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Supastars Mag: Got catch up with one of Texas Most Wanted want you tell the people who you are?

I go by lil hood the yung G

Supastars Mag:Aren’t you from St Louis?

Naw im from east saint Louis

Supastars Mag:How did you end up in Texas?

I came down to visit a homie that was station in the army and while I was here I wanted to get my music out

 Supastars Mag:When did you first start doing music and what inspired you to start rapping?

It all started in middle school we use to have small talent shows and I would have to say my biggest inspiration was my big brother

Supastars Mag:Who is all in the group?

You couldn’t count us on your fingers toes and knuckles we are everywhere, hell Obama may be with us to lol

 Supastars Mag:How did you hook up with Darnell?How did you hook up with Ell?

Darnell was working with a local record label and they were interested in working with me but I seen so much confusion within there camp I declined there offer but donnell didn’t give up up on wanting to work with me he even stop working with the fraud folks he was with just so he can work with me. And as far as ell we were at a friend house and he was rappin I heard his voice we did a collab and been working as one ever since

Supastars Mag:Why is it so hard for an artist to get put on coming out of Central Texas? Because these boyz cant rap lol naw but man to be honest I think its all on the artist I mean as long as an artist accept that this shit wont happen over night and it will take a lot of time and a little money and a lot of networking he or she should be ok its not hard at all to me.
Supastars Mag:How did the K Town Anthem come about? I reached out to acouple of people from different hoods basically put the pride aside and said lets make this happen and it turned out to be a success just like everything else I do.

Supastars Mag:Out of all the rappers in Killeen,Waco,Temple,Belton or Central Texas who got your respect on the mic?

No one specific I respect any one that’s really on the grind and staying focus on what there trying to accomplish

Supastars Mag:I noticed you did a collab with C Stone how was that working with him?Who was the model in the limousine scene going hamm in the

Stone is a cool dude I have work with acouple other Killeen artist aswell and the model was a model I found in a strip club lol couldn’t deny all that ass

Supastars Mag:Did you feel any pressure getting on the track with TREDUBB and who hooked that up for you?… No pressure at all but I was excited as far as working with TREDUBB.

Supastars Mag:I see you did a song called Gangsta B**ch was it dedicated to any particular female from your past that was down with you at that time when you wrote it?  Everything I rap about most def always has a meaning and I was talking about a past part of my life every real nigga need a gangsta bitch

Supastars Mag:Don’t you have a song in the works with Maybach Music Group artist Wale?Is this track going on your album or wale’s? it is in the working and once complete it will be album product

Supastars Mag:Who all have you collabed on tracks with and who else will you be featuring on your new album?if you could get a feature from any artist who would it be? Ive been in studio session with platinum selling artist mikeal, and ms. Paula deanda also more and if I could do a collab with someone it would be kanye west and Miguel on the same track

Supastars Mag:With these industry collabs and your steady grind do you see yourself signing with any label soon and if so which ones are u looking at for a deal? All deals aren’t good im staying patient until a good one is on the table

Supastars Mag:Do you think you got street cred or do you feel that you are still out here getting it? Naw I don’t believe in that I don’t want to have cred for my past doings In the streets I just call it a lesson learn

Supastars Mag:Do you make music for doe boys or the ladies or a mixture of both? I make music for human beings with 2 ears lol its for anybody

Supastars Mag:Are you better freestyler or a better writer or do you do both when you get the lab?

Im a better writter

Supastars Mag:See you dropped your mixtape All The Way Gangsta which did good on were you surprised at the amount of units sold on the streets and downloaded on the internet or did you expect it?  From all this sipport that I have from all these differ citys I was expecting a little more

Supastars Mag:You got some peeps on lock and a few that passed away is that what drives you so hard to be successful?  That’s true

Supastars Mag:What’s next for Lil Hood any new music or dvds dropping anytime soon?

I have a dvd coming soon call who is lil hood and new music will continue for ever

Supastars Mag:One word that describes Lil Hood ?

