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Repping Ohio To The Fullest, Garnering National Attention Meet “Kyng Shad”

At the tender age of 17 Kvng Shad is garnering attention nationwide as a upcoming, next to blow rap artist from Columbus Ohio. He is known for his original and unique song content and production. With over a quarter of a million plays on SoundCloud and over 10,000 on YouTube he is pleasing the ears of the most discerning music fans! His song Lifestyle alone has over a 101k plays on SoundCloud.
Kvng has performed at various shows and inspires other aspiring rappers to unite and represent Ohio in the industry. He had the honor of being Nominated for the Ohio’s Next Up award in 2017 and is endorsed by Trippie Redd another upcoming artist from Ohio. Kvng looks to the future and the future for him looks very bright as he creates a new wave and possibly a new genre unique within itself. Even though he is young he has the energy and drive of a seasoned rap veteran! His style has been referred to as Alternative Rap so take a listen to his music and enjoy!
To learn more about Kvng Shad visit his social media outlets:
Twitter: Iamkvngshad
Instagram: @Kvngshad
Facebook: Kvng Shad (personal page), KVNG SHAD (fanpage)
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kvng-shad-277278794                                                                                                                                                  YouTube: Official Kvng Shad
Email: kingshad9@gmail.com

How G-Eazy Increased His Streaming Numbers and Social Engagement in the last 12 months

Rapper G-Eazy and his social team are some of the best social marketers in the industry. They have created a strong brand through his social media accounts. Collectively, across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter he has roughly 7.6 million social followers. In the last 12 months, G-Eazy has grown his social following by roughly 3 million followers. If you look at his feeds, they are filled with premium behind the scenes moments captured by his content team. Although his social following has been increasing his engagement has somewhat stalled out, and he’s not alone.

Major social networks changed their algorithms behind their feeds last year which gives priority to personal friend’s posts over branded pages. Since social networks are built around the feed system, it makes it harder for artists content to be seen, even though they have millions of followers. Now the artist is forced to pay for boosted posts to reach fans they already have. In 2016 Kosta Elchev from Stashimi approached G-Eazy’s management team to discuss how the new platform they built could help in growing the artists’ career.

The service was Artist Messenger, and it focused on using Messaging and Voice platforms as the new untapped marketing channels. Collectively, messaging apps have over 2 billion monthly users, and the Voice market is exponentially growing due to the competitive landscape between Google, Amazon, and Apple. The idea of Artist Messenger was to see if the tool could help increase G-Eazy’s social engagement by taking his existing fans from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and converting them into Messenger subscribers. By turning his fans into subscribers in Messenger, he was able to send direct push-notifications around his important announcements, which allowed him to bypass the tricky social feed algorithms.

Since the launch of his Messenger chatbot, G-Eazy’s social engagement has increased from 5.38% to upwards of 30% and has been able to grow his following by millions. Artists are discovering Artist Messenger is the best tool for them to create a direct line to their fans. Today the only way for you to get in front of your fans is through the social feeds, which are passive and at the end of the day controlled by the networks algorithms.

Artist Messenger through Facebook Messenger chatbots gives the artists a way to bypass the social feeds and engage with their fans directly. The platform is built around automatically updating fans by knowing when there’s new social posts, news articles, YouTube uploads, or music releases. The biggest advantage to artists is they have direct access to their fans with push-notifications making it easier for them to get their content seen.

Over the past year, Artist Messenger has been working with some of the biggest major and indie artists to test and perfect the service before they officially launched. As of two weeks ago, any musician can now sign up for the service and start connecting with their fans on Messenger.
Head over to www.ArtistMessenger.com for more info.

Dailey’s Entertainment Looking For New Talent!

Dailey’s Entertainment is looking for hit songs for rising African
based urban pop star Twicy.Seeking up tempo, urban,
modern sound.

For information on song submission, additional requirements and
questions contact Moses Dailey at MosesDailey@gmail.com or
call 404 239 8062


Orlando Artist DopeTruth Drops Single “Drako” Ft. Money Man From New Album “Never Switched”

Street credibility at its best! Orlando rapper DopeTruth is at it again with his latest album “Never Switched” with the just released, much anticipated single “Drako” featuring Money Man with hard lyrical content over a smooth flowing beat.
The Haitian-American artist originally from Palm Beach raps and writes his own songs. His music is a reflection of his life and real life situations he has encountered over the years. Growing up in a rough neighborhood the lure of drugs and crime disguised itself as independence. Falling into the game he earned the nickname “Truth” and had no problem living up to the nickname. Dope Truth is garnering attention nationwide and satisfying the ears of some of the most discerning listeners. With the perfect balance of physical energy and spot on delivery Dope Truth is certainly setting the bar high for other aspiring South Florida artists.
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Where did you grow up and what is your musical background?

I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I take pride in my city. One big melting pot of cultures and music styles. My musical background is hip hop/rap. I’ve always been into music since before I was born. My mother would put headphones on her belly to get me to move around.

