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New Heat From KingDarius TheGreat and Aria Marie

To say the country, and the world as a whole, needs a little healing is an understatement. From different strains of covid popping up more than new marijuana strains in dispensaries to ongoing violence in the streets losing beloved street prophets, it’s safe to say we could all use an injection of positivity in our lives.
The song Self Love (Frequency) by rapper/songwriter KingDarius TheGreat & R&B sensation/Actress Aria Marie, is just what the doctor ordered. From the piano-driven intro on the melodic style beat to the beautiful hummingbird rifts of Aria as she leads into an inspirational, soul-touching display on the chorus, listeners know they are in for a dose of divine energy. That’s when it gets even more interesting. As KingDarius TheGreat Delivers an equally inspiring rollercoaster of positive vibes, packed with an extremely polished flow, similar to Picasso’s paintbrush. The Rhyme schemes, the wordplay, the punchlines, are all done in exquisite fashion, effortlessly it seems. We are then treated to this same display on the second verse from King Darius, all the while being serenaded with passion in its purest form by Aria Marie with an exclamation point of a finish. All in all, with the climate of today’s daily struggles, one listen to Self Love (Frequency) will definitely have you feeling much better for Four minutes and ten seconds out of your day.
Stream Self Love (Frequency) by KingDarius TheGreat & Aria Marie: https://drum.io/kingdarius_thegreat
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What No One tells you about being The Nicest


Coming up in the city of sauce and syrup as a rapper isn’t easy, but “Lil Pat The Nicest” is up for the task. Houston is emerging as a NEW Mecca for Hip-hop in this ever-growing and evolving culture, and artists like “Lil Pat The Nicest” are solidifying their beloved city in the rap pages of history.

One might wonder how to be The Nicest, and the answer is not an easy one to find. We are talking intricate flow patterns, bars mixed with good hood stories, topped with double entendres, and dripping with Houston’s own sauce. This is what encompasses being labeled as The Nicest. Fresh off of an east coast-based tour with RiffRaff & 2Stoned, “Lil Pat The Nicest” had performed his hit single “Lil Patrick” in 13 cities. Recently securing a management deal, this Dead-End native left a piece of ‘the H’ behind in Memphis, Atlanta, and Dallas in 2021. He has dropped 4 projects since 2019 when he released his initial project PreGame. His sophomore project entitled 1st Quarter displayed his hit-making ability with the single ‘Can’t Live without it.’ In 2021 “Lil Pat The Nicest” dropped 2 projects- one a collaboration with artist YR the Hardest, and earlier in the year the 1st Quarter Deluxe. The 1st Quarter Deluxe houses 2 hit singles; Lil Patrick & Night Stand.

 The latter part of 2021 has been busy for “Lil Pat The Nicest” – performing

live on Shade45 and opening up for RiffRaff. Having The Nicest flow in your city, will take you into ciphers, onto big stages, and land you on the 1s & 2s of the city’s working DJs and DJ coalitions looking to break new dope artists. ‘Lil Patrick’ is currently in rotation on 11 stations across the country, and the video has over 200k views on YouTube & the popular @SaycheeseTv platform. “Lil Pat The Nicest” is not just Hip-Hop bars, but fashion as well. He has launched his “The Nicest” clothing line that includes T-shirts, hats, hoodies, and sweatbands. At the top of 2022 look for the new single from “Lil Pat The Nicest” featuring artist Bfb Da Packman, which includes dope visuals and a true Htown Vibe. He will be dropping 20 exclusive NFT’S in the first part of 2022- as being The Nicest means growing with the culture, as well as helping shape it.
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Supastars Online Magazine is proud to present rising new rap recording artist, businessman and budding fashion designer Don Modus!


Supastars Online:  What’s up Don Modus?

Don Modus:  What’s up everyone, thanks for having me! Things have been solid, getting ready for the new year and beyond.

Supastars Online: You have your hands in many business ventures, could you tell our readers a little about all the other things you are into besides music?

Don Modus:  Yea sure. I’ve got a clothing brand I’ve been working on the last few years. We’ve released 6 different collections in the past and we’re getting ready for a big drop at the end of year. I’ve got two French bulldogs and I’m getting into breeding. The majority of my business is buying and selling consumer goods for profit.

Supastars Online: Where do you see yourself in the next five years as a businessman?

