Boss with Bigg Boss Entertainment based out of Dallas Texas


Boss with Bigg Boss Entertainment based out of Dallas Texas. With a lineup of Artists, Models & DJ’s.

Bigg Boss Artists: 
Yazzy Nicole (Houston)
Wavy Saleen (Dallas)
Sombrero Muzic (Odessa – Also labels producer & engineer)
Mr. Big Boy (Dallas – Also labels photographer & graphics designer)
Bigg Boss Models: 
Traviesa (Dallas)
Milani (Dallas)
InkBaby (Houston)
Bigg Boss DJ’s:
DJ ChanaLee

JT Responds After Accidentally Showing Her Kitty At Billboard Awards

Learn about Alaiyo Waistbeads

It’s more to waist beads than their beauty, and goes beyond being just a trendy, fashionable accessory to enhance one’s physical appearance. Wearing waist beads has been an ancient African custom and practice that has been passed and handed down from old generations to newer generations for many centuries.  Wearing Waist beads symbolizes femininity, sensuality, fertility, and spiritual well-being.  Alaiyo Waistbeads and the brands’ owner Jasai Madden is extremely knowledgeable about the history, benefits and intrinsic value of Waist Beads and its use and has applied that knowledge to present an enhanced yet upscale / stylish version of what our African ancestors wore.  Alaiyo Waistbeads is an ancient practice but for the modern girl.  Learn about Alaiyo Waistbeads by visiting their official website at

Alaiyo Waistbeads also works directly with clients to give voice to the energies they would like to amplify and then create custom strands that will work with them.

Alaiyo strands are inspired by nature; expressing animal, vegetable, mineral and cosmic qualities. Each strand holds within it vibrations which solicit the manifesting power of the Great Mother. These vibrations help remind and navigate us towards getting our needs met. When placed at the solar plexus, the

strands assist us on our journey to embody confidence and strength from the place where our outward, engaging, creativity and ego meet. This orbit of our belly center resonates with an uncommon power when we set intentions and tie them there.


Supastars Online Magazine is proud to present rising new rap recording artist, businessman and budding fashion designer Don Modus!


Supastars Online:  What’s up Don Modus?

Don Modus:  What’s up everyone, thanks for having me! Things have been solid, getting ready for the new year and beyond.

Supastars Online: You have your hands in many business ventures, could you tell our readers a little about all the other things you are into besides music?

Don Modus:  Yea sure. I’ve got a clothing brand I’ve been working on the last few years. We’ve released 6 different collections in the past and we’re getting ready for a big drop at the end of year. I’ve got two French bulldogs and I’m getting into breeding. The majority of my business is buying and selling consumer goods for profit.

Supastars Online: Where do you see yourself in the next five years as a businessman?

Don Modus:  I definitely want to have purchased my first piece of property in the next 5 years. Either by myself or with a group, renting out real estate is always a great source of passive income. I’ve got a lot of crypto investments that I expect to pay out big in the next 5 years. The music will be bigger, the clothing will advance alongside that. It’ll be interesting to see how many french bulldogs I’ll have in the next 5 years since I want to keep growing the breeding business as well.

Supastars Online:  Who are 4 people that influence you the most when it comes to business and why?

Don Modus:  Jay z, Kanye west, Ronnie fieg and Steven dux. All of these people started with very little and grew their brands into massively profitable businesses. I want my clothing brand to be as big as there’s and I need to demonstrate good business practices to get there.

Supastars Online:  Let’s get on to the music, how long have you been making music?

Don Modus:  I’ve been making music for about 5 years now, my first song was released on streaming platforms in may of 2018.

Supastars Online:  What sets you apart from all the other artists out right now?

Don Modus:  Lyrically I’m on another level and my music is authentic to who I am. A lot of rappers these days will say anything to get clout, I’m all about doing what I rap. I’m actually out here in the streets hustling to get my bread up. I put a lot of double meanings in my lyrics too so there’s extra value when people look up the words.

Supastars Online:  You currently have a single out now titled “Peter Pan”, how would you describe that single?

Don Modus:  It’s got a new school rap vibe with a fire beat. Peter Pan is a nickname given to me by some of my boys cause I’m always chasing green (money).

Supastars Online: As an artist, what else are you currently working on?

