Get to know comedian James Draper

James Draper finds humor in nearly everything, so he brings a variety of ways to make you laugh. With jokes, stories and songs, he’ll have you quoting his set long after the show. He has headlined and featured in clubs, theaters and festivals throughout the Midwest working with comics from all over the country. James has featured for Bob and Tom favorites like, Donnie Baker, Larry Reeb, Costaki Economopolis, and many others you may or may not have heard of. Currently, you can find James Draper performing at stand up shows in rooms all over the Midwest, writing and acting for sketch comedy shows (live and audio/voice over), and guest spotting on podcasts.
James Draper is also a writer and performer on the upcoming audio sketch comedy series YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED.  For more updates and information on Yesterday Night Taped visit http://www.Facebook.com/YesterdayNightTaped
Get more updates on comedian James Draper at http://www.ComedianJamesDraper.blogspot.com

Veronica Montablo Model of the month

I’m 23 years old two kids from temple tx 5’3 I have long brown hair light brown eyes my race is Mexican

I love to be with family & friends my hobbies are cooking dancing and singing.

Photo Credit

Photographer: Rashad Allen @Rashadabn
Phone Number: 254-892-2967
Editing: GoGettaOrDieEnt @GoGettaOrDie


Chicago’s Hidden Gem “Unlimited Stacks Association”

Hip Hop is a culture and art movement that began in the Bronx in New York City and Chicago’s Unlimited Stacks Association is working hard to keep it alive, which is not an easy task in a oversaturated industry.

South-Side Chicagos’s Unlimited Stacks Association is a sleeping giant in Chicago. This is a movement definitely in a lane of their own embracing old school hip hop values, vowing to always keep it real. With the work ethics of industry vets their goal is to bring real music back that people can relate to.

With great quality productions and chart topping songs that cant be duplicated this movement is what the game has been missing.

Follow the movement:

Skinny Hardaway stays droppin new heat

With the work ethic of a industry vet Memphis artist Skinny Hardaway has been staying busy as usual since releasing his 1st project “Draft Day” late in 2017 followed up by his 2nd and 3rd projects “Never Again” and  “Draft Day 2” released in 2018. You can grab all 3 on Spinrilla.

Hardaway dropped a surprise EP “NBA” Never Be Average in June bringing his catalog up to 4 solo projects, 5 if you count the mixtape him and fellow Memphis up & coming artist (King XX) released in 2019.

Hip Hop is a culture and art movement that began in the Bronx in New York City and Skinny is working hard to keep it alive, which is not an easy task in a oversaturated industry.

Skinny also boosted his reputation as an independent artist performing and hosting his own shows in numerous venues in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and many more locations.

Recently in the lab recording a new single with Memphis legend Kia Shine and fellow Hope Grind & A Dream (HGD) associate Dope Lhadii he stays busy perfecting his craft.

He caught the attention of a Interscope records A&R and had a meeting, in his words the meeting was “Real productive”.

Skinny is in a lane of his own as a lyricist and his magnetic personality and stage presence completes the package.

Follow his movement:


Watch “Potnah” an exciting urban crime drama from Executive Producer Kyron Hodges


A honest look at New York City’s lucrative, illicit underground cigarette trade is exposed after a high profile tobacco kingpin becomes a prime suspect in the murder of his partner. The story is engaging with amazing action and  visuals.

The film has stellar performances by the actors who are true professionals in their craft. As Jarell “Jay” King is being interrogated by detectives, he is forced to relive the events of his life that slowly reveal the truth about a murder and betrayal amongst friends.

This suspenseful urban crime drama will keep you on the edge of your seat as you see the life of a Brooklyn gangsta through his eyes. This is a story of loyalty, betrayal, and murder. You will see firsthand the struggles of the street life and the fight for survival. The twists and turns will take you on the ride of your life! This is a film that has garnered attention from some of the most discerning critics.

Watch now!