I don’t have just one word that can best describe me but if I had to choose it would be national

Supastars Mag:If someone wants to book you or get a feature who do they contact? Call 225 921 42 99 or

Supastars Mag:Who came up with the concept for the Caught Up video?

The videographer

Supastars Mag:Whats your thoughts on the election will matter to you who is elected? I think everyone should be able to vote I feel felons in all states should be able to vote because the future changes that the new president will bring will effect them aswell so theyre vote should count

Supastars Mag:If you had the opportunity to join the Illuminati would you or do you not believe in Illuminati?would you sell out to make it?

I cant answer that.

Supastars Mag:What advice would you for anybody wanting to get into the music industry or an artist trying to make it if he’s a baller on a budget in the streets?

Supastars Mag:What would say is the main downfall of any artist that was on top in the music industry?what are you doing to make sure you don’t fall in that genre? I think artist get to comfortable and lazy I will stay productive, patient and prayerful

Supastars Mag:Have you ever tricked with a female rather it’s a cup of drank or a square be honest cause we all done fell victim at some point?  Tricking is a broke man made word to me lol I love to take 1,000 one dollar bills and act a donkey in the strip club from time to time with my team.

Supastars Mag:Got a facebook or a twitter?A website? Twitter @lilhood_gripboy And facebook lil hood gripboyz

Supastars Mag:Any thing you feel you would like to add before we end this interview? I appericiate the support from everyone god bless yall

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Angela Raiola aka “Big Ang” is the niece of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi, a deceased captain of the Genovese crime family

Big Ang portrait

Angela Raiola aka “Big Ang” is the niece of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi, a deceased captain of the Genovese crime family. Angela, a single mother of 2 was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with her two sisters and four brothers. Big Ang always strived to be popular with “the mob.” She is what many consider a mob moll. Owning many mafia hangouts over the years, she became like “one of the guys” – even catching a case with some high
ranking members of the mob. She was loved by them all. She is like a character straight from the movie Goodfellas and lives by the lifestyle code. Ang has dated many gangsters throughout her life but has always remained independent. She is not the typical women who would depend on a man. Big Ang has managed to make her own way and provide her own means within this world, though she was always lavished with houses, cars, jewelry, furs (you name it) by many well known mob wise guys. One would believe that they call her Big Ang for “E Cups” or her even larger lips, but is really because of her larger than life personality. She is hysterically funny without even meaning to be. Often referring to herself as “bad girl” she will have you laughing upon meeting her and keep you laughing until you leave.


Dare Baybie I am 23 years old an aspiring model/ musician vocalist from Dallas Tx

I view modeling and music as forms of beautiful art that I enjoy being a part of.I been modeling for five years and i have learned so much about the inindustry and myself as well as meeting so many amazing people. One of my main modeling statements as a model is that all sizes shapes and colors are absolutely beautiful in terms considered by society I am not considered the model type but I plan to continue push and pursue modeling to break down the qualification barrier that keeps so many people from doin what they love.


Clifford A. Evans, known as Gwalla aka 32 Shots, is a hip hop artist raised in New Orleans, Louisiana


