Spotlight on Florida’s Pretti Emage


Pretti Emage, pronounced Pretty Image, is an American Hip Hop/R&B duo fresh out of  Clearwater, Florida (aka Wick City). The dynamic duo consists of two sisters, Jaleesah “Mizz Attitude” Riley and Zayah “Baby Girl” Riley.
Emerging on the scene in 2016 they’ve put on many high energy performances and even sparked major buzz on social media with there smash hit “Turn Up”.  They have satisfied the ears of some of the most discerning music fans. The duo will be releasing their freshman album “The Playlist” in the early part of 2019. Their music, which is a blend of Hip Hop, Pop and R&B is a fresh, flirty, youthful sound that will garner the attention of all music fans. Their music can be streamed and purchased on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms worldwide.

Introducing Lady Ka$h


Setting the bar high for other rappers, Miami’s own LADY KA$H is ready to hit the world stage. The American rapper, singer, songwriter, aspiring model and businesswoman has created a lane all her own and continues to gain notoriety on the global stage. With a unique raspy voice, she established her reputation in the hip-hop world in 2012 with her street anthem “Set It Off” featuring three other artists. Writing poetry at age eleven, her talent became obvious early. Over time, her poetry grew into a strong passion for music. Some of her role models include icons Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill and Lil Kim.


Her magnetic personality and stage presence gave her the opportunity to open for major artists such as Yo Gotti, Lil Scrappy, Rick Ross, Travis Porter, Young Money, Mack Maine and Jim Jones. The list of artists asking her to open for them or to feature on their song(s) or perform continues to grow. Her current single “Redo” will be available on iTunes soon, expect it to satisfy the musical taste buds of some of the most discerning listeners.
Follow her movement and don’t miss a beat!

EL Zappo, The Man, The Music, The Movement


The current indie rap scene teems with more life than ever and this is an artist long marked for success. Fresh off the streets of Benton Harbor, MI, El Zappo Foreign is making a serious impact.

Recognized and respected for his raw authentic sound, he has a gritty style and flow that will satisfy the most discerning listener!  Co-signed by many, he is compared to hip hop icons of all eras. Zappo was also featured on Honorable C.N.O.T.E.s “From Then To Now” album, which caught the eyes of media outlet Hot New Hip Hop.

Zappo revealed to Hood illustrated Magazine that his inspiration came from the death of his cousin whose name he took. Zappo said he was one of the people that encouraged him to take this music thing seriously. He hooked back up with his partner platinum producer Honorable C.N.O.T.E. in Georgia. He then released his debut mixtape “90DayRun” produced by Honorable Court producer Tony Trouble alongside other producers from the HC camp. Zappo has been through hell and back and prevailed stronger than ever. Don’t get it twisted, this is no cookie-cutter rapper, his style and charisma are what set him apart from the rest. He is setting the bar high for others in the game and predicted to make a huge impact in 2019!




Watch / stream the new short film “The Ugly Friend” on Amazon Prime


The film is centered around the character Alvin who has been crushing on Nikki for awhile and she decides to pay Alvin a visit, and give him
a chance.  Nikki asks if she can bring a friend, so it’s only natural that Alvin
brings a friend for Nikki’s friend and that’s when all the drama
unfolds.  Watch the drama for yourself on Amazon Prime.
The movie stars Antonio Gambrell, James Tavelle, and Mercedes Wright.
Directed by Felecia Rivers and J Paul the Demi God.
This is a Geechee One Film

2019 Your Year Of Wellness!

It’s that time of the year again where many people make new years resolutions to improve and better their lives for the upcoming new year.  People make these promises and stick to them in the few months, start off strong in January, but often fall off the wagon as the year continues.  To ensure that you stay on the right path with your fitness and wellness journey, we encourage readers to look intoKemetic Fitness and Wellness.   Kemetic Fitness and Wellness’ mission is to empower clients to create and maintain healthy life patterns to support self-reliance, stronger families, and strengthen success of community involvement.

For consultation and additional information on how Kemetic Fitness and Wellness can help you and better your life and overall health e-mail Basu Lauren at basulauren@gmail.com

Here is a description of some of the Services Kemetic Fitness and Wellness provides.  
Kemetic Yoga:  A journey of mindfulness and balancing of the mind-body-spirit.
Kemetic Reiki:  Energy work that supports clients in restoring balance to the body’s energetic centers.
Vibrational sound therapy:  A relaxation service that activates the parasympathetic nervous system which may stimulate pain relief, stress relief, and the ultimate relaxation experience.
Yoni(Vaginal) steaming:  A therapy treatment for women to cleanse and stimulate well-being to the womb through steam herbal infusion.
Detox therapy:  21-day plan that helps to promote well-being in ones’ mind-body-spirit.
Kemetic Fitness and Wellness Products:  Herbal pads, and smudge sticks.