Don Modus:  I’m currently taking a break from releasing music to build up my other businesses and focus on the upcoming clothing  . I’m still looking for beats and writing but releasing music is expensive and I want to build up my capital for a bit.

Supastars Online:  What plans do you have for your music for 2022?

Don Modus:  I want to collaborate with more artists and do more shows.

Supastars Online: What else would you like the readers to know about Don Modus that we haven’t covered already?

Don Modus:  I’ve got a hand in a lot of different things and it takes time to build something beautiful. 2022 is going to be a great year for the brand and I’m looking to become a household name soon. Follow me on Instagram @donmodus thanks for having me!

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‘Boss Babes’ Bring Reality TV Royalty and Reignites Small Businesses in the Five Boroughs


Boss Babes’ Bring Reality TV Royalty and Reignites Small Businesses in the Five Boroughs Saturday, August 14th

The Big Apple is bouncing back from unprecedented financial hurdles, and one fashion-forward designer known for her SLEE’Q collection of haute couture dresses is paving the way for small businesses and single moms. The August 14th bash, known as the Boss Babes Pop Up Shop, is the brainchild of fashion maven Inga Murray-Hodges.

Hodges, who has a heart for downtrodden small business owners, and love for single moms, married the two causes to rejuvenate the community.

Proceeds from this woman in business extravaganza, support single mothers in crisis. With over 400,000 single-family households in New York City alone, Murray-Hodges hopes to ease the burden of these struggling moms with an influx of support from local establishments. According to the Census Bureau, “the economic insecurities faced by single parents and their children is widespread and compounded by inequalities across neighborhood, gender, and race.” Owner, Murray-Hodges, and the IngaSez Foundation team are doing their part to stem the tide of crisis coming from these homes by offering a hand up during these troublesome times.

The Brooklyn-based Sanders Studios is the backdrop for the iconic Boss Babes Pop Up Shop. The swanky digs, mix business with pleasure, as visitors rub elbows with Reality Star royalty while perusing new products designed by up-and-coming inventors. Hosted by Miss Nikki Baby, the star-studded event will impress. The Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood star shares the stage with MC Bobby Lytes of Love and Hip-Hop Miami fame. The two showstoppers offer encouragement to businesses on the rise while giving to a good cause.

While New Yorkers are rebounding from the economic devastation of the past year, the Boss Babe Pop Up offers a platform for lesser-known merchants to show off their wares to a wider audience. The event runs the gamut of experienced vendors with exotic product lines. Tame your sweet tooth cravings with a tasty cake pop, by Savor Sweets by Chrissy, or indulge in moisture perfect skin and beard care with a cause by MBLM Shea butter. The theme of the day is to network, share, learn, and show love to the community, all while bopping to the beats by Jahsun Movement. The electric vibes of this one-of-a-kind happening will reverberate throughout the five boroughs.

Inga, with a master’s degree in business management and leadership, knows what it takes to boost a brand, and through this community-focused event, she is lifting neighbors in need. Though the pandemic wreaked havoc on millions of lives, upending finances, and shuttering brick and mortar storefronts, the Ingasez Foundation is creating a spark to rebuild New York while inspiring single moms to fight on another day.

For more information about the Boss Babes Pop Up Shop, or to interview Inga Murray-Hodges, contact her at 201-401-2069 or

Inga Murray-Hodges
IngaSez Foundation
+1 201-401-2069

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@ingasez @ingasezfoundation

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A special shout out to the event vendors

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Glamlife Beauty

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Savory Sweets by Chrissy

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Ms Wonderfull Seasoning

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Uniquely Yours Creations

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Gift Her Boutique

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Meet the woman behind POETIC EXPRESSIONS ONLINE BOUTIQUE, Latoya Williams