Don Modus:  I definitely want to have purchased my first piece of property in the next 5 years. Either by myself or with a group, renting out real estate is always a great source of passive income. I’ve got a lot of crypto investments that I expect to pay out big in the next 5 years. The music will be bigger, the clothing will advance alongside that. It’ll be interesting to see how many french bulldogs I’ll have in the next 5 years since I want to keep growing the breeding business as well.

Supastars Online:  Who are 4 people that influence you the most when it comes to business and why?

Don Modus:  Jay z, Kanye west, Ronnie fieg and Steven dux. All of these people started with very little and grew their brands into massively profitable businesses. I want my clothing brand to be as big as there’s and I need to demonstrate good business practices to get there.

Supastars Online:  Let’s get on to the music, how long have you been making music?

Don Modus:  I’ve been making music for about 5 years now, my first song was released on streaming platforms in may of 2018.

Supastars Online:  What sets you apart from all the other artists out right now?

Don Modus:  Lyrically I’m on another level and my music is authentic to who I am. A lot of rappers these days will say anything to get clout, I’m all about doing what I rap. I’m actually out here in the streets hustling to get my bread up. I put a lot of double meanings in my lyrics too so there’s extra value when people look up the words.

Supastars Online:  You currently have a single out now titled “Peter Pan”, how would you describe that single?

Don Modus:  It’s got a new school rap vibe with a fire beat. Peter Pan is a nickname given to me by some of my boys cause I’m always chasing green (money).

Supastars Online: As an artist, what else are you currently working on?

Don Modus:  I’m currently taking a break from releasing music to build up my other businesses and focus on the upcoming clothing  . I’m still looking for beats and writing but releasing music is expensive and I want to build up my capital for a bit.

Supastars Online:  What plans do you have for your music for 2022?

Don Modus:  I want to collaborate with more artists and do more shows.

Supastars Online: What else would you like the readers to know about Don Modus that we haven’t covered already?

Don Modus:  I’ve got a hand in a lot of different things and it takes time to build something beautiful. 2022 is going to be a great year for the brand and I’m looking to become a household name soon. Follow me on Instagram @donmodus thanks for having me!

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Get familiar with Chicago based hip hop recording artist Tony 2X


The Artist formerly known as Kodak, now “Tony 2X” was born in San Diego, California and raised in Chicago, IL.  Tony 2X found a passion for Hip-Hop at an early age influenced by artists such as Tupac, Biggie, Twista, Crucial Conflict, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. In 2011, Kodak began his music career with a local Chicago Hip-Hop group Joint Logistics. Quickly catching onto the game, Tony had the pleasure of headlining for major artist such as Twista, Pharoahe Monch, Mystikal, Chino XL, Snow The Product, Master Ace, 9th Wonder and more. Tony 2X showed no signs of slowing down after releasing multiple mixtapes between 2011 and 2014 as well as shooting multiple videos and performing at venues all around the city; Tony gained the respect of Chicago’s Hip-Hop scene.  Tony began to develop a unique and everlasting style of rhyming. Sharpening his skills and perfecting his craft with the guidance of his Group-mate K-mind. They quickly got back on the grind releasing an album this time under the group Joint Logistics [Last Call] (October 2016). They also released another album [Blowing My High] (July 2017). Things were now back in full effect and they premiered two new music videos off the [Blowing My High] album “Fucked Up” and “Respect”. It was finally the right time for Tony to drop his first solo album using a newly built home studio. Tony released his solo album “Community Service” (October 2017 under his former alias name Kodak). Teaming up with an independent distribution platform, he released his album digitally on all major digital distribution platforms along with a Joint Logistics Bandcamp page, and more. Tony also teamed up with an up

up and coming music videographer Dinero Films who has a long artist list of clients throughout Chicago. Together they released a music video to his debut single titled [The Intro] (New Beginnings). The artistic craftsmanship and sound of Tony’s first album is truly something special. Tony has also reached other areas of success gaining traction with his hit single “Talk At All” earning him a video feature on BET JAMS. Along with magazine front cover placements on YV Hip Hop Magazine and features on Chiraq Magazine in his hometown of Chicago. Tony has currently released his sophomore album titled “Just Me” and has partnered with his long time Videographer Djordjo of “WhyCloudNine” films. Tony strategically plans to bring his supporters and fans more raw and uncut music from his life experiences, struggles, and successes. Keep your eyes open and your ears to the streets. As Tony states, “It’s not always a clear view. Some will doubt you and some will ride with you but I’m always looking up”

