Good Morning Jonestown, a hilarious podcast you don’t want to miss!


Good Morning, Jonestown is a comedy podcast hosted by idiots in Portland, Oregon by way of Pensacola, Florida. The duo Tony Burkett and Russell Douglas do not hold back, whatever pops in their head they say it. A little controversy is often necessary for success in comedy and with these 2 guys, nothing is off limits!

A unique creation, GMJ incorporates bizarre music and comedic editing to produce a polished show that outshines the standard podcast format. These straight forward scathing satirist’s love to push the envelope.

From drugs and conspiracy to satire and silliness, no topic is taboo and nothing is sacred. They continue to perfect their craft of exposing foolishness in our society! You are guaranteed to be entertained!

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Rich Soul releases first single “Aint” from album Infinity!


Rich Soul is a high energy trio on a mission to unlock the spirit and the soul through their powerful lyrics and trendy beats. The 3 brothers were born in Nashville and raised in Atlanta. They discovered a passion for music at a young age and and have worked for years perfecting their craft.  Although Gospel and R&B highly influenced them they have truly embraced the art of Hip Hop.

Their gritty street anthems and high energy stage performances have earned them a global fan base.

Their latest release “Aint” is the first single from their new album titled “Infinity” with a majority of the tracks produced by super-producer Maxpayne Shawty. This project is expected to satisfy the most discerning Hip Hop fans!

 Check out the video below!

J Kristyle management releases new mixtape!



J Kristyle is a key figure in the Memphis music scene. With the work ethic of a seasoned industry vet he works day and night to get his artists on the right people’s radar.

He is the founder and operator of J Kristyle Management which currently represents motivational Hip Hop artist Money Matt; Mo Money, PatLee, KSB Tha God, Yungg Fattz, V Lyrixz, Ceo Eb, Nitti Blanco, VII and 1 model K.C_girl.

His latest project is The “Allstar Team Mixtape” hosted by J Kristyle and The Fleet Dj’s. Setting the bar high for other management companies J spends his days connecting his artists to opportunities to raise awareness to their movements and never stops grinding to perfect his craft.

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Flam Feeva heatin up the streets!



Hip Hop is a culture and art movement and Flam Feeva is working hard to keep it alive, which is not an easy task in this oversaturated industry.

Born Bryan Alford in West Dayton, Ohio, rapper Flam Feeva has studied  all kinds of music working hard to perfect his craft. Flam grew up a true student of hip hop. Discovering his passion at a young age he began writing and recording music in high school, selling his homemade mixtapes during lunchtime.

His grind started paying off and led to many local performances resulting in Flam later opening up for major artists in different cities nationwide. With a magnetic personality and  high-energy stage presence he garners new fans with every show. After the loss of his mother, Flam began to reinvent himself adding other musical titles to his decorated resume. Already a remarkable lyricist, Flam taught himself to create and promote shows, make beats, audio engineering & graphic design.

To give back and show love to the community he also started his annual Bikes & Backpacks Event, giving back free school supplies to children in need at the start of every school year. With the release of his newest album “Just My Thoughts,” Flam hopes to elevate the minds of his listeners while still pleasing his core fan base. With the release of his self produced new single “DUMBASS,” Flam delivers a bass heavy, catchy club banger guaranteed to lyrically amaze you. Flam embraces the challenge of keeping it real and setting the bar high for other  rappers. His current singles include “Dumbass”, “Changes” and “Grind”

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Raymond Dickerson, The Mind Behind The Music



Raymond (Ray Charles) C. Dickerson, a retired US Army officer. He is not only a artist but has passion and love for his family, friends and the community. Raymond has the work ethic of a seasoned industry vet. He is definitely in a lane of his own setting the bar high for other entertainers.

Although he traveled the world in the military he still calls Thibodaux, Louisiana where he grew up home. He was always encouraged to maintain high moral standards and work ethics by his parents and it shows in his music.

They also taught him to keep the spirit of God in the forefront and to walk in the light of his word. Once you place your faith in God, and he becomes the leader of your life and your reward in the end will be “success”.

A true role model, Colonel Dickerson has a high degree of compassion, conviction and commitment to many social and charitable causes such as St. Jude’s Children Hospital, The Wounded Warrior Project, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights as well as his support for many military family programs. His passion for people and loyalty to the community has inspired him to develop, write and produce his current project.

“Command and Control” is a set of principals used to guide us through everyday life using God’s spirit as our source of energy. Colonel Dickerson is the first African American to own a well-known and established record label; as well as a recording and production company in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

In an effort to motivate and inform others, as well as, support and give back to the community, Colonel Dickerson was inspired to write and produce “Epiphany.” Songs on this CD are sung by vocalists, Andrea Rhodes, Pam Lyles, Hilda Lamas, Evelyn Ballard and Pam Bowman and engineering assistance from Fred Nations, Mike Snabble, Pershing Wells, Steve Wilson and Steve Cheeks.