Get more updates on Kemetic Fitness and Wellness athttp://www.KemeticFitnessandWellness.blogspot.com


Southern Rapper D-Hud Has Big Plans For 2019



Rapper, poet and businessman D-Hud has major plans for his music and business Owt Of Order Entertainment in 2019.  In addition to working on new music, the rising southern rapper is also working on a new clothing line for his Owt Of Order Entertainment brand.  D-Hud also plans on hitting the stage and doing more shows and performances as well, any promoter that plans on booking him can get in touch with him at the social media links provide on the promotional flier above.
D-Hud is still pushing his underground hit “Huddy World” and plans to rock that well into the new year, especially with the Blacktopia DJ Coalition behind the record!  Stream the single on “Spreaker” at https://www.spreaker.com/user/southeasthiphop/d-hud-g-world
Get more updates, information, show dates and news on D-Hud at his official promo blog at http://www.D-Hud.blogspot.com

Fadetheblackk drops new heat!

This Bronx rapper has received many cosigns early, What’s not to like about a track like Visions – a simple, organic soundscape, spacious and humble, hopeful; a set of leading voices with a smooth sense of confidence, delivering a set of lyrics intended to inspire and calm and motivate. All of this and more, plus the fact that the song carefully walks the line between that which is familiar, comforting, and that which is fresh; new and exciting.

Fadetheblackk and b*star collaborate on this release to showcase the best of their abilities, but this is just something you naturally take away from the single – this is not what it’s inherently about. Visions isn’t an attempt to let everyone know who these artists are, it’s not a track that screams out for attention or attempts to utilize the shock factor just to gather views and likes. Far from it. Everything about this song speaks subtle volumes for the positivity and optimism within it. Sure, there’s darkness within the verses, the world’s truths are laid bare, but the hook seems to offer a sense of resolve and possibility, and the good vibes rise higher as things progress. The musical ambiance is humble, as stated, the verses and the melody unite and yet contrast just right – creating a structure that holds tight to your attention, whilst always maintaining the good vibes at the heart of the soundscape.

On top of all of this, both leading vocals offer a subtle but certain level of confidence and professionalism. It’s reliable from the offset, believable, easy to get into. The simple piano riff sets the bar at a particular height and everything else follows suit beautifully. There’s a point to the song, to the ideas expressed by it, and to the mood set by the music. It’s easy to grasp and a total pleasure to stumble upon. So much so that when the track ends, you miss that mellow groove, that rhythm and the soothing aura.

At less than three minutes long it’s almost essential to listen more than once – though of course, this is a far better effect to have on an audience than to overstay your welcome. Visions is superb, a great song and one that finds itself at the top of our main playlist for the foreseeable future.

Download or stream the single everywhere. Find & follow @Fadetheblackk on Twitter & Instagram.

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HOT NEW | Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel Official Trailer

Mobbed Up Inc. Its A Movement!

Staying true to his Italian roots, Chicago businessman Gino Gallela is building his empire based on the core values of old school traditional values and integrity. Mobbed Up Inc. continues to flourish adding new divisions and ventures all the time.

Mobbed Up Inc. is more than a business, it’s a movement and the brainchild of Gino Gallela. He strategically recruited  more powerhouse key players to the team, Chuck Bellavia, Bobby Belavia, Antonio Williams and Raed Shalabi. The strength, energy and magnetic appeal these guys possess is unmatched! Mobbed Up Inc. is certainly setting the bar high for the competition.

Some of their amazing products include a line of olive oils held to the highest standards, imported straight from a farm in Italy. They also have a line of quality t-shirts, tequila and cigars with a television series that will put the Sopranos to shame. They have many more projects in the works as well. The movement has been instantly thrust among the elite in their craft garnering the attention of the one and only Perez Hilton who gave them a video shout out praising their movement.

Now Gallela and his team are taking it a step further after discovering some of Chicago’s best untapped talent and implementing a record label under Mobbed Up Inc. The label’s first artist Capo J just released his debut single “Amante” feat Dj M80 & Wolf Dog. You can look forward to his single with Chicago rap legend “Twista”, Dj M80, Arab Luciano and Belo from Do Or Die called “Friend Zone!



You can expect to hear a lot more hits coming from the Mobbed Up Inc.. music roster for years to come!
See complete team and roster below:
 To stay up to date on their movement go to the website:
Twitter @Mobbedupinc
Instagram @mobbedupinc
Facebook @mobbedupinc