Exclusive Supastars Online Magazine interview with recording artist $hynePhre$h


Supastars Online:  Who is $hynePhre$h?  How would you sum up yourself and who you are as an artist in just a few lines?
$hynePhre$h: I am pure music adrenaline.
Supastars Online:  What sets you apart from all the other artists out there?
$hynePhre$h: My melodic charisma. I sound like $hynephre$h.
Supastars Online:  What has been your greatest achievement as an artist thus far?
$hynePhre$h: Staying alive. These rappers have the lifespan of mosquitoes. No pun intended.
Supastars Online: What is one of the wildest and craziest experiences you’ve had in your music career?
$hynePhre$h:  None so far. I’m still working up to one of those.
Supastars Online: How has your 2021 been as far as music?
$hynePhre$h: It’s just the work in progress. I’ve seen some growth here and there. But not as much as I would like.
Supastars Online:  You have a new single out now titled “Red or Blue”, could you tell our readers a little more about the single and music video?
$hynePhre$h:  Man, that song is pure bliss. It’s not one of those things someone could put into words. You just have to undergo that experience for yourself.
Supastars Online: What is the next music video that you plan to release?
$hynePhresh: It’s a surprise.
Supastars Online: What’s next on the agenda for 2022?

$hynePre$h: To just stay in my lane and make great music.



Get Familiar with author Seni Marques




Multi-talented is the best way to describe this talented young artist, born on the mean streets of Camden, New Jersey, and raised on the cold streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Musician, writer, author, hustler, chef, server, felon, father, he has played many roles in his young life so far, with many more roles still to play.

Between living with mother, father, aunts and grandparents (shout out to my grandmother ______, the angel of my life), young Rocca (D Juan, AKA Seni Marques) attended four different middle schools and five different high schools.  Torn between broken homes in broken cities, he stretched into manhood early, perhaps too early. Two days before graduating third in his high school class, drama ensued, interrupting his moment of achievement, a common theme in his life.

After formally obtaining his GED, he attended a JOB Corp culinary arts school in Baltimore, Maryland.  He finished at the top of his class and was offered an opportunity for advanced training in San Francisco, California.  There he excelled and was voted Executive Chef of his class. Of course, drama once again ensued at another peak of glory.

After experiencing a whiff of the California life, he found himself back home in Camden, one of the poorest, little, tired cities in America, where nothing had changed and not much grew.  In fact, it had gotten worse. Rocca, now a young man, knew if he stuck around, he would get sucked in. But music had always been an outlet for him growing up, a therapeutic way to express himself, where he found his escape from the harshness of his young life.  Over the years, he honed his craft and became a local music celebrity, but with that notoriety came money, drugs and women – a deadly combination if not handled with care.

The end result, once again just at a breakthrough moment, drama ensued, betrayal, anger,

violence erupted, and the up-and-coming artist crashed back to earth, his career put on hold by a two-year prison bid for drug trafficking.

While spending two weeks in the hole (solitary confinement) for getting kicked of a behavior modification program, in which he was excelling, ironically, there emerged an author, Seni Marques.  He used the remaining 18 months to write by hand the novels, Monkeys Can’t Sell Bananas and Good Cookies, sending the written manuscripts home to his grandmother for safekeeping.

After being released from prison, he found himself right back home and once again, nothing had changed.  Refusing to be sucked in once more, he decided to move to Florida. There, he self-published Monkeys Can’t Sell Bananas.  Of course, he didn’t know how to market the book and was discouraged by poor sales of his new work of art.  He moved to North Carolina, in pursuit of his stalled music career, and found success waiting for him. He competed in and won a radio-sponsored rap contest, and was voted the best independent artist of the year in Fayetteville.  True to form, drama once again ensued. Betrayal, theft, anger, retaliation and poor decisions forced Rocca to leave North Carolina in a hurry, his new fame left behind.