Today in Supastars Online Magazine we would like to spotlight, feature and honor rising prominent businesswoman Latoya Williams and her brand Poetic Expressions.  Poetic Expressions is a fresh new online boutique with a plethora of stylish women’s apparel and accessories.  Although Latoya Williams’ online boutique Poetic Expressions is only a few months old, her business is consistently growing in popularity, garnering new sales as her store releases new items on a persistent bassis.  Latoya Williams has held multiple in person Pop Up Shops for Poetic Expressions in various locations in the state of Texas with very huge turn out numbers.  The young, gifted and powerful businesswoman plans to hold many more in other locations very soon.  
          Back in the fall of 2020 Latoya Williams sponsored the Blogtalkradio Poetry Special named after her boutique to promote the brand to an even broader audience.  The Poetic Expressions Poetry Special featured various poets rising poets / spoken word artists and was headlined by renowned author and poetess Tammy Thomas (author of the critically acclaimed top selling Amazon poetry anthology “Emotional Soul of A Poetess”).  The audio program received lots of praise and reviews from critics and bloggers across the web, and to top it all off the success of the show led to even more sales for Poetic Expressions Boutique.  Latoya Wiliams along with the blogtalk radio programs host and producer Jonathan Coleman are currently working on a Poetic Expressions series that will be available in Feb. of 2021.
Waka Flocka and the entire staff of Supastars Online Magazine Salute you Latoya Williams and Poetic Expressions
Take a look at the gorgeous women’s clothes and accessories at the official website and follow Poetic Expressions on Instagram at 

Check out I Am Apparel

For many people 2020 has been a bleak and somber year.  From all the lives that were lost, natural disasters, racial injustice, our nation divided by political views, marches, the COVID19 pandemic and so on and so on.  2020 has left many people feeling sad and discouraged, at a time like this it’s always best to remain positive, and optimistic, not just about the world’s situation but remaining positive, hopeful and optimistic about yourself during these trying times.  One way to pump yourself and give yourself assurance is to speak positively about yourself and The “I Am Apparel Group” can certainly help you speak power onto yourself with their new powerful, affirming clothing line.
“I Am…” is arguably the most powerful statement in the English language. It’s declarative, definitive and speaks in present tense. We feature a line of Inspirational And Motivational shirts with a twist… our use of creative acronyms.
@iamapparelgroup (IG)

new clothing brand known as P.M.S. (Petty Meme Syndrome) turning heads

Fashion is another form of expression.  Although you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, you can certainly often tell how a person feels just based on their choice of clothes, and how the individual wears their attire.  The new clothing brand known as P.M.S. (Petty Meme Syndrome) created by prominent businesswoman Subrina Pruitt certainly knows this, and the rising clothing brand has dedicated their entire line to designing apparel that allows the wearer to express themselves in many different ways.
“We sell Petty Apparel because some are born petty, others grow into it or they were provoked into this lifestyle. Let us say what you always wanted to say.” – Petty Meme Syndrome
You can see more of the fabulous designs by Petty Meme Syndrome at their official website

Ingasez fashion is the perfect fusion of class and Street Wear


Brooklyn Icons by IngaSez Fashion is way more than a T-shirt collection it’s called T-Fashion. Implementing the finest crystals to represent an upscale urban style. Brooklyn icons represents every icon that made a name for themselves born and raised in brooklyn while still acknowledging the new brooklyn brand. The plan that we would like to execute is called Brooklyn Icons which is represented by our latest Icon Stone Collection. Our Icon Collection comes in many different styles.

Signature Embroidery, classic signatory Crystals, Classic suede, and our exclusive glitter crystal design. We enjoy helping others and would like to assign a nonprofit charity to each T-shirt collection sold. This is why it is so important for pictures to be taken in front of murals etc. to be represented mainly as part of the marketing campaign etc…

The nonprofit charities that we would like to contribute to are women shelters located in brooklyn. Young single mothers that are or have been a product of abuse, abandoned, and  struggling in transition to get their lives together with children after domestic violence etc.

Mothers lose their children everyday to the system due to coming out of an abusive relationship and not being able to afford to raise their own children moving forward. This idea is heavily inspired…

It’s not a just a brand it’s a movement!

Follow on socialmedia @ingasez






Monie YPC breathes life back into hip hop!


Monie YPC storytelling, compassionate approach to music and visceral depictions of life have earned her a growing fan-base. Besides her clever, often hard-hitting lyrics, her songs also touch on pressing issues, including toxic relationships, body image and social issues.

Holding her own in the male dominated world of rap music Moni from the YPC camp in Saint Petersburg, Fl spends her time perfecting her craft creating music and redefining the rap game. She has a track with Rod Wave titled “Backwards” and will be dropping her first single “Bonnie No Clyde” this quarter.

Stay up to date on her movement: