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Fit Power Nutrition, Doing A Body Good

Popular Health and Fitness Club, FIT POWER NUTRITION in Charlotte, NC launches a very delicious and healthy snack alternative designed to help increase metabolism and add a good dose of protein to your body, diet and health regimen.  The new PROTEIN-COOKIE is available exclusively at FIT POWER NUTRITION located 4500 Eaves Ln, Charlotte NC 28215.  

The snack was originally introduced as a treat to the fitness club goers that regularly attend the weekly Zumba classes held at the establishment, but after the delicious cookies was in such high demand among the regulars, the club owner Coach Carmen Palma decided to make the special Protein Cookies available throughout the week right along with the staple menu items available at Fit, Power, Nutrition such as the flavorful aloe, herbal teas and variety of protein shakes!  Right now the Protein Cookies are available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.


Come out to Fit Power Nutrition Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to Noon and purchase a stack of delicious Protein Cookies while you can!

4500 Eaves Ln, Charlotte, NC 28215


Popular Health and Fitness Club, FIT POWER NUTRITION en Charlotte, Carolina 
del Norte, lanza una alternativa de refrigerio muy deliciosa y saludable 
diseñada para ayudar a aumentar el metabolismo y agregar una buena dosis de 
proteínas a su cuerpo, dieta y régimen de salud. El nuevo PROTEIN-COOKIE 
está disponible exclusivamente en FIT POWER NUTRITION ubicado en 4500 Eaves Ln, 
Charlotte NC 28215.
El refrigerio se presentó originalmente como un regalo para los 
asistentes al gimnasio que asisten regularmente a las clases semanales 
de Zumba que se llevan a cabo en el establecimiento, pero después de que 
las deliciosas galletas tenían tanta demanda entre los clientes habituales, 
la entrenadora del club, Carmen Palma, decidió hacer el especial. 
¡Galletas de proteínas disponibles durante toda la semana junto con los 
elementos básicos del menú disponibles en Fit, Power, Nutrition, como el sabroso 
aloe, tés de hierbas y una variedad de batidos de proteínas! En este momento, 
las galletas de proteínas están disponibles en sabores de vainilla y chocolate.
¡Visite Fit Power Nutrition de lunes a sábado de 8:00 a.m. a mediodía y compre una pila de deliciosas galletas de proteínas mientras pueda! 4500 Eaves Ln, Charlotte, NC 28215



Ms. Ke Drops Hot New Single



Ms.Ke is a female Hip-hop and R&B artist from Kansas City, MO.  Her passion for music is profound. She was first introduced to the music world with her hit single “Party Time” featuring Kbizzle in 2015.  She has also released an R&B classic called “Broken Hearted” and a motivating hiphop song called “Motivation Hip-Hop” featuring FrosTT! She plans to release her first EP/album called “Upsurge” soon. She released her new single “Where you been at” from her upcoming album Tuesday November 5, 2019! Ms. Ke has many inspirations in being a lyrical entertainer. Ms.Ke’s favorite female artists are double threats, singing sensations and lyrical geniuses. Ms.Ke is inspired by Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, and Tink who empower her to represent the true sound of music, give life to each instrumental and show her versatility! Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nas, and Eminem are Ms.Ke’s favorite rappers of all time. There are many singers Ms.Ke really enjoys listening to such as Mary J Blige, India Arie, Jennifer Hudson, and Jasmine Sullivan. Ms. Ke is ready to get back to work and bring back authentic music!
Get more updates and information on Ms. Ke at her official promo blog at http://www.MsKeMusic.blogspot.com 
Ms. Ke’s “Where You Been” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and everywhere music is being sold digitally.  

West African Artist TWICY Drops Visual for New Single “Gimme Love”



West African rapper TWICY, with his mesmerizing vocals and sensational lyrics, is quickly climbing the ladder of success in his country of Ghana and abroad. In 2018 he was recognized as Central African Artist of the Year and recently appeared on Zylofon TV gaining him some well-deserved notoriety. TWICY grabs the attention of audiences with his truly dynamic live performances and has been touring throughout France and Germany increasing his fan base. His artistry has received praise from records executives and industry tastemakers who compare his talents to artists such as Davido, Wiz Kid, and Burna Boy. His latest single “Gimme Love”, produced by African super-producers DCQ x KP, is available on all streaming platforms.

