Tre Dubb


Real Name: Masaba K Tyson 
Artist Name: PHARAOH 808 MAFIA 

Alter Ego: NOKAP 
Started in the Music Industry as the Producer of Black Gangster  Co-Produced by Organized Noize by CoolBreeze . He was also featured on Playas Ball by the OUTKAST . He opened a music studio in his Dads house at the age of 19 . He is the father and consultant to Joshua H Luellen aka 808 MAFIA BOSS who also started producing is his Dads studio at the early age of 3 year’s old .  Next PHARAOH 808 MAFIA  started several businesses. 1st he started 2Cold Empire Records & Films  , he also started an Adult Entertainment Agency called European Pleasure Ent  . Next he opened a Restaurant in Buckhead Atlanta Ga called THE CRAB BUCKET SEAFOOD & OYSTER BAR. He then went through a difficult time when he was arrested for drug trafficking and was forced to sale his restaurant and was sentenced to 10 year’s in prison . After being released from prison he moved to Las Vegas NV and reopened European Pleasure Adult Ent . He then Executive Produced a film titled: LAS VEGAS PIMP REALITY , also while living in Las Vegas he began promoting Hip Hop show’s & party’s .
He would bring his famous Hip Hop friend’s from Atlanta to Las Vegas for these show’s and became very popular in Las Vegas . With success come’s jealousy and due to an informant his highrise condo was raided and once again he was arrested for drug trafficking . He then moved to Beverly Hills Ca and opened another office for European Pleasure Adult Ent . His son 808 MAFIA BOSS was still living in Atlanta  and took his father’s place as a producer , bussiness man and began producing for GUCCI MANE & WAKA FLOCKA  ,
with this success he bacame one of the most successful producer’s in HIP HOP and is now producing : FUTURE , DRAKE , YOUNG THUG , CASH MONEY RECORD’S , MIGO’S , 2CHAINZ , G HERBO etc …. The catalog by 808 MAFIA is one of the biggest and most successful production companies in Hip Hop . 

OG Mack Drama

Radio Network hiphopradio2

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Women In Business (monthly) from all professional disciplines make sure NO Offensive music to women is played during the segment
Legends of Hip Hop (monthly) pays homage to the forerunners of hip hop (past guests include; Kurtis Blow, Special Ed Onyx interviews & music).

Mack Drama has interviewed Venture Capitalist, Big Data Scientist, Street legends like The Real Rick Ross, Mama Joy from Real House wives, R&B artist Christopher Brown, Indie Artist Gucci Mane, Baby Bash and the list goes on to include ordinary citizens who love music.
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Brief description / synopsis:
Power Talk is a weekly theme based talk show geared towards connecting listeners with the insights in the entertainment industry while providing a platform showcasing and promoting Independent artists. The 1st segment offers knowledge directly from leaders who run industry business behind the scenes such as Managers, Publicists, A/R, Record Label Executives, DJs, Marketing professionals, Digital and Print company’s, to name a few. During this segment we dialog with our guests, encouraging them to share relevant information from their experiences working directly inside the industry.
The 2nd segment includes a 15 minute talent showcase featuring an Independent artist allowing this guest to gain maximum exposure with our listening audience and to have any questions answered by our 1st segment guest. The 3rd segment pulls it all together when we interview up and coming/major artists who can relate to the information being shared throughout the previous segments. The show also allows listeners to call in to ask questions or they can interact with the host via the social networking site Twitter.


Target audience (preferred station, time, and demographics): African-American, Hispanic, White
9:00 p.m. EST., Wednesdays
Content of show (items, features and articles):
Listener Interaction Advertisements Guest Interviews Performances
Host / presenters: OG Mack Drama Production: Top Star Hip Hop Radio Show Reach: 300,000-450,000 listeners

Powertalk show format
 1st Segment we go live at 6pm pST 9pm EST we play music continuously for about 20 minutes
 After some radio drops I come live & make several announcements , mentions sponsors & affiliates introduce my team
 1st guest usually between 9:20 pm EST & 9:35Pm EST in this case it will be Ms Malibu Miitch
 We have intermission play several tracks
 2nd segment will begin around 9:55pm – 10:00PM EST DABZZ Music
are Vegas based that’s 6:55PM PST -7:10pm PST
 3rd segment is at 8pm PST 11pm EST its for over time we always go into overtime.

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Model Veronica Montalbo Go Getta or Die Model Of The Week

Photographer: Rashad Allen @Rashadabn
Phone Number: 254-892-2967
Editing: GoGettaOrDieEnt @GoGettaOrDie

Photo Shoot Package Deal

Photographer: Rashad Allen @Rashadabn
Phone Number: 254-892-2967

Editing: GoGettaOrDieEnt @GoGettaOrDie

Temple Texas Laricia R&B and Pop Singer/Songwriter

, Texas. Her love for music and the ability to share her songwriting has brought her to Los Angeles, CA where she continues to focus on broadening her music literacy.

