Attaway Raps About Losing His Parents In “December 19th”



Attaway is a young exciting rapper coming out of Little Rock, Arkansas. His newest track “December 19th” produced by Based1 and Joker Ent. Studios tells the dramatic story of losing his mother and father 7 years ago and using that experience as fuel to the fire that is his music. His passionate voice and melodic flow bring his fans a truly unique vibe and there is no doubt that he has the ability to impact the rap game with his sound. His hard work and raw talent is reflected in the 2,000,000+ streams he has earned across all platforms this year alone. He gained a lot of traction after previewing his hit single “Do It Again” on TikTok and going viral, even a viral dance being created to the song which is sitting at over 500,000 streams to date. It is only the beginning and the sky’s the limit for this teenage talent, the world won’t be able to sleep on him for much longer. Check out the song below and support!