Follow TWICY @EarnyTwicy (Instagram)

USA Booking Inquiries: Moses Dailey

mosesdailey@gmail.com / 404-239-8062

Chenaya has a passion to give back!


Chenaya Johnson’s passion is leading veterans out of the throes of depression and onto a path of self-love, while focusing on our overall mental health. Chenaya is committed to sharing her life’s experiences, both tragedies and triumphs about her unabashed battle with depression and her ongoing journey of self love.

Chenaya’s background as a Marine veteran and a social worker with experiences as a mental health therapist has enhanced her abilities to share her truth on a professional level as well.

Chenaya is the creator of the podcast: I Thought I Told Ya! with segments every Monday called Mental Health Mondays, focusing on the improvement of our overall mental health. Chenaya also has a segment called Generation of Silence that focuses on child abuse in the black family.

Get more updates on Chenaya at http://www.ChenayaJohnson.blogspot.com

Getting to know Stacklynn Clyde


Rising Detroit, MI Hip Hop recording artist STACKLYNN CLYDE is warming the world up as the weather cools down for the upcoming fall months by releasing his HOT new single “Outlet”!  The new single “Outlet” is impacting internet and terrestrial radio stations across the nation as well as podcasts, and live streams.  The single recently aired on a recent edition of the prestigious Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio which had many tastemakers, fans, and industry insiders talking about the bright rising new star and his song.  Listen to the soon to be hip hop classic at the direct link below
Get more updates on Stacklynn Clyde and his music at his official promo blog / static page http://www.StacklynnClyde.blogspot.com

Symphonic Pheenix Force is BACK with a brand new single titled “D.O.A.

The Nerdcore Supergroup known as Symphonic Pheenix Force is BACK with a brand new single titled “D.O.A.” from their forthcoming full length project THE ART OF FUSION.  This single is produced by DaRapNerd and is now being featured on many websites and popular music blogs on the web and also getting major attention from the DJs and podcasters as well.  Listen to this very creative experimental hip hop track at the direct spreaker link here 

Follow S.P.F. on Social Media at the Direct Links below to get more updates on the artists.  

Check out the new single “It Aint” from Barnone


A master on the mic, born and raised on Chicago’s “West Side”, BARNONE THE M.O.D. refined his skills performing in local venues as a solo artist perfecting his craft. BARNONE recognized that Hip Hop is a culture and art movement, focused on keeping it alive dispite the abundance of cookie cutter rappers in the industry today.

Holding his title as one of the hottest Midwest hip-hop artists today, his dedication to distinctive music has produced multiple sensational projects: Whip it Like ah Chevy; Not Friends; I’m ah Boss; and Dat Heat are some of his earlier work. With the work ethic of an industry vet he has turned it up even more with new hit songs such as YOU AINT; SHOT CALL; and DO THA ALPACINO.

BARNONE is the founder of the independent record label Closed Casket Entertainment LLC (C.C.E.).

His current single “You Aint” can be heard on:

Apple Music


Also on other major sites and can be purchased on:


Google Play

Look for his next 2 albums to drop in 2020, and follow his movement on his pages below!!

BARNONE THE M.O.D. social media links:







Introducing Streetlight Ent artist Flam Feeva

Hip Hop is a culture and art movement and Flam Feeva is working hard to keep it alive, which is not an easy task in this oversaturated industry.

Born Bryan Alford in West Dayton, Ohio, rapper Flam Feeva has studied  all kinds of music working hard to perfect his craft. Flam grew up a true student of hip hop. Discovering his passion at a young age he began writing and recording music in high school, selling his homemade mixtapes during lunchtime.

His grind started paying off and led to many local performances resulting in Flam later opening up for major artists in different cities nationwide. With a magnetic personality and  high-energy stage presence he garners new fans with every show. After the loss of his mother, Flam began to reinvent himself adding other musical titles to his decorated resume. Already a remarkable lyricist, Flam taught himself to create and promote shows, make beats, audio engineering & graphic design.