He headed back south to Florida, where he relied on his culinary arts skills, landing him job after job, slaving in hot, crowded kitchens, his dreams slowly evaporating like the steam over the stoves.  He started as a pantry cook and worked his way up to kitchen manager in a few years, but the urge to pursue his writing career never waned. In fact, as he advanced in the workplace, his appetite and ambition for success grew more and more.  He went on to self-publish Good Cookies and continues to learn the hard lessons of growing up a black man in America.

Now in Atlanta, Rocca continues to pursue his artistry as a musician, as a writer, and businessman.


OFFICIAL WEBSITE:  www.MoBettaBooks.com

Introducing The Tenai Show


Over the past couple of decades Celebrity Gossip, and Entertainment News has become its own respective genre.  An abundance of media platforms from BossipThe Shade RoomVlad TV, to TMZ and every place in between has made a multimillion dollar industry out of being nosey, spreading dirt, and giving the common individual a closer look into the lives of public figures, celebrities and well known entertainers.  While various celebrity bloggers and entertainment journalists use click-baiting tactics to reel in more readers and viewers while implementing unique strategies to monetize turmoil, strife and drama on their public platforms, one rising media proprietor has found a way to garner the same results without being as messy as the rest.  Celebrity interviewer and media personality Tenai Staley of the esteemed, highly favored self-produced web program The Tenai Show finds a way to draw in new viewers weekly, “spill the tea” and spread the juicy celebrity gossip while continuing to maintain her journalistic integrity without resorting to click traps or shock value.  Tenai is very astute and cunning when it comes to bringing out the dirty details with her celebrity guests and remains respectful to her subjects without making them look bad all for the sake of views and new subscribers.

The Tenai Show has had multiple celebrity guests on her prestigious program such as Mya, Avant, video model Bernice Burgos, Cheryl Underwood, comedian Desi Banks, The cast of Wild-N-Out, Mathew Knowles and many more!


Follow Tenai an The Tenai Show on her Instagram
@TheTenaiShow (http://www.instagram.com/TheTanaiShow)

Also visit her official website at http://www.TheTenaiShow.com and Subscribe to her YouTube channel for more excellent content.

Wrkin’ 4 ‘Em Featuring Sinic Da Great, Sada Baby & KTF Shine


Wrkin’ 4 ‘Em Featuring Sinic Da Great, Sada Baby & KTF Shine produced by Helluva is an upbeat aggressive style of Detroit’s drill music with lyrical content depicting the lifestyle of these Detroit based rappers. “Wrkin’ 4 ‘Em” highlights these self-made rappers abilities to flash jewelry, stack money, and make power moves in Detroit’s violent westside of Fenkell Ave, all while standing on the premises that if the music life doesn’t work out, they’ll go back to the street life taking out their ops. Wrkin’ 4 ‘Em is on all major music platforms you can also follow these artists profiles on Instagram  @sinicdagreat313 @._sadababy @ktf_shine_41 @helluva313 @the_real_youngprod @damnfenk

Recently, Sinic did an interview on Vigilantes Radio via iHeart Radio. Check out the interview below. 

For visuals, watch the official video below-

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Listen to the Emotional Single “Solo To The End” by Young Habibi


We fell in love with the first note of “Solo To The End” by magnificent artist Young Habibi. The Artist is a criminally underrated musician, singer, and songwriter blessed with one of the most unique and beautiful voices you’ll hear today.

The production and the vocal performances are tinted by incomparable artistic signature and are a reflection of the complex world from both an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual perspective.

It’s peppy, energizing, and will just really brighten up your mood. Habibi’s vocals have a trustworthy, reassuring tone. His voice is charismatic while also brimming with thoughtful sensitivity. Musically, this track is nicely polished.
The track also shows a little bit of the artist’s sentimental side. On this track, he goes beyond rapping and demonstrates that he’s a fairly capable singer. This single is fresh, and the performances live up to the polished production and stylish beats.

Stream the song on Spotify here 
Solo To The End
Check out the iHeart Radio interview he recently did via Vigilante Radio. 

NESSessary single out now by Joe Ness featuring Chow Lee


Joe Ness from Brooklyn, raised in Queens, NY who has been making music for over a decade. He has performed among artists such as Pusha T and Joey Badass.  Joe Ness, has been played on POWER 105.1 and performed at S.O.Bs in NYC. He’s back working hard with his new Single title: “NESSessary” featuring Chow Lee off of his album titled “NESSessary”.  Check it out, You already know!

Stream “NESSessary” on all platforms!