Introducing Richie B Unruly


Retracing Steps. A term not many think of but use without realizing it. Rumeale, also known by monikers Richie B Unruly and Gyn Rummy brings a sound enveloping listeners with a nostalgic feeling meant to help anyone look at how far they’ve come on their journey into manhood, understanding the mentality of what it’s like to feel alone and grow, learning how to show and receive love and finding who you are.

The journey continues on #TheRoadToCOA

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Retracing Steps: The Prologue

Retracing Steps: The Transition

Retracing Steps: The Heart

Retracing Steps: The Finale

Singer N.O.V.A.A. in his own words….



Just like any kid with a dream. I wanted to make my dreams my reality. I started off singing in the church choir and began to write poetry as life got a bit harder as I got older. With the hardships I fought as I got older. I turned my poetry into rap. Recorded a couple songs but nothing close to a hit. I ended up falling off the music road, this was about age 14-15. Things going on at home weren’t the greatest like every family we had our problems. A lot of things changed between these ages. And writing just wasn’t my biggest goal at the time and music sure wasn’t on my mind. At age 16-17 it was the hardest part of my life ,was losing my sister. I had done music with my younger sister when I was younger and she always told me I was going to be a star. And it reminded me of my only way to reach her beyond the grave ,Which is what got me back into writing and music. I always had the talent inside me so I decided to pick up back where I left off. Only problem was I hadn’t touched music in forever so trying to know who I was and where I wanted to go with it took a while but I found myself. Now recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest artist in the  industry. Such as Yungg Fattz Grammy nominated and also I’ve worked with Nfamous (The God Flow). Just elevating each other up. Colorado is known f= or many things but music is not one of them. Soon Colorado will be on the map known for some of the greatest artist. Stay humble and stay grinding.

“Talent is God= given. Be Thankful.

Fame is Man given. = Be Humble. “


Mason Parker “African American: An Origin Story”.


Watch the latest powerful video from recording artist / poet MASON PARKER titled “African American: An Origin Story”.  Listen to the powerful lyrics and watch Mason Parker’s stellar performance in the video!  Get more updates and information on Mason Parker at the links below.

IG: @iammasonparker


Philly’s Own Jonny Bell Sets The Bar High For Other Artists WIth His New Video “Stuck In Camden”




Jonathon Bell, known by his stage name “Jonny Bell” could be categorized as one of the most versatile recording artists in the music industry.  Born in 1988, Jonny spent his childhood years growing up in Exton, Pennsylvania, a suburb located 30 minutes outside the city of Philadelphia.  He discovered his love of music at a young age playing the electric guitar.  Legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Clapton were all inspirations.

“Hip hop started for me in the back of a ford escort, rhyming to classic instrumentals and repeatedly listening to albums by Talib Kweli, Common, and Kanye West”, Jonny says. It only took a couple years in college pursuing a civil engineering degree to realize his true destiny was to be the next influential voice in Hop-Hop culture. Eager to produce his own music, Jonny learned how to achieve a better sound by constructing a 2-room home studio in his parents basement after he dropped out of college to pursue his true passion.  After 3 years of balancing work and music in a samll town with only one small venue he knew it was time to reach a bigger audience.

In 2013, Jonny packed up all of his studio gear and moved into an apartment in South Philadelphia.  He produced, recorded, and engineered all of his recent work in the comfort of his own home-studio apartment.  Philadelphia served as new form of inspiration to feed off of.  As a full-time employee and part-time musician, Jonny experienced the highs and lows from standing ovations at open mic’s and struggling to pay bills.  It was only a matter of time before all of those long hours, endless nights, and long work days would pay-off.

In 2016, Jonny released his single “Stuck in Camden” as a debut artist.  Jonny narrates a true story of being stuck in Camden, New Jersey one night after attempting to drive his friends home.  His production on this record emphasizes the early influences of true hip-hop culture and story-telling.  The music video, filmed and edited by Philadelphia based videographer Chop Mosley premiered on Russell Simmons All Def Digital Channel.  Throughout the year of 2017 Jonny has dropped more singles to his long awaited full-length project.

You can follow Jonny Bell’s music and progress by following him on Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram, and be on the lookout for his full-legnth project “The Lady in My Dreams” set to release in early 2018.

Purchase his music here:




Check out latest from Rapper/Spoken Word artist “Faunt”


Rapper / Spoken word artist Faunt is blowing up with his latest single “Coldest Winter Ever”.  Listen to the single here at this direct link  After his most talked about guest appearance on the prestigious Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio, many fans and listeners are saying that his voice reminds them of the late Notorious B.I.G., however supporter say his delivery puts them in the mind of the earlier Wu-Tang Clan material.  No matter who Faunt reminds you of, vocally or lyrically it is safe to say that he is one of the rare artists rocking the traditional boom bap golden era hip hop and holding his own with modern day music!  Get more updates on Faunt at

Pastor EL Williams teams up with Rev Colin B Smith of Generation Builders Ministries to kick off tour in January


I recently spoke with gospel recording artist E.L. Williams who dropped his album ‘Dining WIth Jesus’ August 8th, 2017. He also recently performed at the Gospel Image Awards in September.
His music is distributed by Sugo Music Group/Sony.