The “Epiphany” CD is laced with smooth jazz, inspirational ballads, soulful solos and driving rhythms. The songs on the CD are based on the life events and experiences that produced a greater sense of enlightenment to Ray.

A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the CD “Epiphany” will be divided between the aforementioned charitable organizations.

“Epiphany”, is satisfied the ears of the most discerning music listeners worldwide.

He is currently promoting and encouraging fans to listen to his single “Dixie” which is a conscious song revealing the cultural injustices in the south that still exist to this day, propagandized for political and economical gain.

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Something smooth for the ladies from St. Kal


ST KAL from the Southside of Richmond, Virginia has been  dominating the mixtape scene with collaborating artists and group members. His catchy swag, tongue-twistin skillz & mind-boggling versatility has captured the ears of discerning listeners. The style of music St Kal brings to the game is quite unique.  Kal’s music is a fusion of up north and down south styles, he is definitely in a lane of his own.

St Kal is a street hustler but found his God given gift to become a musician, so he ran with it.

His current single “She Bad” he made for the ladies, it has a mello vibe and it was something he wanted to have fun with.





Simba = Simple Intelligence Makes (the) Boy Amazing.


The Real Simba was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica. An artist constantly on the grind to perfect his craft while setting the bar high for other rappers he is definitely in a lane of his own. With a prolific presence, he is different from a lot of upcoming artists. His goal isn’t money or fame, instead to be known for truly embracing the art of Hip Hop. He captures the ears of the most discerning listeners with his high energy and witty wordplay. From Jamaica, now calling Mount Vernon, NY home, The Real Simba discovered a passion for a variety of music such as HipHop Rap and R&B after moving to the US. Raised in Mount Vernon The Real Simba uses life experiences to paint a picture in the minds of his listeners. His inspirations include Bob Marley, Nas, Jay Z, Usher, Drake, JCole, Lil Wayne, Nipsey Hussle to name a few.

With songs such as”OHHMYYGOODNESS” “YOU KNOW “and “PHONELINE” The Real Simba was able to capture a mass following that continues to grow on the Global stage. The Real Simba’s music is available on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google, Amazon, etc. The ever amped and spirited rapper is right at home on the stage and his magnetic personality shines bright!
He recently signed a single deal with Sony/Orchard for his single titled “Crazy” set to release in January 2020.




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Discovering a passion for music at a young age, artist K.O. began freestyling when he was 10 years old. Some of his influences include 2 Pac, Andre 3000 and Master P.  He feels the most influential rapper today is Young Thug. Even though K.O. is an up and coming rapper he spends a lot of time in the studio and has the work ethic of a seasoned industry vet.


He is current single “Rocky” is available on all platforms and you can expect a lot more music from this artist as he works hard to make a name for himself. In this oversaturated industry of cookie cutter rappers he definitely is in a lane of his own!


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Pops Jr is setting the bar high for other rappers


Pops Jr is a rapper truly in a lane of his own. His captivating raspy voice fused with versatility and originality is unmatched. He pushes it to the limit with every verse. He has descended upon the Hip Hop world with rapid, spittin’, tongue-twistin’ skillz setting the rap game ablaze.

Setting the bar high for other rappers Pops Jr has a unique way of mixing comedic bars with raw emotion. As he explained, he is an old soul even though he grew up in the 90’s. His father was a major influence in his life which is how he chose is stage name. Honoring is father’s legacy means the world to him.   He is strapped with equal parts sanctified and funkdafied for a battle to return Hip Hop to its glory days.

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Get to know Flip Willson

Five time Emmy nominated Flip Willson needs no introduction. The Director/Content creator for some of the finest music, media & entertainment works is today running a successful online company called FWGFX.

Willson media “FWGFX” broke the internet in 2017 and is known for  the Motion Cover. Many designers and content creators on social media consider Flip a pioneer and a leader of the new motion graphic era. Flip claims to have invented the moving covers in 2014 but they were not discovered till October 2017 when  Flip Willson worked on Gucci Manes single  “I get the bag.”Flip Willson’s marketing company is in high demand for its creative ideas and consistent high quality executions. Flip says he is very grateful that people recognize him as an innovator.

Flip wants the world to pay close attention to the year 2020 because he will be releasing a new creative way to produce motion covers that he believes will change the game of graphics forever.

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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/flipwillson/featured

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fwgfx/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FLIP-WILLSON-MEDIA-183763428926948/

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