Clifford A. Evans, known as Gwalla aka 32 Shots, is a hip hop artist. He was born on June 18, 1980, and was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. The city has a major history with Indian tribes, jazz, brass bands, Mardi Gras, second lines, festivals, block parties, high crime, and yearly spiking murder rates. He was raised in a single parent home with his mother, due the fact that his father left him by the age of four. He grew up playing in the downtown, 7th ward St. Bernard Housing Project. That environment was infected with drug dealers, robbers, and murderers. There, the young boys actually invented a critical game called “Cowboys and Indians” where they would play “Hide and Seek” with guns. Once they found one another, they would shoot to kill. He had an uncle who was a huge DJ that hosted the hottest block parties. He was always in the mist of that atmosphere with banging beats and high energy, which made him gravitate to becoming a writer that would produce the type of music he found interesting. He began to write music by the age of seven. Moved to the 9th ward of New Orleans by the age of eight, that neighborhood was even wilder than the one he lived in before, and had the largest project in the world by width, the “Desire Project.” At the age of nine, his uncle was hosting a block party on Gwalla’s block, and asked him, “Would you like to rap for this crowd?” He replied, “Yes.” He grabbed the microphone, and rapped with a passion to an audience. After that moment, he was addicted to rocking a crowd. He never put the pen down. While growing up, he normally would stick to himself because it started to seem like all his friends out of the blue turned into his rivals. Each week, he had a fight with one, and the next week, a fight with another. Those made him grow up looking, acting, and speaking differently from the others. It was evident in his music. Developing as an artist, he was inspired by “RUN DMC,” and “L.L. Cool J”. He loved their sound. After that time passed, he started to pay close attention to the group “NWA” because of their delivery. Once the artist Tupac Shakur came along, he was a total “Tupac” fan. Not any other artist grabbed his attention. That artist inspired him the most. At the age of 23, he still did not received a deal. He decided to start his own label titled “Nsane Entertainment” in 2003 because he believed in himself. He released his first mixtape named “Bombing on the Game.” The title came from his disgust for not being recognized as hard as he worked. It spoke to the industry in beef terms, just to catch its attention. He sold that disc out the trunk of the car, from hand to hand. He would ask for five dollars. If they didn’t have it, he would ask for three dollars. If they didn’t have it, he would ask for one dollar, and if they didn’t have that, he would give it away for free. He pushed hard to be successful. He rented his venues, booked his own shows, tagged posters to phone poles block to block, flyers on windshields, and cards from person to person. In the summer of 2004, he was signed to a local label in New Orleans due to


the feedback of his first mixtape, so, he started to work on his second project to be released in 2005. On august 28, 2005, he woke up to one of the most devastating hurricanes to ever hit the city of New Orleans, “Hurricane Katrina.” That day the winds were blowing 150 mph blowing, and busting widows out. About mid-day, he literally heard the US government set off bombs, blowing up the levies. He watch the water rapidly rise non-stop, from three feet to twenty-two feet of water right in front the lower 9th ward home he was in. He witnessed houses floating up the streets. People were screaming to him, “Please, help me!” The water was so rapid, that he could not. He was forced to watch them drown, while other dead bodies were floating by. Four days he was stuck in the city fending for self, with no help, or assistance, it was every man for himself. He had to loot for clothes, food, swim for blocks, ride boats, and helping others from their submerged homes to safe dry land. The city of New Orleans was destroyed. That experience wiped out the company that he was signed to. So, he was back to ground zero. Therefore, he moved to Houston, Texas to recover. Shortly after that, his mother died from cancer in 2007. At that point, he was still into the music, but in order to provide for himself, he went back to selling drugs. He was caught into the street life once again. In 2008, the city of New Orleans, La. was starting to be re-built, and he moved back home. In regards to how that enviornment operates, due to hate he was set up by close friends to go to jail. He was charged with Capital 1st degree murder charge. Facing the minimum sentence of life in prison, and the maximum was a death sentence. He served time there fighting that charge in Orleans Parish Prison. That was a total war zone. Each fight resulted in both fighters getting stabbed up on a daily basis. Doing his time, the main focus was what he will do if he was released. In 20011, he was released. He hit the streets running towards his success, once again, making sure, that if he get the opportunity, his music will land in the right hands and ears. He started becoming better connected. He received a call from a director to appear in an artist 2 Chainz “Used 2” video, produced by Mannie Fresh from “Cash Money Records.” He received a major cameo in that video along with Juvenile,