How long have you been a pastor?

I’ve been a Pastor since March 2005, ordained at “Holy Temple of Shalom by Pastor Walter M. Spencer located 29th. Master in Philadelphia, PA.
When did you first get your calling from the Lord?
My calling took place in a dream at the age between 19-20 years old, however, it I took the clubs and the wild life/the world. I actually didn’t come to the Lord until many, many years later.
How do you find the stamina to manage the pastoral-ship along with 
your music ministry … and family?
Jesus is the primary to everyone’s life, save or not, Christ is life and love. He says, (2 Peter 3:9) “I wish for no man to perish and come to repentance”.
What do you want to say about Jesus Christ? To people who are
saved, not yet saved, beginners, seasoned —

This is what I say about Christ Jesus:
He is love! Thank God that He didn’t fall in love with us, because anything you fall into, you can fall out of, He LOVED us! This unconditional love of Christ Jesus allows mankind to come, regardless what they have done in their life, no other could have executed such a fantastic love. And the unsaved, we all were in that state, when we entering this world, we were condemned at birth. However, because of this love of Jesus, He gave His life by the shading of His Blood, something I’m sure none on this earth would have done!  

Tell me about the concept for your current project?
My current Project

I’m working with a very God fearing Christian and skilled artist, Multi Platinum Producer Mr.Herb Middleton.
We are working on a couple of projects one is a inspirational CD titled. “It All Belong To You” and a EP love ballad titled, “Love You”. And the campaign for me to portray Barry White is on going concerting “The Maestro” the Barry White Story
I hear you are going on tour soon? Tell readers about the tour​?
Touring National:
I’ve been blessed by the Lord, to connect with Rev. Colin B. Smith of Generation Builders Ministries My first six months will start in January 2018 in Phoenix, ending in Cleveland in June 2018 

Check out latest single produced by DJ Blade Tha 1st!

Take a listen to the latest single produced by DJ Blade tha 1st titled “Lyrical Cypher” and featuring 3 incredible emcees Furious StylezHunter and Pacewon of the Outsidaz!  This song certainly has a golden era, boom bap feel to it and is certainly needed in hip hop today.

Listen to the single at the direct link below….

Unlimited.Stacks.Association’s First Lady Kei Laguin

Kei LaGuins screenwriter, film producer, casting director, singer, actress, songwriter who also won best action film for 4 hours Kei LaGuins has her own champagne called Kei Champagne she has her own business Kei LaGuins Productions and she is nominated for ATL’s Hottest Film Producer, ATL’s Rising Super Star Ms. ATL Hottest her song “Tell Me” is on Amazon and Spotify.

Check out Kei LaGuins (@KeiLaGuins):

Boonie The Kid Lands Endorsement Deal With Blue Diamond Vodka

National Recording Artist, Boonie The Kid returns to the scene after landing an endorsement deal with Vodka Brand Corps for their Blue Diamond Vodka. Boonie enlisted the talents of Diggin In The Crates Super Producer, Buckwild and up and coming songstress Jahna Rachelle to create Blue Diamond Girl. The single is poised to be released in early October ahead of his forthcoming project, Blue Diamond.


Boonie The Kid online at
Twitter: @booniethekid
IG: @booniethekid

NJ’S Finest Get To Know Pedro Ramon


Pedro Ramon Is An Aspiring MC/Songwriter From Jersey City, NJ. Based Out Of Honolulu, Pedro Ramon Has, According To Various Experienced Musicians, Released An Ep That “Should Be Played On The Radio.


Pedro Ramon Proudly Served 8 Years In The United States Army And Served In Afghanistan Two Times. The Military Taught Him Discipline, Perseverance, And To Look At The Big Picture. In Doing So, He Has Become The Right Man For The Job, When It Comes To Creating A Legacy Of Continued Success In The Music Industry.


In 2005, Pedro Ramon’s Father Passed Away When He Was 17. It Taught Him To Cherish The Moments He Has With The People In His Life, Because Tomorrow Isn’t Promised. It Also Granted Him The Ability To Be Able To Relate With Others That Have Had A Similar Experience Of Losing A Parent At A Young Age.


Today, Pedro Ramon Has Made It Plain That Since He Can’t Go A Day Without Thinking About Music, That He’s Of The Right Frame Of Mind, Attitude, And Talent That Can Actually Make It.


“I Believe There’s A Calling For All Of Us. I Know That Every Human Being Has Value And Purpose. The Real Work Of Our Lives Is To Become Aware. And Awakened. To Answer The Call.”

― Oprah Winfrey