Lee Jones, a self taught musician from the age of 5



Clearwater Florida’s Lee Jones is no stranger to the music scene. Discovering a love of music at a very young age Lee has perfected his craft.

He is a self taught musician, teaching himself to play the drums at the age of 5 and moving on to guitars, keyboards, horns and more. Jones went on learning to record and harmonize music creating Gospel,Christain/ Praise & Worship, RNB/NeoSoul, HipHop, Gansta Rap, BoodyShake, Blues, Jazz, all types of House Music and country. He is blessed with the talent to embrace all genres.

When asked the most important thing he has learned in the industry he replied “Learning how to forgive & forget about how some people are so selfish continuing to get over others in this music business not fulfilling¬† promises and contracts etc…”

Rest assured you will be hearing alot more from Lee Jones for years to come!

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Email: leejonesjrctl@yahoo.com