun song that I pray helps people to realize that it’s nothing to it.  Just do it.  If there is something that you want to do in life DO IT.  Remember who your creator is.  You will have haters.  As I say, “when it comes down to it. I don’t mind being my own hype man.”


Supastars Online Magazine:  How has your 2020 been so far despite the Covid19 pandemic? 

Lay’na Michelle:  There’s been times that I’ve been hit with a bit of depression knowing that so many of the stages I was booked for have been put on hold. I took this time to sit back and reflect so I know how to make an even bigger impact for the rest of 2020.  Also I realize I’m “Certified”.  The RnB Empress has no time to stay down and cry.  Use what you have. Create a stage.  Stay Positive. 2020 owes me nothing.


Supastars Online Magazine:  What plans do you have for the rest of the year musically?Lay’na Michelle:   I’m currently working on my album.  I have a few things pending for September.  In October I’m performing at the Independent Award Show in Jacksonville, Florida.  Who knows?  We have 4 more months in 2020.  I’m staying optimistic.  Even if I have to create my own stage. Hint Hint lol


 Supastars Online Magazine:  Is there anything you would like the readers to know about you that we haven’t covered or discussed yet?

Because of my accomplishment at the Little Caesars Arena I was presented with an exhibit in the Charles H. Wright African American Museum.  To have the 4th largest African American museum to have a feature exhibit on me alongside the legends that have passed on has humbled me.  Then to find out I’m the only artist alive to have done so?  One word wow.  A lot of people say they are surprised at how my demeanor has not changed.  I reply, “Why would it? I’ve only began….”


Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?

Stay tuned to all my social media by going to for all updates on the one and only true R’n’B Empress.  I promise I won’t disappoint.  Thank you to Some Guy named Jay, my management 2SA Entertainment, look out for more from my Blu3 Dr3am Ave Collection Brand, my family, fans, my city DETROIT, and thank you to you and your team Waka Flocka FLAME! “O lets do it!!”


Multi-genre singer Jasmine Ortiz working with industry’s hottest producers!

Producer, songwriter, musician, and singer- Jasmine Ortiz has been passionate about music since she could walk up to a piano and play it – at around age three.
At 20, she is currently devoted to expanding her sound in ways never heard before, and is self-producing and writing much of her upcoming project.
She is also working with producers like TrackDilla, CesarDaEmperor, BugzRonin, and JBTV who are responsible for many of Tyga, Post Malone, Lil Uzi and YBN Crew’s hits.
With influences ranging from Nirvana to Lady Gaga to Amine, Jasmine never wants to feel limited to the boundaries of genre, and frequently utilizes her professional training in classical and jazz throughout her urban pop projects.

She is currently a third year student that the University of Miami, Frost School of Music, majoring in Musicianship, Artistry Development and Entrepreneurship. What drew her to Miami was it’s vast cultural diversity, allowing her to connect with her Latin roots and expand her musical endeavors. With minors in political science, songwriting and music business- she always has her work cut out for her; making new music, developing new policy ideas for various social issues, and taking in the art & culture of Miami.

Follow her movement and don’t miss a beat-
@iamjasmineortiz including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube.

Dondiva AlleySwag garnering national attention

We need more female artists that don’t talk about sex, body, looks, but more so empowering women and brining women up. Women that speak of education, and educating females, DonDiva Alleyswag is doing just that.

A featured artist on Game Changer Radio in Atlanta, hailing from Boston, Ma. she has stayed true to her roots writing about life experiences and everyday struggles which has gained her street credibility with other artists and fans. Her style constantly changes and versatility is one of her strong points. Her flow is rapid-fire, rhythmic and charismatic with countless pitch shifts and ad-libs. Using her music as a diary gives her the ability to connect with fans who have experienced similar situations in their life. DonDiva Alleyswag raps with the kind of confidence that a self-made talent is forced to cultivate.

The latest release from DonDiva Alleyswag titled In Da Zone is diversity personified. Her lyrics express the importance of unifying and not being a puppet to society. This track embraces the definition of Hip-Hop! With an infectious sound she is holding her own in the male dominated world of rap music. DonDiva AlleySwag of City Boy Music Group spends time perfecting her craft creating music and redefining the rap game.

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Introducing Paperboy Swift


Paperboy Swift grew up in Miami where he started rapping at the age of 14 with a group called CTN. At the time it was just to attract females, but he ended up falling in love with the music scene. Once he moved to Birmingham, AL, he started to become more serious with his music and started to do more recordings and videos to build his platform. While people say he sounds like Kodak Black, Paperboy Swift has his own unique style of rapping that has satisfied the ears of the most discerning listeners. His magnetic stage presence captivates audiences whenever he performs.
While working on a mixtape called Born To Kill, he signed to Lyrical Noise Records so you can expect a lot more projects in the future. Be on the lookout for this artist as he is about to take the world by storm.
Stay up to date on his movement, his social media tag tag@paperboy swift

Introducing rocker Glenn Shillstone


Indie rock fans are in for a treat as up-and-coming artist Glenn Shilstone marks his territory in the oversaturated world of indie music scene..
His music is hypnotic where listeners can expose themselves to another realm of music that deviates from the average radio ride or rock music songs.
Having discovered a passion for music as a child he has maintained a competitive track record with many projects under his belt. His musical influences are The Beatles, Tommy James, Shondells, The Temptations, Chicago and Jimi Hendrix to name a few.
His single “Overdose” gives you that classic rock guitar opening and as fantastic as the instrumentation is Glenn’s vocals are equally exceptional. It’s really the multiple layers of emotion he can deliver such melancholy, reflection, nostalgia and hope within a single sentence that makes it powerful.

To follow his movement check out his YouTube channel: