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New music from Mz Ariez!

The long-awaited album form the industry’s newest triple threat (model, actress, rapper) Mz. Ariez titled I’M ME, NO APOLOGIES is coming very soon!  Follow Mz. Ariez official promo blog at http://www.MzAriezblog.blogspot.com for more updates.  Follow Mz. Ariez on IG as well at https://www.instagram.com/Mz_ariez01/
Mz. Ariez new single “Drip” is available on CD Baby

New video from Doomzday Bat

Watch the new music video from rising Texas based hip hop recording artist DoomzDay Bat titled “Never” coming straight off the Batcave Music Mixtape series!
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A Candid Interview With Soundz Grate

*  What’s up Soundz Grate?
What’s up family?! It’s always a pleasure working with you man. This has been quite a journey for the two of us.
*  What makes you “Sound Grate”?
Aww man. Have you not heard those tunes? Ha ha ha. On a serious note, I’d like to take a word from my fellow emcee Tonio2Kold to say that I’m “Versi-tilli-tile”. It doesn’t matter if I’m singing, rapping, or letting the soothing ryhtmic emotion of a poem flow from my lips. It is something I practice on a daily basis, FOR HOURS, in order to be the living embodiment of the oxymoron that is my moniker.
*  How has your 2018 been so far?
Truthfully my 2018 is just now starting. I have been hiding in a cave in the woods , plotting, calculating, and building my plans for the ultimate takeover. It’s not easy being “The Chupacabra”.
*  What plans do you have for the Summer?
Glad you asked! I’ll be dropping the visuals to my track “Ocean View” featuring my mans Polo Don Red in June on VEVO and ZevoTV. I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve been holding on to it for like a year, so I know he’s ready to see it. “ORCHID the LP” will be dropping at the end of July, so I’m putting the finishing touches on that creation of mine. Lastly I’m prospecting artist for collaboration on my “Thrill Ride EP”… It’s been a very hard task, because I only make and release, a certain amount of music every year. Besides that I’ll be wearing the mogul hat for a majority of the time this year. My hands are in a multitude of places.
*  Could you tell the listeners a little about your music?
I would have to say, that my music is 1000% me & of my life, or my life experiences. I don’t try to paint false pictures to try to fit into the stigma of someone I’m not. I don’t believe in that man. I sing about love, I rap about pain…. good or bad. I talk about what I see, and I’m quick to call someone out. Yet on the flipside I try to create nostalgia music, I want to bring back memories as my fans listen to my music. Or have people make memories to my music *wink wink*.
*  What’s one of your favorite Waka Flocka songs?
“Round of Applause” was definitely one of my favorites, I can play that all day. “Murda” is a track I exercise to. Every time it comes on in the playlist, I feel like a beast.
*  How would a Soundz Grate / Waka Flocka collaboration sound like?
That would sound like a RIAA Platnum track hands down. A RAP track would have the clubs jumping and knocking, might end up making an anthem. On the flipside, even if I was able to get the big homie on an R&B joint. The level of savagery, debauchery, & disrespect would be for the history books. What would really be dope would be to collab with him on the EDM side, but toss Travis Barker in the mix. Now that would be sick.
*  Who are some other artists you would like to collaborate with?
As you know I’m always going to say D’Angelo and Busta Rhymes until it happens…… Celebrity wise I’d like to collab with No Panty, The Internet, and Kali Uchi.
Indie artist wise, I would have to say G Yamazawa, Fowl, and an extremely talented young woman from my city AE TheCool.
*  What would you say was one of your best collaboration so far?
My best collaboration so far, and I need you to understand how upset I am when I say this. My best collaboration has been with THC Bee’jay & Tonio2Kold. I say I’m upset because I lost the footage from what we made, it was nothing but pure hip-hop at it’s most raw form. Tipsy in a circle on the trunk of some cars talking about the future.
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Hot new video from Jay Pill, check it out!

Watch and listen to the new video from rising rap artist JAY PILL titled “Tunnel Vision”!  If you would like more information on Jay Pill then e-mail Dawn at visionmade@yahoo.com

Promise For Keeps (Remix) Matthew Schultz x Gyptian x Electric Bodega

The original version of Promise For Keeps has been very successful with almost 600,000 streams on Spotify already, reaching #21 on the  iTunes UK Dance Charts, Top 100 on Beatport, #18 on Music Week Club Charts and is currently trending on various Spotify playlists. It now has over 3.5 million plays on Soundcloud for all remixes!


This latest remix is by Electric Bodega, a DJ/Production duo from Staten Island,New York, Mike Cash and DJ Klutch. They have done remixes for Drake, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Konshens and Avicii and their original material has hit over a million streams on Spotify, with their last two remixes reaching over 7 million streams.


It takes the idea of a reggae/dancehall vibe of the first remix and takes it into new territory. After a vocal introduction from Gyptian, it breaks into a syncopated reggae beat with an exotic vibe guaranteed to get hips swaying on the dancefloor. The exotic feel increases with a section featuring a wild flute melody over a four-to-the-floor kick, maintaining the syncopated percussion that makes the whole track groove.


This continues into the second verse, and returns for the final minute giving it a tribal, bacchanalian mood that will have the dancefloor going crazy by the end. I’ve already stated the merits of the song itself; a lilting, memorable vocal melody with touchingly romantic lyrics. This remix retains those strengths, along with the smooth-as-honey vocals of Gyptian and the equally fine vocals of Schultz in the second half.


