Introducing The Tenai Show


Over the past couple of decades Celebrity Gossip, and Entertainment News has become its own respective genre.  An abundance of media platforms from BossipThe Shade RoomVlad TV, to TMZ and every place in between has made a multimillion dollar industry out of being nosey, spreading dirt, and giving the common individual a closer look into the lives of public figures, celebrities and well known entertainers.  While various celebrity bloggers and entertainment journalists use click-baiting tactics to reel in more readers and viewers while implementing unique strategies to monetize turmoil, strife and drama on their public platforms, one rising media proprietor has found a way to garner the same results without being as messy as the rest.  Celebrity interviewer and media personality Tenai Staley of the esteemed, highly favored self-produced web program The Tenai Show finds a way to draw in new viewers weekly, “spill the tea” and spread the juicy celebrity gossip while continuing to maintain her journalistic integrity without resorting to click traps or shock value.  Tenai is very astute and cunning when it comes to bringing out the dirty details with her celebrity guests and remains respectful to her subjects without making them look bad all for the sake of views and new subscribers.

The Tenai Show has had multiple celebrity guests on her prestigious program such as Mya, Avant, video model Bernice Burgos, Cheryl Underwood, comedian Desi Banks, The cast of Wild-N-Out, Mathew Knowles and many more!


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