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Dondiva Alleyswag is bringing back the meaning of Hip Hop


There’s a confidence that oozes out from the speakers and into the spirits of a listener open to that addictive feminine energy. As hip-hop continues to dominate pop culture, the women in the genre are demanding respect for the craft.

A featured artist on Game Changer Radio in Atlanta, hailing from Boston, Ma. DonDiva Alleyswag has stayed true to her roots writing about life experiences and everyday struggles which has gained her street credibility with other artists and fans.

Her style constantly changes and versatility is one of her strong points. Her flow is rapid-fire, rhythmic and charismatic with countless pitch shifts and ad-libs. Using her music as a diary gives her the ability to connect with fans who have experienced similar situations in their life. DonDiva Alleyswag raps with the kind of confidence that a self-made talent is forced to cultivate.

The latest release from DonDiva Alleyswag titled In Da Zone is diversity personified. Her lyrics express the importance of unifying and not being a puppet to society. This track embraces the definition of Hip-Hop! With an infectious sound she is holding her own in the male dominated world of rap music. DonDiva AlleySwag of City Boy Music Group spends time perfecting her craft creating music and redefining the rap game.

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Get to know multi talented Rickell Brown aka Rickstar


Rickell Brown, aka Rickstar, is a native of London, and is a singer-songwriter, dancer and model, currently based between London, New York and Los Angeles. Having received a great response across the globe his work includes Music and Modeling with credits of walking Runway in New York, Los Angeles and London Fashion week as well as releasing his new single SubZero
London, and is a singer-songwriter, dancer and model, currently based between London, New York and Los Angeles. Having received a great response across the globe his work includes Music and Modeling with credits of walking Runway in New York, Los Angeles and London Fashion week as well as releasing his new single SubZero

Born in London, Rick spent much of his childhood with his grandparents in New York City, where he discovered his love for music. Early influences included Motown singers Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Later Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Prince captured his imagination and inspired him to become an entertainer, following in the footsteps of his family, who include Jamaican dancehall musician Mr. Vegas and Jamaican-Canadian reggae musician and producer Leroy Sibbles.

Listen to SubZero by: RickStar, constructed & produced by: ZBromberg Single: @zbromberg

Sub Zero Now Streaming Everywhere: https://song.link/8w5Spzb2RhZtM

Alabama Rapper Taedae signs to Lyrical Noise Records


After losing his father at a young age Hip Hop artist Taedae learned how to release his pain through music. He’s on the way to mastering his craft, his systematic flow is rapid-fire, rhythmic and charismatic with countless pitch shifts and ad-libs.
He has a signature style that has become synonymous with a diverse collection of melodies and compositions in the area garnering him a growing fan-base. His musical influences include Starlitto, Don Trip, Trapperman Dale, j Jay Z, Nas, Goodie Mob, Rowdy Rich, Dmx, No Cap, Scarface, 50, YFN Lucci, and Future.
Taedae raps with passion so that you can feel his music as well as hear it. Coming into the mainstream music world Taedae looks forward to putting out music that people can relate to and he will bring energy to every concert that he does.

He has started on a project already called Mental Health and with him signing to Lyrical Noise Records they plan to have the project done by

January. Taedae will be the artist to watch this year!


Check out new track “Psyco” from D’Battles


D’Battles is a multi talented artist from Alabama. He is known for his storytelling and ability to ride the beat with his symphonically pleasing voice. The word play and writing techniques has taken his product to a new level. D’Battles is cooking up classics with his new single “Psycho.”

Psycho is definitely going to put a stamp on the industry’s map. It accumulated over 10,000 views the first few days after the release. D’Battles keen ear for Southern Trap beats and melodic composition is a recipe for success. D’Battles is setting the tone like a true leader.

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AUTISTIC RAPPER / PODCASTER continues to make PROGRESS in the MUSIC INDUSTRY despite his Condition


Rapper / Podcaster J-0 AKA W.A.S. revealed on a recent edition of THE DIGITAL MEET AND GREET with hosts JT and Some Guy Named Jay that he has been living with Autism, and remains to make gains, and accomplishments in the music and entertainment industry despite his “ailment”.

J-0 also states that he would like to be an inspiration to those living Autism and other disabilities, and to let them know that regardless of their “differences” and “struggles” that they also can achieve many great things and overcome those obstacles in order to do so!

Listen to episodes of THE DIGITAL MEET AND GREET at the direct link below


Podcaster and rising indie rapper living with autism, J-0 A.K.A. W.A.S. wants his rise and success in the music industry to be an inspiration to others and show that his “ailment” doesn’t stop him from pursuing greatness! 💪🏿💪🏿
Listen to his latest single “Memories” at the direct link below

3Dee is giving away IPhone 11, $1000 in cash or a chance to be in the winning song video to lucky fans

Rapper 3Dee is excited to drop his first single “Heart Broken” to anxious listeners, he is an individual that emits so much strength, so much raw magnetic appeal and energy that it can affect everyone and everything around them. He was recently signed to Southernbred Ent in Jacksonville, Fl.
The label evolved through a collaborative effort among 3 friends Tabbo Gandy, Emari Wilcher and Damien Hadley that were fed up with greedy record labels to create an organization that encourages creativity, community, and an environment where artists can work on their music freely without distraction or concern. They focus on what is important, investing in the music and the talented artists that create it while maintaining their street credibility.
Southernbred Ent embraces the art and values of hip hop, unlike most of the cookie cutter rappers and labels of today. In a lane of their own the label’s first and foremost priority is an initiative of good-will. They are focused and determined on maintaining their uncompromising
core values of providing the resources and services needed so their artists can focus on their music.
These guys have truly built a movement where great music, great minds, and great energy meet. Be sure and follow their movement as you can expect big things for years to come from this camp.
Southernbred Entertainment Team
IG: @3Dee_Music
Label Website: www.southernbredent.com
Artist Website: www.iam3dee.com

Learning about rapper “GeniusTee” Kentucky’s hidden gem!

