S T E V E N S A V A G E General Manager, KAZI 88.7 fM Born in Louisiana, although raised in Perris,California

S T E V E N  S A V A G E

General Manager, KAZI 88.7fM
8906 Wall Street Suite 203
Austin, TX 87854
Office:  512-836-9544 ext 14
Fax:     512-836-9563
Studio:  512-836-2887
Stimulating an undeniable popularity with everyone he comes in contact with, industry mogul, Steven L.
Savage embraces his work as “one of his callings in life as to make sure that people are well connected.”
Born in Louisiana, although raised in Perris, California began moonlighting as a Disco Jockey (DJ) at

private parties for coworkers and friends back as early as 1983. An offer presented to Steve by way of
permission from his mother, stemming from a club owner’s observation—insinuated that Steve was,
hands-down, a DJ with great skills. Given the okay; even in lieu of his mother’s highly religious beliefs,
Steve was granted an opportunity which potentially changed everything. Before long he was approached
by Larry Williams, a music DJ of KAZI Radio Station, to join KAZI as a volunteer DJ as well. Providing
smooth soul and R&B for adult audiences on KAZI, Steve Savage quickly became a popular household
Impressionable skills, along with a world wind of entertainment industry innovations and a level of expertise
has evoked a tenure in business for one Steve Savage. Attaining a rewarding professional career start as
Manager of the Child Support Research Division at the Attorney Generals Office in 1988, Steve’s
entrepreneurial abilities entwined with a strong passion for music lead him to begin S and S Record Pool,
Inc., a mobile DJ and mixed record company that promoted artists such as Joe, Outkast, and Biggie Smalls.
Steve has received both platinum and gold awards for breaking Death Row Records artists Tupac Shukur,
Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Texas’ own Lil’ Troy. Elated in aspirations as a radio DJ, Steve Savage afforded
the opportunity to attend countless industry related conferences. Peeking his interests, the most was that
of a conference coordinated by the first black known DJ in radio, “Jack The Rapper.” Engaging in networking
opportunities during the event; inevitably connecting with two distinguished gentlemen in the business,
whom stating “we like you, young cat; we want to help you out.” Savage explained how he contribute to the
entertainment world—by way of S and S record pool and they elaborated in a strategy to win…this later
contributed to the outbreak of his pioneering entrepreneurial ventures.
Currently serving as Station Manager at Austin’s KAZI FM 88.7 having put in over 20 years of providing
quality music and social programming, Steve Savage is keeping KAZI a pillar of resources in educating the
public on issues varying from health disparities to premier community wide events.
Often blown away by network sponsors, affiliates and music lovers abroad, the portfolio attributes of this
humble and widely approachable mogul are endless. Although multiple awards adorn the walls of both
Steve’s office and home noting his accomplishments, he has remained humble as a strong local community
supporter. On separate occasions, in both 2002 and in 2007, Steve won awards from the Austin NAACP.
From shaking hands with Austin’s Mayor to interviewing nationally known entertainers live on-air, Steve is
continually recognized by countless organizations stemming from his consistency and ability to attribute
entertainment excellence as well as commitment to enriching the lives of those within listening ear of KAZI.
Eluding in a notable portfolio, Steve Savage will claim the national publication Exxpose Magazine’s March
‘2017 cover as the Entertainment and Lifestyle media platform honors Steve as Music Excellence during
the 4th annual Exxpose Magazine Expo Awards black tie affair. This is undoubtedly in addition to being
the recipient of a collective wealth of accolades with respect to Heal The World Mission & laExpose’
extended Steve Savage the “Extraordinary People Awards” recognizing him as ‘2015 Radio Manager of
the Year, 2009 CTAAFSC Central Texas African American Family Support Conference “Griot” Award for
Media & Communications, 2007 Austin NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored
People – Service Award December, 2002 Austin NAACP National Association for the Advancement of
Colored People President Award for Outstanding Service to Austin Community, 2002 Boss XVI Media
Week/ Texas International Trade Summit Texas Outstanding Communication Achievement, 1998 Texas
Attorney General-African American Employees Association Heritage Award, Virgin/ Capitol Records
Recognition for Breaking New Artists Award, Universal Records RIAA Record Industry Association of
America Platinum Sales Award for Short Stop Records – Artist: Lil Troy Album: “Sittin Fat Down South,
release in May of 1999.” Excellence in the area of music distribution attributions to other renowned
highlights such as Death Row Records RIAA Record Industry Association of America Platinum Sales
Award for Albums: Doggy Style, Dr Dre The Chronic, Snoop Dogg Murder Was The Case and Above The
Rim Soundtrack.