What inspired you to rap?

I’ve always had an inspiration for music. Its the only way I’ve learned to express myself and my situations.

Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

My influences on my music has always been Tupac and Biggie. I grew up off their music. Only way to sleep sometimes was to play it. They remind me of the good days.

Have you performed around Tampa Bay?

I’ve performed in Tampa at Whiskey North for Central Florida’s Got Talent hosted By Sityboi and currently have a show with Coast2coast at club Skye Tampa, Florida April 15th.

What do you think of the Tampa music scene?

I think Tampa within the music scene is taking off. My city is full of talent.

How would you describe your style and how long have you been in the game?

My style of music is different. I don’t express my feelings a lot so in my lyrics I tell you things I keep locked away or hit you with a punchline to create a visual. I’ve been doing music since I was 15. I first recorded at deep productions in Tampa. I stopped doing music for awhile due to envious people that didn’t want to see me make it and at the time it made me lose passion. Now I’m completely focused as an artist and nothing will stop me.

What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?

My inspirations for the lyrics I write comes from my situations and the things I’ve been put through. At one point I hit rock bottom and now your hearing each step I’m taking to the top.

What are your current projects?

My current projects include a music video soon for my hit single “By Any Means” and 3 more songs I’m currently working on.

Where can people find your music and follow your movement?

IG: am_rosario and my SoundCloud: Young $ario


Listen to the latest single from model / actress / rapper Mz Ariez titled “Flippin’ It Up”! Mz. Ariez goes hard on the track which also features Rasta to add more flavor to the mix.


Get more updates on Mz Ariez at http://www.MzAriezblog.blogspot.com

Also join Mz Ariez on Social Media
IG @Mz_ariez01 and @prettyprin6811


Pittsburgh’s Own R-LegacyEmpire!

Setting the bar high for other local artists meet the husband & wife power collective hailing from Pittsburgh Pa. A strong movement, “R-LegacyEmpire” is garnering attention on the international stage as well as catching the attention of the most discerning listeners coast to coast.

Timothy Rutherford & his wife have been dabbling in the local music scene for almost a decade now, putting out a project back in late 2008 with a strong local buzz produced by Dj Cinema entitled “Are You Ready”. After taking some time off to raise their 4 children, filming a couple of movies, starting a photography company and hosting television programs, the royal couple is back.

Their latest smash single called “Juice” is produced by Intertube Studios and the video is filmed by the Carter Collection out of Pittsburgh, Pa. This is their re- introduction to the music scene states the founder/president of the Legacy Empire, Timothy Ca$Ino Rutherford. This high energy power couple is focused, driven and on a mission to build an empire to leave their children. The “His & Hers” project will reflect the intricacies of young marriage, the struggles of raising children while growing older & finding your path to complete your individual journey to a successful dream. “His & Hers” will drop this summer under Grindmode Worldwide Distribution. This will be the perfect follow up for the smash single “Blue Diamond Girl” by Pittsburgh based rapped Boonie Tha Kid featuring Jahna Rachelle. The single reached over 1million views on YouTube and 2.7 million on SoundCloud.

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Instagram @TimeIsMoneyCa$ino and @JahnaRachelleRutherford

Stand Up Charlotte!!! Mr. Flamboyant Brings His High Energy Show To Charlotte, NC On April 7th!


If you are ready for a high energy, super exciting show! Mr. Flamboyant, a beast on the mic, delivers a perfect balance of high physical energy and spot-on delivery. Don’t miss his upcoming show if you are anywhere near Charlotte! April 7th-360 LOUNGE 7030 Smith Corners Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28269 Show Starts 7.00 PM 21+ ONLY

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Get To Know Comedian Ramzy Sweis!

I am amazed at how many hats Ramzy Sweis wears. He has a long-running successful web series called “Never Repeat A Joke” which started as a screenplay. His first novel appropriately titled “Why We Never Repeat Jokes” on Amazon, immediately got 5 out of 5 stars on every review. His book is a fan favorite and has been called inspiring and thought provoking “Why Do We Never Repeat Jokes” is available on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071HSNZPJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_dp_ZTnmzbGT21E01

He also reviews Hip Hop Music on his Soundcloud   http://www.soundcloud.com/ramzy-sweis/the-origin-of-hip-hop-rap.
Ramzy is focused and driven with a passion for comedy. His aim is to share his point of view on such topics as life, love, and happiness. Ramzy has overcame adversity to become a fast-rising star in comedy. Rest assured he will be a major player in the entertainment industry for years to come!
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Freezy The Queen And Producer Kashkount Onnatrack Drop First Single “What They Gonna Do” From Upcoming Mixtape


Freezy The Queen has released her high energy single “What They Gonna Do” produced by the talented Kashkount Onnatrack. This is a producer making a name for himself nationwide with the focus and drive of a seasoned industry vet! Look for the mixtape dropping early this summer.

Stay up to date with the movement here:

Instagram @Official_Kashkount