A Candid Talk With CEO Of Superb Music Marketing


 recently had a chance to chat with an amazing young entrepreneur Audtrell Williams the CEO of a dynamic young company emerging on the scene!

1. Audtrell you are a very young man to start a marketing company. Tell readers about your background. Is your COO Eric Pridgen very young as well? How did you guys meet?

Starting a marketing company has been the most rewarding experience, leveraging important contacts, and creating a systematic process for developing strategies for clients. My upbringing is from South Central Los Angeles where I was surrounded by many talented artists who did not have any business support. The year of 2013 is when I entered Morehouse College which is located in Atlanta. I trained myself to become a businessman. I met Eric who at the time was interested in pushing a startup off the ground and we created a partnership with his role being the Chief Operating Officer. His background comes from Winston Salem State University, where he studied math. Eric is a talented mathematician who uses his skills to create analytical insights for marketing tactics. He is also a current Masters student at Columbia University as well.

2. What inspired you to create Superb Music Marketing and what type of experience do you bring to to table?

Superb Music Marketing was created because I realized that all an artists needs to become successful is a strong team and business guidance. As a teenager I would find myself always watching music videos, fascinated by the scenery and production. I was curious to figure out how I could be in the music industry because I knew that I did not want to be an artist, but a businessman. While completing my education at Morehouse College, I studied Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Sales. I worked at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Synchrony Financial, and landed a role at Bloomberg L.P in NYC. At Columbia University I am studying Enterprise Risk Management, which I will apply to Superb by helping artists grow a sustaining career. While having all of this education plays a role in what is about to happen, I also have made it my mission to develop relationship among many of the music industry’s professionals.

3. There is an excessive amount of marketing companies out there, what quality sets your company apart making it unique?

Superb Music Marketing, LLC is a company built on integrity, loyalty, and prosperity. We are entering a competitive environment, however we have created a solid foundation to thrive on. When it comes to our customers, we treat them with respect and dignity as they are the core to our existence.

4. Tell readers what type of services you will offer clients?

At Superb, we offer services that are the most meaningful to the artist’s career which include innovative marketing strategies, strategic brand development, efficient project management, analytical based tour production and crowd-funding techniques to bootstrap their endeavors. We have designed our services to break an artists into the music industry without exposing too many of their future royalties.

5. Did you have any concerns when starting your business, if so what were they and what was your biggest obstacle?

The biggest concerns that I had when starting my business was partnering and hiring the right people. My biggest obstacle was finding how to get things done when commitments are not met.

6. In the coming year, what would you like to achieve with your business?

In the upcoming year, Superb will create launch events and concerts across the country. We want to work with at minimum 100 artists and brands to create lifestyle marketing opportunities.

7. What do you think is the biggest mistake new companies make that cause their business to fail?

The biggest mistake new companies make that cause their business to fail is that they give up to soon. Most entrepreneurs do not give them the time to grow, evolve, and learn how to take their experience to another level.

8. What is the most valuable business advice you have received and who was it from?

The most valuable business advice that I have received is to build relationships, maintain momentum, work 100 hours per week, and do not stop! I received this information from multiple mentors, education and motivational videos from Youtube. My top entrepreneur icon is Diddy, Jay Z, Dame Dash, & Gary V.

9. Your launch party is February 24th in Brooklyn, give readers the scoop on that?

We will have special performances by 5 talented NYC-based artists. The “Launch Party” gives access to high-profile individuals, which include every spectrum of the music industry from A&R to Artists to Videographers. We will have media coverage at this event.

10. What advice do you have for young men and women looking to start a business?

I will say stay hungry, learn everything about the industry and role you want to play before you enter. Always look for more connections.