Lil Wayne, Hotboy Turk, and Mannie Fresh. Over 15 million people saw his face, clear as day. After that, he shot his own video titled “Imma Dawg” off of his upcoming project called “Gwallaville.” The video was aired on television a number of times. He did a lot of traveling from state to state. Friends started becoming jealous and resented him. They began to plot and put together a plan to stop his success. He received a new deal from a management company that helped his movement gain more momentum. One night his manager pulls up on him and a group of others. The manager gave him the keys to a hundred thousand dollar car and said, “Lets go. We have business to take care in Atlanta.” So, he packed and left. He networked

backstage at 2014 ATL’s Birthday Bash in area. He took photos, and interviews with artists Waka Flocka, Cash Out, We Are Toonz, Ma$e, B.o.B, Lil Scrappy and many more. After he attended a meeting with the artist Young Greatness with an iHEART radio representative, then returned to New Orleans. Two weeks after he returned a friend set up to be robbed, killed, and left for dead. Two men approached him requested his money, the raised the gun to his head. He tried to take the gun from the man; they struggled, but the gun quickly fired. Shot in the head at close range, with the bullet striking over the left eye exiting behind his temple. He fell down, and they took off. Amazingly, he got up and walked six houses down and knocked on the family’s door. He survived, released from the hospital three weeks later, wearing a patch over his eye because he lost it. He thought his career was


over. He felt betrayed by close friends. His mind frame was never trust none. Once he started to heal, the representive from iHEART radio heard his music and asked his manager, “Who is this artist? He’s next.” He started to get back to the industry with access to Quality Control Music Studio and artist. A famous group from Atlanta, the Migos came to New Orleans, and they did a show and invited him out. Months pass, then the Migos and Rick Ross was doing a video shoot in Atlanta. He was invited there, so, he went. The Migos and Rick Ross acknowledged him and they moved forward. It gave him more confidence in the in the industry. Once he made it back home, he was going to church one Sunday. He saw a man walking up the street. The closer he got to the man, the fast the man would walk. Once he drove beside the man, the man fired twenty-three shots into his car hitting him two times. He went to hospital and was released the same day. After that he decided to cut all negative ties, and move forward, in a positive position. He has song on his projects with features from Young Greatness, and Quavo 1/3 of the Migos signed to Quality Control Music. He have cameos in videos with the Migos, Young Greatness, OG Maco, and Johnny Cinco. He also has video footage with Wale’ and Rick Ross.He is also well known by each and every legendary local artist from New Orleans , Louisiana such as Partners-N-Crime, Flia Phil, Mia X, Black Menace, B.G., etc. He focuses on not fumbling the ball of success on his road to greatness.


MarisaJ is a Fashion and Beauty Model

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MarisaJ is a Fashion and Beauty Model with 4 years experience in industry projects. She has successfully modeled for brands such as ICU Network, Donna Michelle, Marcella Co. and MC Hammer Designer James Head.  Touring fashion shows from Texas, to New York to San Francisco, this talented, passionate young woman has the ambition and drive to make it straight to the top of this fashion world. She possesses many sought-after attributes that designers and fashion directors look for. Marisa says “With a medical degree and experience working in hospitals being friendly and adaptable is a lifestyle for me not a skill. I am very stylish, versatile, efficient, hard-working, and fantastic at taking direction. I always aim to tell the same story the producer/ designer would like to convey.”

MarisaJ is currently now working on her theatere skills, so be on the look out for this rising star.

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Tiana a.k.a. La Lobita born in the tropical island of O’ahu, Hawai’i, raised half of her life in Kentucky

Tiana a.k.a. La Lobita is 31 years old, and a proud mother of 3!

She was born in the tropical island of O’ahu, Hawai’i, raised half of her life in Kentucky, and is now residing in the great state of Texas!  Culturally blended with Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Native American, Italian, and French, gives her &uniqueness& which is immediately recognized by photographers.  She first began modeling 3 years ago, thanks to Mike Paul, who had given her the first chance to be in the industry. Since then, Tiana’s modeling career has taken off in many positive directions.

