Interview with Blazed Up Records Hip Hop artist Pop Lodi



This week, Supastars Online Magazine sits down with rising New England based hip hop recording artist Pop Lodi to discuss his upcoming projects, his past and opinions among other things.  Take a look into the mind and the life of this wonderful new artist.
Supastars:  How did you get the name Pop Lodi?
Pop Lodi:  Pop is short for Poppy. Which is my childhood name… Lodi is my street name given to me by my boy when we were young.
Supastars:  How would you define your style as an artist?
Pop Lodi:  Flamboyant!
Supastars:  How would you describe the man behind the music?  Outside of your public image as an artist, who is Pop Lodi the man?
Pop Lodi:  I’m a father first and foremost. I stand 10 toes down.
Supastars:  What separates you from all the other artists out there in today’s industry?
Pop Lodi:  Being myself.
Supastars:  What projects do you have out right now and what are you currently working on?
Pop Lodi:  I have an ep called Dangerous Environment. Sinners & Saints album.. I’m working on Revelations of a lyricists album as we speak my upcoming project followed by The God Body album
Supastars: Who have you worked with?
Pop Lodi:  Locals: Late Nite Snacks, Williono, Fuego Base, Dubb Divine, P.I.M.P not too many… dudes be scared to send the work back once they hear my verse at times. Some just don’t know where my mind be at.
Supastars: Who would you like to work with in the future?
Pod Lodi:  I would like to work with this kid name Rome Streetz from New York.
Supastars: Speaking of the future, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Pod Lodi:  In the next 5 years. At a higher level in this music game.
Supastars: What artists are you currently listening to?
Pod Lodi:  I’ve been on my guy Rome Streetz. Locals I really like Sax 5th & Banga bandanas.
Supastars:  Just to change gears for a moment, if you had the pleasure of meeting president Joe Bidden and VP Kamala Harris, what would you say to them?
Pod Lodi:  Get this country back on track asap.
Supastars:  On the flipside if you could have a meeting with Donald Trump, what would you tell him?
Pop Lodi:  Never would I place myself in the same room… next question… it’s like talking to a doorknob.
Supastars:  Where do you see this country going in the next 4 years with Biden at the helm?
Pop Lodi:  If he can stay healthy. He can set us up right I believe… these dudes be wired man I tell you.
Supastars:  What’s the best advice you were ever given and how did you apply that knowledge?
Pop Lodi:  The best advice, A wise man could play the role of a fool, but a fool could never play the role of a wise man.. or it’s never fun when the rabbit has the gun. It’s mind motivation at it’s best.  I took it and ran with it.
Supastars:  What advice would you give the youth coming up?
Pod Lodi:  The Advice:  To these young boys put the guns down iand be careful who you give a child to.  To these young ladies let no man hold you back from being independent peace.
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