Turkey BBQ Cook Off and
Community BBQ Event
Monday Sept. 2nd at 1:00 PM
362 Williams Scott, Road
Enfield, NC 27813
Get ready for one of the largest community
BBQ events of The Carolinas.  On Sept. 2nd
(Labor Day) kicking off at 1:00 PM,
the ABC2 (A Better Chance, A Better Community)
organization will host it’s official Turkey BBQ Cook
Off and Community Event.  Seasoned grillers, chefs,
and food preparers of all kind are welcome to
come out and show the community their superior
BBQ and cooking skills by entering the cook off!
There will be a $250 Cash Prize awarded to
the best BBQ Turkey!  It’s only a $25 entry fee to
participate in the competition.  This event isn’t
just for the chefs either, if you are a food connoisseur,
foodie, or someone simply looking
to enjoy great safe, fun, family friendly
entertainment along with some tremendous food then
you most certainly want to join us for the ABC2
Community BBQ.  The event will also have
entertainment, games and activities for everyone in
the community.
Food trucks, sponsors and vendors are also needed!
Text or Call 252 200 6689 for more information.  There
are hundreds of people expected to attend the upcoming
extravaganza.  Come out and be apart of this wonderful,
glorious and positive experience!
Contact Chester Williams
(252) 592 1197

Villainous Supes? Call The Boys| Amazon Prime Original

If you know me, you know how fond I am of super hero content. My latest dish for you comes out of Amazon Prime’s Original show catalog. The recipe used for this latest production is simply delightful. I am talking about their new show created by Erik Kripke, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, “The Boys”.

Starring Jack Quaid (Huey) and Karl Urban (Billy Butcher)  who form a team of vigilantes who share a common experience of being survivors of collateral damage. Take on Vought, an evil corporation who produces Super Heroes like a talent agency. The show is brilliant with grade A visual effects with a well rounded cast including but not limited to Erin Moriarty (Starlight), Chace Crawford (The Deep), Antony Starr (Home-lander). It appears that the inspiration for the super heroes created in the show are a reflection of the DC Universe. However, the spin off is, what if your favorite super hero abused their powers in the name of fame and fortune? Do you offend or out of fear attend support meetings?  Drama, Dead Pool action comedy and a sprinkle of relative social issues completes this plate. The Boys got it all, go feast on Season 1! Can’t wait for season 2!


King P releases new feel good video!


In a world of turmoil and hate recording artist King P from Miami, Florida is releasing the official video to his hit single “Good Vibes” July 27th, 2019. Good Vibes is more than a song, it is a movement that King P hopes will gain momentum worldwide to spread positivity and good vibes.

The song has a island vibe with brilliant instrumentation, all the sounds mix together with his smooth melodic vocals to create the perfect melody and a stellar production. Fans are excited about the highly anticipated video release.

Check out the video-

King P has a refreshing raw talent that will satisfy the most discerning listeners, setting the bar high for other artists he has truly embraced his craft. With a mazazz1p wegnetic stage presence and energetic personality he has garnered fans worldwide.

Stay up to date with his movement:

Official Website: www.KingPent.com

Instagram: @1Kingp – https://www.instagram.com/1kingp/

Facebook Artist Page: @1KingP – https://www.facebook.com/1KingP/

Twitter: @1KingP – https://www.twitter.com/1KingP


97.9 The Beat Pskillz Flow Tv Life Behind the Mic

Why don’t you tell the people where you from and where you reside at now?

Born and Raised in St.louis, Missouri. Now Residing in Dallas Texas.

Have you always been into deejaying or were there other ventures or careers you pursued?

I got my start in the industry, during my Hosting & Emcee days in College at Grambling State.

What made you wanna become a on air radio personality?

I was Recommended to be a Part time jock. During my street team position at K104.


How did end up landing at 97.9 the beat?

I was Recruited via text

Out of all the people you interviewed which was the worst?And which was the worst?

No worst interviews, just memorable fails, with Designer audio issues, during a on site interview at concert.

I tell the artists if you want your music played by deejays first build a relationship with these deejays don’t just walk up to them and say here’s my music play it what advice would you give them? 

Figure out or ask the bartender what the Dj usually drinks, buy , it and deliver it personally or via waitress.


I see you been networking with Juicy J how did y’all cross paths?

It all started during a press run for his song with Travis Scott., up at the radio station

Being out of DFW how would you say the market for music with local artists there?can we see another Yella Beezy come out the city? The DFW is on FIRE, Literally, NOT Next but NOW . i hear & see the talent everyday. Consistency wins.

What advice would you have for artists who want to try to get their music out?

