Get to know Florida rapper TurfMadeSkully


Growing up I became of an artist because of a special imbedded talent that I was blessed with from birth and that’s being a musician! Growing up I always found a melody to create music and be creative by coming up with a story to put together to gather folks attention that has been through the same things I have been through. That’s what made me want to rap doing talent shows and being an influence on someone life who there that can relate.

My name is Troy Waiters born in raised in Bradenton Florida out of Manatee County. I’m an upcoming Hip Hop artist that goes by the name of Turfmadeskully. Turfmadeskully came from a young age of wearing skully’s and being stamped by the streets is what makes me Turfmade. What makes me different from other artist is, I can produce music through ghost writing and give you a better feel for story mode to get you in the feeling of what’s going on in my life and around me!

My most memorable concert I had was with Kodak Black. Two young artists from Florida to get on same stage was an awesome experience. The Support in my community is outstanding. Nothing but love that goes both ways. My wildest concert was with YFN Lucci we were booked together best turn out ever! My favorite influence is 2 PAC & TI because their music has meaning and it also has a story to it that can also influence others. However, around my area we have Plies who others say we have a vision in common. I hope to be the next of Florida’s gain to success!

I’m a young Africa American who is hungry for success. With a desire to give the rap game life again. I’m 28 years old and I started doing music at the age of 14. I look up to the ones who set an example with music that couldn’t make or never made it. Either they passed or went to prison, but they left me a sense of direction for me to capitalize off their mistakes. I have a testimony to tell… lost my brother to the system Elbow Life bid my desire and visions should account to your understanding this is Real Life Perfect Timing this is it✌️️
“Perfect Timing” my album is a project created to let the world feel the take off and if there’s anyone I can feature it would be NBA Young boy, Gucci mane, Migos, Young Dolph, and Kodak Black. Reasons being is I can relate to these artists their hungry lives and they are always working, that’s motivation.

To find my new project “Perfect Timing” the new album By “Turfmadeskully” is now on Dat-Piff for download! Click on