Aesthetic Spirit of Director of Photography & Digital Colorist Falguni Thakkar

Born in Mumbai (India), Falguni’s passion for film came while growing up as a television and movie junkie. She was enthralled with how the camera moved and framed the characters in order to tell their story. All that television might have been bad for most kids, but Falguni turned it into a career.

She began her path into film making with a Two Year Diploma Degree in VFX (2012-14) from the Whistling Woods International, Mumbai (India). Driven by the desire to master her technical skills in film, her next stop was New York City, where she earned a Diploma in Cinematography at the New York Film Academy in October 2014, beginning her career as a Director of Photography (DP) and moved her base in Los Angeles in early 2016.

Falguni Thakkar feels inclined and passionate towards making films that are slice-of-life based that affects the normal fabric of human society. She successfully and artistically applied her inclinations and talent to her award winning short film You Use, You Lose, for which she was the Director of Photography and Digital Colorist.

The film went on to win the following awards, received official selections and was screened in Los Angeles as well as in Mumbai at major Film Festivals.

Award of Recognition (Women Filmmakers) – Accolade Global Film Competition
Award of Recognition (Women Filmmakers) – Best Shorts Competition
Competition Finalist (Short Thriller / Horror) – Filmmatic Filmmaker Awards Category
Official Selection & Screening – 5th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival
Official Selection & Screening – Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival
Official Selection – Oasis Short Film Screening Series
Official Selection – Diamond in the Rough Cut

She recently worked on a short film Link St. as a Digital Colorist directed by Rachel Meguerdijian which got nominated and is being screened at Los Angeles IFS Film Fest, 2017.

Falguni says that she wants to develop her unique style and have her vision splayed out on the silver screen.

Her films in the festival circuit this year as the Director of Photography are Non-staurant of Water Street (Documentary), Lotus and A New Leaf aka Coming Out.
As a Digital Colorist, apart from her short film You Use, You Lose, Link St. (Short), and Freestyle Fiesta (Music video) are the others for this year’s festival slate.

She quotes “As a filmmaker, I want to put together character driven film narratives that engage audiences on journeys exploring and tackling important social justice issues.”
She believes that art follows passion and precision, so take from whatever truth you are moved to explore and go for it as best you can.

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