She released her first Single “Not Me” in 2018. “Not Me” is a high tempo dance track that she wrote herself. The single gained attention from social media followers which was shared and reposted by hundreds of her fans. She then followed with two R&B singles “Without a doubt” and “Self Love”.

Laricia comes from a musical family and was also featured on a HipHop track with her two brothers “My Purpose.” The single “My Purpose” was a tribute song to the artist XXXTentacion.

Currently, she is working on a project that will showcase her versatility while also bringing something new to the R&B genre. Laricia has a true passion for different genres like country, soul, jazz, and folk. She does not want to be tied into any one musical category. Mostly excited to collaborate with some of her favorite LA and Central Texas artists, her main goal following the release of her project is to start touring to share her voice with fans.

Model Katrina Bayer Angelton,Texas

Katrina Bayer
Angleton, Texas

2 kids, I love basketball, reading, and I’m a huge Star Wars fan (don’t judge me) and I’m currently studying diagnostic synography

Photographer: Rashad Allen @Rashadabn
Phone Number: 254-892-2967
Editing: GoGettaOrDieEnt @GoGettaOrDie

Model Kristal Morales from Puerto Rico

Name: Kristal Morales

Born place: Puerto Rico

Bio: I’m 23yrs old, im a very driven

woman and I know what I want and will not accept anything less.

Photographer: Rashad Allen @Rashadabn
Phone Number: 254-892-2967
Editing: GoGettaOrDieEnt @GoGettaOrDie

Veronica Montablo Model of the month

I’m 23 years old two kids from temple tx 5’3 I have long brown hair light brown eyes my race is Mexican

I love to be with family & friends my hobbies are cooking dancing and singing.

Photo Credit

Photographer: Rashad Allen @Rashadabn
Phone Number: 254-892-2967
Editing: GoGettaOrDieEnt @GoGettaOrDie


97.9 The Beat Pskillz Flow Tv Life Behind the Mic

Why don’t you tell the people where you from and where you reside at now?

Born and Raised in St.louis, Missouri. Now Residing in Dallas Texas.

Have you always been into deejaying or were there other ventures or careers you pursued?

I got my start in the industry, during my Hosting & Emcee days in College at Grambling State.

What made you wanna become a on air radio personality?

I was Recommended to be a Part time jock. During my street team position at K104.


How did end up landing at 97.9 the beat?

I was Recruited via text

Out of all the people you interviewed which was the worst?And which was the worst?

No worst interviews, just memorable fails, with Designer audio issues, during a on site interview at concert.

I tell the artists if you want your music played by deejays first build a relationship with these deejays don’t just walk up to them and say here’s my music play it what advice would you give them? 

Figure out or ask the bartender what the Dj usually drinks, buy , it and deliver it personally or via waitress.


I see you been networking with Juicy J how did y’all cross paths?

It all started during a press run for his song with Travis Scott., up at the radio station

Being out of DFW how would you say the market for music with local artists there?can we see another Yella Beezy come out the city? The DFW is on FIRE, Literally, NOT Next but NOW . i hear & see the talent everyday. Consistency wins.

What advice would you have for artists who want to try to get their music out?

The old radio trick still exist. “Having supporters call the station and requesting their single is first. Also performances throughout the city infront of as many crowds as possible.

What’s the wildest thing told to you by a artist asking you to plug them in?

Designer gear, has been he most recent wildness.

If I’m in the DFW area what club would you recommend me to go to if I’m trying to unwind?

CLUB Pryme Hands down ! Will be an EXPERIENCE TO Remember.

Have you ever deejayed in a strip club before and if so would you do it again?

Yessir, and most deff, always had fun creating new twerk chants.

When I use to deejay at clubs I had some crazy stuff go down in the dj booth tell me what was one of your wildest moments in the deejay booth? “What happen in The Booth Stays in The Booth”

If you had a choice of any female you could kick it with for a whole day who would it be and why?

Beyonce , and to plug her into the newest anthem out called “Find One” Her & Hov can make the kids another baby sister to it. lol

With so many politics in the radio business is there still a certain playlist that the deejays have to go by?

Dallas is a city built off the basic unfortunately you have to play %70 of the classics in order to satisfy, the average party, club go er.

What artist or artists would you say is hot right coming out the Dallas,Funky Town or Agg Town area?

Erica Banks, Cre Montana  on the female side, fellas right now Chris Carter, Jhenn, & Neighbor hood CEO

While on the air what was your craziest call in that you had?

Somebody needing gas, stuck at the pump. (Yes i cash app’d em)

When people in Dallas and they wanna check you out live what club do they catch you at?

Prime Bar Fridays, & Saturdays live broad cast/

If a artist asked you to host their mixtape how would you respond?

Shoot me a email , or DM via Instagram @Pskillzflow

What’s next for you?

Branding this Record w/ Juicy J & continuing cooking anthems.

If people wanna check you out what’s your social media sites and on air times?