Overall, this is a fantastic remix that will send this song’s popularity through the roof, along with raising the profile of Matthew Schultz, Gyptian and Electric Bodega even further. For fans of Calvin Harris, PartyNextDoor and in particular Major Lazer and Diplo, they are going to love this remix and is expected  to be a DJ favorite in all the clubs this summer.


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Melinda Smith’s new book VENTING FOR RELEASE

Melinda Edenburgh Smith mother of three boys Mykel, Matthew, and Andre. Melinda was born and raised Cleveland, Ohio who currently resides in Atlanta, Ga.  Melinda is a prolific writer, mentor, life coach, intercessor and worshipper that truly has a heart for and loves God’s people. CEO and founder of Phoenix Risings Enterprises, which includes her tax preparations and credits repair business. Melinda’s motto is “Rise, Rebuild, Restore” based on Isaiah 61:3 God will give you beauty for your ashes.  Melinda is a radio personality, spoken word artist and life coach.
This book is how I dealt with a very dark period of my life. It’s a collection of expressions that were going through my mind when I couldn’t sleep. It kept me from falling into a very deep depression.
Poems of anger, selfs reflection and rediscovery of who I was in the great creator I am a child of God
Purchase the book here at this link
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Snap chat- king_raizer3
Instagram- phoenixrisings613
Twitter phoenuxrisings3
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Mobbed Up Inc partners with Mob King Tv show to release exclusive olive oil line and more!


Mobbed Up Inc has partnered with the Mob King TV Show to bring an authentic taste of Italy to the US. Their Extra Virgin Olive Oil line consists of a variety of 10 flavors that go thru a rigourous 3 step quality process from the finest farms in Italy where the olives are hand picked. The Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin and 100% Italian. It is Certified Extra Virgin wit32h via chemical analysis in Italy and California.

Furthermore, it is Certified Extra Virgin via sensory analysis by a Certified Olive Oil Sommelier ensuring there are no defects in the Oil.

Lastly, the plain oil you are purchasing has a Free Fatty Acidity Level of 0.35 and Peroxide Value of 7.1 which are both outstanding results.

All of their product is Produced, Infused and Bottled in their facilities in Italy (Modena and Umbria). Mobbed Up Inc Olive Oil is 100% Extra Virgin and Naturally Infused. It is Certified with Chemical Analysis in Italy and California as well as Certified with a Sensory Analysis by A Certified Olive Oil Sommelier.

Their serious work ethics and fresh ingredients allowed Mobbed Up Inc to gain a reputation in such a short period of time as one of the leading sources of quality and trusted Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Mobbed Up Inc also has a clothing line and a much anticipated  Comedy Show Fundraiser to benefit first responders coming  in August. They have caught the attention of many celebrities such as Perez Hilton,  Real Housewives and Mob Wives.

Please check this website for more information www.mobbedupinc.com

KTek Drops Controversial New Single “F–K Trump” Guaranteed To Get People Talking


Over 21 years in the game as an artist, producer and audio engineer KTek has never been afraid to speak his mind.  His writing and delivery style is much like the tracks he’s made; unique, captivating, and guaranteed to make listeners talk. His first single, “Fuck Trump”, which says what many people are thinking, is predicted to become an instant hit. He fearlessly speaks from the heart on this controversial single. He discovered his passion for music at a young age the moment his mother bought him a Sony tape player. He took advantage of the recording capabilities of the gift and his love of music to entertain his friends by creating custom made mix tapes he sold to friends. His tapes were so well-received he was invited to DJ at local parties. He knew he would never want to do anything else but a career in music. Hefound himself inspired by legendary artists such as The Art of Noise, Michael Jackson, Sting, Phil Collins, Seal, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, J-Dilla, Bass 305, Tekmaster P.E.B, DJ Magic Mike, and Eric B and Rakim.


His infectious non-traditional sounds and recording methods mixed with the elements of human sound, orchestral, and electronic pads and keys have become the components of his one-of-a-kind sound. He has garnered respect from some of the most discerning listeners. His passion for music drove him to build an in-house studio in which the following six years he recorded independent artists in his living room. In 2015, KTEK moved from the living room to a studio where The Grind Factory was born. Since then, hundreds of artists have come through the doors in search of his unique sound and production. Many of his tracks have been used by true independent artists and requested by music directors for commercial catalogs, audio books, and other producers and engineers. You can catch him performing at A3C in October and at various venues in Atlanta.

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Introducing Texas rapper DOOMZDAY BAT

DoomzDay Bat is a southern songwriter from Texas with a unique vision for his music he specializes in being unorthodox he has been creating music for 6 years now but the love for making rhythm with words started a long time ago with poetry the bat currently has a large catalog of music on soundcloud various music videos on youtube & a 4 part Batcave music mixtape series on datpiff his hard work & dedication speaks for itself & I’m a strong believer that pretty soon the whole world will take notice & appreciate his ambition.
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Repping The ATL, Garnering National Attention Meet “Mr. Flamboyant” Performing In Memphis June 9th!

Stand up Memphis if you are ready for a high energy, super exciting show! Mr. Flamboyant, a beast on the mic, delivers a perfect balance of high physical energy and spot-on delivery.
Don’t miss his upcoming show if you are anywhere near Memphis!