Qupid aka “The Air” Catching The Attention Of Most Discerning Music Fans Nationwide!


A relentless onslaught of aggressive rhymes and witty wordplay over hard hitting productions, yes, the rap game is redeeming itself in big ways. Qupid aka “The Air” is a well-known underground rapper who is new to the mainstream. Qupid is the son of a revolutionary mother who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and has been doing his thing in the underground. Qupid was born in a small town called Benton Harbor, Michigan near Chicago. A place where poverty and crime continues to be an issue.  Setting the bar high for other rappers in the game he is garnering attention from the most discerning  music fans coast to coast. Poised to take his place among the greats he has the work ethic of a seasoned industry vet.
In jr. high Qupid would get kicked out of class for writing explicit rap lyrics during class as all of his classmates rooted him on. While in high school Qupid was heavily involved in the fine arts. Qupid well known for his feature on DJ Green Lanterns Mixtape “Dirty Invasion” and Chicago collaboration song “Gas in The Tank”. Qupid is ready to take the world in his palms and take claim as The Air. He is currently hard at work in the lab perfecting his debut album “Pandora” scheduled for release this fall.