The old radio trick still exist. “Having supporters call the station and requesting their single is first. Also performances throughout the city infront of as many crowds as possible.

What’s the wildest thing told to you by a artist asking you to plug them in?

Designer gear, has been he most recent wildness.

If I’m in the DFW area what club would you recommend me to go to if I’m trying to unwind?

CLUB Pryme Hands down ! Will be an EXPERIENCE TO Remember.

Have you ever deejayed in a strip club before and if so would you do it again?

Yessir, and most deff, always had fun creating new twerk chants.

When I use to deejay at clubs I had some crazy stuff go down in the dj booth tell me what was one of your wildest moments in the deejay booth? “What happen in The Booth Stays in The Booth”

If you had a choice of any female you could kick it with for a whole day who would it be and why?

Beyonce , and to plug her into the newest anthem out called “Find One” Her & Hov can make the kids another baby sister to it. lol

With so many politics in the radio business is there still a certain playlist that the deejays have to go by?

Dallas is a city built off the basic unfortunately you have to play %70 of the classics in order to satisfy, the average party, club go er.

What artist or artists would you say is hot right coming out the Dallas,Funky Town or Agg Town area?

Erica Banks, Cre Montana  on the female side, fellas right now Chris Carter, Jhenn, & Neighbor hood CEO

While on the air what was your craziest call in that you had?

Somebody needing gas, stuck at the pump. (Yes i cash app’d em)

When people in Dallas and they wanna check you out live what club do they catch you at?

Prime Bar Fridays, & Saturdays live broad cast/

If a artist asked you to host their mixtape how would you respond?

Shoot me a email , or DM via Instagram @Pskillzflow

What’s next for you?

Branding this Record w/ Juicy J & continuing cooking anthems.

If people wanna check you out what’s your social media sites and on air times?

Fly with me 5 days a week from 7 to midnight on 979 The Beat , Saturdays 2 to 5pm

All social media platforms at @PskillzFlow

Is there anything else you wanna add before we end this interview?

It Aint How You Start in Life its How you finish. Dream Chasing to the top will require Blood, Sweat, & a few Tears.

Any last words or shout outs??

Shout out to y’all and the staff , Big Ups to the Whole Metroplex, Salute to all the Midwest people making moves in the south. Salute to all the Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated

Hip Hop Artist Abdullah Only Speaks Positive Messages In His Music


Abdullah (born Anthony Sarpy) and is a hip-hop MC and recording artist from the West Side of  Chicago, IL (K-Town to be exact).  He currently resides in the north suburb of Waukegan, IL.  Abdullah is U.S. Army veteran, where he was an Infantry soldier for nearly 9 years and served in 4 deployments overseas (3 in Iraq, and 1 in Afghanistan). He currently has an album out, entitled Black Determination.
Abdullah will release a new album on August 2, 2019 entitled Black Manhood.
Abdullah is also a devoted and dedicated father to his son Malik, as well as a soon-to-be college graduate from DeVry University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems.  Abdullah is a person who is a freedom fighter for Black and oppressed peoples throughout the world.
Abdullah is also an advocate for Black Nationalism, which simply means he cares for owning, controlling and policing the businesses, politics and society of the Black community. Abdullah also cares about the African continent and the development in which our brothers and sisters there should have a hand in, which makes him a staunch supporter of Pan Africanism.
Abdullah believes in educating the Black masses properly on the truth of our history, and how we should apply it to his own existence in bettering black people as a whole. Abdullah values the hip-hop culture and takes it very seriously, and holds himself accountable as to what he says in his music and the impact it may have on people (particularly the young generation).
 Therefore, Abdullah is a positive, thought-provoking lyricist with an enlightened message to represent for the masses; while at the same time, staying true to himself and not becoming a sellout.  Adbullah will use his potential to the fullest, while providing the people with good music to listen to for both their soul and mind.
Info about the album:
The Black manhood album is a testament of brothers coming together, uniting and working for a greater purpose. This album paints Black men in a positive light, by defeating the stereotypes we are bombarded with on a daily basis. This album also touches on interesting topics such as educating Black men in a literal sense, growing as a man in your 30s, domestic violence, protecting our women, developing your spiritual state, the closing of schools, politics, etc. This album highlights the growth of who I am as a 35 year old Black man.
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