New Heat From KingDarius TheGreat and Aria Marie

To say the country, and the world as a whole, needs a little healing is an understatement. From different strains of covid popping up more than new marijuana strains in dispensaries to ongoing violence in the streets losing beloved street prophets, it’s safe to say we could all use an injection of positivity in our lives.
The song Self Love (Frequency) by rapper/songwriter KingDarius TheGreat & R&B sensation/Actress Aria Marie, is just what the doctor ordered. From the piano-driven intro on the melodic style beat to the beautiful hummingbird rifts of Aria as she leads into an inspirational, soul-touching display on the chorus, listeners know they are in for a dose of divine energy. That’s when it gets even more interesting. As KingDarius TheGreat Delivers an equally inspiring rollercoaster of positive vibes, packed with an extremely polished flow, similar to Picasso’s paintbrush. The Rhyme schemes, the wordplay, the punchlines, are all done in exquisite fashion, effortlessly it seems. We are then treated to this same display on the second verse from King Darius, all the while being serenaded with passion in its purest form by Aria Marie with an exclamation point of a finish. All in all, with the climate of today’s daily struggles, one listen to Self Love (Frequency) will definitely have you feeling much better for Four minutes and ten seconds out of your day.
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