Influenced by her Father’s family morals, she also endures these great qualities, which is the #1 motivation and inspiration to her overall aspect in any opportunity given. Appreciating the beauty of nature, she loves spending time outdoors, is a huge animal lover, and finds interest in just about anything that makes life enjoyable and fun! She despises being a boring person and tries her best to implement excitement and culture into her children’s lives as well, in hopes that they develop the same appreciation. Having such respect for racial diversity, she embeds her entire life’s cultures into her everyday routine to keep traditions and morals alive.

Although she isn’t the &typical model &, she certainly has headed in a positive direction with her career from  representing F.A.E as their cheif model, promoting for numerous of  spirits and organizations, background in Hula,Tahitian, Fancy shall, and just being in front of the camera she feels all of the above comes to play in being able to show and express art in different forms that the people will appreciate and see the cultural essence when looking at her photos J.

Todd Engle a.k.a. The White Brutha Born in San Antonio, Texas

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Todd Engle a.k.a. The White Brutha started out on a country music radio station while he was in elementary school. The station was KTAE 1260 AM. On specific Saturday mornings, Engle would handle 30 minute segments of news for the station and most listeners werent even aware he was only in the 6th grade, 11years old. This was an ongoing activity until high school. As a Senior, he became interested in the local R&B show hosted by the late Rodney J and volunteered to sit in with Rodney and became a staple on his show known as “Dr. Todd”. When the show ended its run in the early 90’s, Engle continued to stay involved in R&B/Hip Hop music by writing music, being in a rap group, and learning about the music business.
In 1994, he became a part of KAZI 88.7 FM,as The White Brutha and could be heard overnights playing the latest jazz, R&B, and hip hop from 3am-6am early mornings on different days of the week. In 1996, he started the Texas Artist Showcase which was a one hour show premiering local artists from around the Austin area. By 2000, the show had grown into a late night Saturday shift from 12am-3am and during this timeslot was the birth of the Texas Artist Top 40 Countdown. By 2003, it changed to the Top 20 Countdown and was more competitive as artists from all over Texas fought for the number one spot on the show. Some of the artists to be heard for the first time on the show was CKC, NOOK, Mirage, Lil Black, MC Fatal, Flo Mob, Smackola, Lil Troy, Trae, and a whole lot more.
After establishing a mobile DJ service,an independent label (Insanely Gifted Entertainment), and a professional studio currently known as Wongkaville Studios, he started throwing live shows in 2012 at various venues such as Headhunters, Lucky Lounge, and Love Goat. He has also been a judge at various music conferences, talent contests, Juneteenth celebrations etc…
He currently is involved with artist management, production, and the Weekly Texas Artist Top 20 Countdown, which can be heard nationwide on every Monday night at 8pm. He is also designated as the Hip Hop Music Coordinator at KAZI 88.7 FM.
Still primarily supporting Texas artists, the focus of the White Brutha and the Texas Artist Showcase is to provide an outlet in which ALL Texas artists can be heard and promoted properly.
2016 marks the 20th year anniversary of the Texas Artist Showcase and the show remains to be a staple on the Austin Hip Hop music scene.
“Some may deny me, and some may overlook me, but the fact will always remain that I started the countdown on my own. As a big fan of Casey Kasem in the 80s, the thought of being number one always fascinated me. And when I see the positive impact the countdown has on any Texas artist, it makes it all worthwhile. It makes me feel like I am doing my job in helping their career go to the next level”- …..quote from The White Brutha

Simone Ravera from Washington state

Simone Ravera. I’m from Washington state but have lived in Texas for 14 years. I got into modeling when I was 11 attending a couple of modeling schools, scouted by agencies and had a year contract with an agency from North Carolina. Besides modeling I love to sing and ive started acting. I’ve appeared in a web series called Dominion and a short film called Its Chess Not Checkers. I’m also an artist and love to design and create anything that has to do with art. i love working out and modeling. I am truly a ride or die F.A.E Model.