Where are you from?

My name is GeniusTee, I am from Louisville Kentucky

How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place?

At the age of 4 I got a lot of exposure to music around my older siblings and my father. They all influenced music from the concepts of Tu Pac and alternative rap. I got started at 5 when I recorded a song about things I liked. I rapped about Sonic the Hedgehog and that’s when my family said I may have potential. I am self-taught so I don’t like to hype myself. I decided I wanted to tell people that I know what losing a friend and breaking your favorite toy was like, or how fun it is to skateboard on hills.


Who were the first influences on your music and style?

My biggest influences in my childhood were Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Lil John, Lil Wayne, John Legend, Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Avril Lavigne, Owl City and Taylor Swift. Other influences include Ice Cube and Mc Eiht. However, the ones who helped me figure out what I was going for were The Weekend, Post Malone, Lil Peep, and Juice Wrld and Baby Metal.


In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why?

Most successful and influential to my genre of music has to be between Juice Wrld  Peep and Pouya. Although in success to making it reality it all goes to Juice Wrld, the influence is all crashed to Peep as he lived the stereotype that I avoided being as a kid. I could say as a kid of my background and life, I have some scary similarities to Peep that I didn’t truly realize until someone told me to listen to him before he died. I ignored him and eventually caught on to them. I never knew Peep as a man so I will just pick up what I thought he dropped and carry it on. But this time it’s my message. I guess Im the next Avatar.


What aspect of the music making process excites you most, and what aspect discourages you the most?

The aspect that encourages me the most is that I have the ability to win and fail. Ill be satisfied with the idea of challenge while producing something unique and different. I know that learning life through production may have some questions I needed answers to 15 years ago. I love the idea of creating and explaining something that makes someone dance. But sometimes failing to learn could channel negative energy and cause me to be discouraged, like more questions I have to ask. It could be my voice can be damaged, I could forget how to rap. I lose my thoughts when I don’t see progression.


Which ingredient do you think is most essential in making your sound and style the way it is?

The word ingredient is really hard to swallow because I change my music style to be similar to sounds, I’m hearing while I maintain my emotion toward the track of music. I have slow songs and fast ones. Trap beats and Guitars can define my ingredients as they define me. Trap beats usually associate with EDM, Hip Hop, and everything else surrounding AA culture. I can relate because I heard hip hop everywhere that I stayed as a little kid. It became a norm and defined our taste at home. Guitars are the biggest side of me, I loved listening to hard rock on the radio as a child and when I was about 7 I started my love for metal. I played guitar hero constantly as a kid and stayed updated to every new band up until I was 15. I always wanted to keep mixing hip hop and rock together and then specialize them with emotion.

What single are you currently pushing and what will you be dropping next?

 I am currently pushing My entire soul into pieces of music that reflect my moods, and reality. I am dropping my next new song called “High and Dyin” It’s a song about a part of myself that I thought would never make. The purpose of the song is to let people know, Yeah everyone knows someone on drugs but do you know how they feel? Im hoping that people who don’t talk about their feelings listen to this and realize that its real and you’re not alone, you can hear the damage in the air. I was only 14.


What can fans expect from you in the future and where can they stay up to date on your movement?

 I want fans who listen to all the cool alternative artists to expect me to push both emotional content and rap rock content. I want my fans to know I came from house jumping to, garbage can life, to being a walking jukebox. I love music and I want to make many different song types to share my experiences with everybody. Follow my Personal IG page, and Spam Collection Page

@offiicial.Genius_tee and @Tokage_tee

Check out new video from Lando!

Watch the phenomenal music video “Unbreakable” by rising R&B vocalist and BIG MONEY GETTAS recording artist LANDO.  The St. Louis, MO music and entertainment scene staple’s single “Unbreakable” has been climbing up the charts and is getting a great deal of spins on various radio stations from terrestrial radio to non-commercial and even internet radio!  We are proud to feature the rising young superstar’s music here as well.
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New music from Rome Lucio

2020 has been a bleak and grim year indeed with everything going on in the world from the COVID19 pandemic, racism, police brutality, and everything else in between, the people certainly need something uplifting, light and stress free to get them through these hard times, and with all the social distancing and large gatherings (aside from protests) being shut down, people are ready to party again! 

Luckily, rising RAMA RECORDS/ SONY MUSIC recording artist ROME LUCIO offers a solution for the world’s sadness and lack of partying by composing the Party / Summer anthem for 2020, “Hot Tub & Blunt”.  “Hot Tub & A Blunt” is exactly what the people need to unwind during this moment in time.

Stream the single at the direct Spotify Link below
Get more updates on Rome Lucio by visiting his official promo blog at http://www.romelucioblog.blogspot.com

Rome Lucio’s “Hut Tub & A Blunt” was remixed and composed by veteran Cuban electric bassist / producer Tony Choy!  
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check out Philonius Phunk

Producer & prominent figure in the nerdcore hip hop music scene Philonius Phunk is BACK with another certified soon to go viral banger “Like Whoa” featuring S.P.F. band-mate SwagSwitcha!  Listen and see if you can point out all the Dragon Ball Z references laced throughout the verses!  Listen to the single at the direct link below

Get more updates and information on Philonius Phunk at his official website http://www.PhiloniusPhunk.com