To give back and show love to the community he also started his annual Bikes & Backpacks Event, giving back free school supplies to children in need at the start of every school year. With the release of his newest album “Just My Thoughts,” Flam hopes to elevate the minds of his listeners while still pleasing his core fan base. With the release of his self produced new single “DUMBASS,” Flam delivers a bass heavy, catchy club banger guaranteed to lyrically amaze you. Flam embraces the challenge of keeping it real and setting the bar high for other  rappers.

Follow his movement:


@Flamborghini Gallardo
@Flamborghini DYT

Ella Johnson, so much more than an author!


Introducing prominent businesswoman, motivational speaker, author, hostess and humanitarian Ella Johnson.
She was born and raised in small town Monroeville, AL, is neither shy to the cameras nor is she unfamiliar with being in the spotlight. As a teenager, Ella overcame racial barriers in Alabama when she found herself up against odds that were placed on blacks in her community. Raised by a single parent, Ella and her family faced the same hardships that were well known to Blacks in the south during the 70’s.
In 1988, Ella graduated from Monroe County High School and went on to further her education at the University of Mobile (formerly Mobile College), where she pursued a career in Communications as a Broadcast Journalist. Ella moved on to Tampa, FL where she attended Avance Career Center and lit up the runways all over Tampa with her authentic charm. She was developing skills that would soon push her into her destiny.
Still in pursuit of her first love in broadcasting, in 2010, the Connecticut School of Broadcasting auditioned Ella and accepted Ella into their school of Broadcasting, where she found herself at the top of the class. She served as the News Anchor and Director for the final project of which the team scored an above average grade. Immediately after graduation, Ella locked in an internship at the NBC News affiliate in Orlando, WESH TV 2, where she worked for 6 months.
With many experiences of life under her belt, Ella discovered her newfound love, which was to write.  In 2010, Ella wrote her first novel, Torn: The Melissa Williams Story, based on true events in her life in Alabama. Upon completion of the book, it became a hit with the people from her hometown demanding that more of the story be told. There are 3 books currently published as The Torn Series, with the Final Torn in progress and on target to be published in 2019. Ella has written the screenplay for this story, with the hopes of seeing it come to life on the big screen.
On a sunny Sunday afternoon during the summer of 2014, Ella heard God’s voice encouraging her to feed families for Thanksgiving in Alabama. With nothing but God’s word to work with, Ella left Florida and traveled to Alabama to be obedient to God’s voice. To date, her organization, Women at Work International, has fed over 600 families for Thanksgiving. That work will continue this year, but this year, the organization will also feed families in Paynesville, Liberia.
Continuing in her passion for broadcasting, The Mahogany Bronze Hour can be heard on internet radio, Facebook Live and will be coming soon as an internet Talk Show. The purpose of this show is to encourage, enlighten and to empower the men and women in the community with the truth and harsh realities of life that affect our communities. Hosted by CSB graduate, Ella Johnson, the shows are edgy and without restriction to any conversation. The Mahogany Bronze Hour broadcasts from Monday – Friday from 5pm – 6pm on DJ Pun’s Underground Radio – www.keepinitrealunderground.com.  The Mahogany Bronze Hour, the talk show, is coming soon.
Ella is a mother of 6 children and a grandmother of 6. She is divorced since 2012 and has not remarried, but is in a relationship. To learn more about Ella Johnson, please follow her on Facebook as Ella Johnson, Instagram as Mahogany Motivations and the website, www.theellajohnson.com.

Get to know comedian James Draper

James Draper finds humor in nearly everything, so he brings a variety of ways to make you laugh. With jokes, stories and songs, he’ll have you quoting his set long after the show. He has headlined and featured in clubs, theaters and festivals throughout the Midwest working with comics from all over the country. James has featured for Bob and Tom favorites like, Donnie Baker, Larry Reeb, Costaki Economopolis, and many others you may or may not have heard of. Currently, you can find James Draper performing at stand up shows in rooms all over the Midwest, writing and acting for sketch comedy shows (live and audio/voice over), and guest spotting on podcasts.
James Draper is also a writer and performer on the upcoming audio sketch comedy series YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED.  For more updates and information on Yesterday Night Taped visit http://www.Facebook.com/YesterdayNightTaped
Get more updates on comedian James Draper at http://www.ComedianJamesDraper.blogspot.com