Fly with me 5 days a week from 7 to midnight on 979 The Beat , Saturdays 2 to 5pm

All social media platforms at @PskillzFlow

Is there anything else you wanna add before we end this interview?

It Aint How You Start in Life its How you finish. Dream Chasing to the top will require Blood, Sweat, & a few Tears.

Any last words or shout outs??

Shout out to y’all and the staff , Big Ups to the Whole Metroplex, Salute to all the Midwest people making moves in the south. Salute to all the Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated

Latino Changing the Game Papah Soljah Trouble Town Texas

Supastars magazine went to Trouble Town Texas and found another up coming artist Papah Soljah what’s good with you?
Im good sir jus keeping everything movin not staying stagnant its a blessing to be apart of what u got goin on here?
First off how did you come up with the name Papah Soljah?
Ok first off everyone thinks its pronounced “papa” its pronounced “paper” i jus spell it that way but it came from me n my big brother one day we jus made a name for what we represent we stand on morals n princaples its deeper than anyone will ever know Its a family its not a gang
Coming up in Temple Texas how was it and what made you choose to be in the rapgame?
It was aright i can say it wasnt the worse my mom made the best out of every situation for us i brought my own troubles,and i went thru somthin on my own when i was mabye 13 goin on 14 it made my way of thinking change and i saw success in telling my story with rapping
Was it hard for you wanting to get into the rapgame being a Latino rapper coming out of Temple Texas?
They tend to underestimate my color but im putting on for the Latino culture in the rap industry i gotta make a name for us.
Who would you say influenced you musically getting into the rap game???
Kevin gates influenced me bwa (breadwinnersaccosiation)  is prolly the only label id sign too or atlantic mabye other than that im goin out independent.
I hear it’s a lot of police brutality and racial profiling in Temple Texas have you ever became a victims of any of this???
no sir i dont come in contact with police and if i do from traffic stops then i respect them n let them get out the way they always have the upper hand so there no point resisting anything
Street life or music life was it a hard decision to make??
.yes mentally n physicaly cuz u have to have money to survive n it takes patience with this music stuff u gotta stay down .i have no doubt ill be the biggest mexican rapper in the world within a year or two tho i believe in manifestation n speaking things into existence and thats the key too my success
How was it working with Cory M Photos on your video Steppin???
It was great i really fw dude man that’s fam but yea we set that up hes the best out texas forsure and we have alot more work coming.
How did you come up with the song Steppin?
The last verse was written when i was 13 goin on 14 prolly,the rest was recent work i had stored away i put it all ina pot n broke my wrist.
When you in the lab working what is it that puts you in that zone to do what you do on the mic?
All i need is my god sir, when i step in the booth somthing comes over me its like im not here anymore might sound weird but thats jus wat it is i put my soul into ever track.
Are there any other Latino rappers in Temple Texas we need to look out for?
Not that i know of i dont look at nothing from the city i jus worry about myself im a introvert bad .
Any new projects you working on?
I got my first mixtape ever coming out soon dont have a name but it will be something to look out for forsure.
If you could get a feature from any artist who would it be and why?
Kevin gates i dont care for any other feature. Ill have wat i want if i get that one.
Is it hard in Temple Texas to get to exposure from the major music industry?
Yes its very hard feels like were left out a lil but thats where i come in i will be the person to put my city on the map shit i aready did prolly?
What’s your thoughts on Yella Beezy getting shot is the hate that bad in Temple Texas?
Every action theres a reaction to everything n life yella beezy knew wat he did to deserve that but that made em a better person that he got through it n survived. Godbless em.
What’s your thoughts on South Park Mexican from Dope House Records dropping a album from the penitentiary?
I liked south park mexican when i was younger and my dad was locked up with his brother but im the new face of this latino rap game godbless em and his family wish em the best all respect to him.
Do you prefer lean or the green?
Neither i prefer to keep a sober mind anything that alters the mind isnt really good i use to love me som drank n shit tho.
If you had to choose between getting a record deal and selling out or struggling staying independent which would you choose and why?
I would jus stay independent if anything aint no selling out or nothing like that but when i said  “illuminati come n get me” i meant that n since ive said it my lifes changed .
Where do you see yourself in 2 years??
In a mansion on a secluded island drinking somthing i cannot pronounce with my family .
Do you have any social media sites like Instagram Snapchat Youtube or Facebook?
Yessir youtube instagram facebook jus type papah soljah.
If someone wants to book you for a show or feature who do they contact?
If someone needs me for ANYTHING hml on any of my social medias ill always respond .
Any last words or shout outs?
Papah soljahs will not lay down for any disrepect we stand on all 10 in any situation nothing but solid,stiff, folks round me no peons i wanna give a shoutout to my lil bro victor molina ,my big bro tristan Collins free u boy ,my momma, and last but not least my woman thats holdin me down thru the thick and thin mane godbless and take care yall gona see me at the top sooner than later. Allahu akbar .
Interview by TreDuBB Editor and Boss Supastarsmag