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MEME will be heatin up the streets this summer with new singles



Reppin Blytheville, Arkansas to the fullest, MEME is ready to take her place among industry greats. She fell in love with writing poetry as a child and it bloomed into a love for writing music.

She experienced her fair share of struggles and discovered putting it on paper was the perfect way to vent. Focused on her music she would later link with a production team, than management and the rest is history.

MEME is an established songwriter and Publisher through BMI Writing Society and you can find her on all major social media platforms @MEME.

Her current singles are “Big Booty Judy” and “Shake”



In 2020, the world experienced a string of unfortunate events from
multiple deaths and natural disasters to the COVID-19 pandemic
and everything in between.
Now in 2021, the world is starting to reopen, rebuild, and move
forward from the tragedies of the year prior. One of the many
ways individuals as well as businesses are repairing, improving,
and bouncing forward from last year’s setbacks is by rebranding
and reinventing themselves. To kick off the first quarter of 2021,
esteemed veteran songwriter, producer, and performer
Clayton Savage has released the perfect theme song to accompany
everyone’s rebuild, repair, and reopening phase. The uplifting and
inspirational song and video is titled “Numan” (combining the words
“new” and “man”), and once the listeners hear the song’s mesmerizing hook,
it will certainly have them feeling like a “brand new man”. The song’s
positive message, along with it’s upbeat and powerful instrumental
accompanied by Savage’s lyrics of optimism and rejuvenation all
combined are what make this incredible anthem the official soundtrack
for 2021’s rebuilding and reopening phase.
Clayton Savage “Numan”
Written by Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR
Edited by Author Lea Mishell
Contact Email:  dee@redkrecords.com
Press Contact Email:  Info@TheMediaBlast.net

Introducing Kula Voncille


Popular Virginia based emcee / lyricist, prominent businesswoman and all-around excellent performer Kula Voncille is preparing to take over the Spring and Summer months as her booming career has been heating up all through the Winter.  Earlier this year Kula Voncille blessed the world with several new songs and live shows alongside her beautiful band of sisters, the powerhouse supergroup Shady Bootz.  Through February, Kula Voncille has hosted several Pop-Up Shop Events throughout Virginia and surrounding areas to allow black owned businesses to flourish within the community and to introduce their products, services, and wares to more consumers in the market.  In March Kula Voncille made a huge impact with being honored during Women’s History Month in various web publications and esteemed, well respected blogs and websites such as Blacktopia, The Women of P.O.W.E.R. blog and The Worldwide Collaboration website just to name a few.  Recently, Kula Voncille has been the comedic and very entertaining host of several Hip-Hop Lip Sync Battles and Contests, and the strong, prominent every woman has no plans of slowing down now that the Spring months are coming up!!


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Visit her official website at http://www.KulaVoncille.com



J-O Podcast to host rap battle Booka vs. Flip



Get ready for the biggest fight of 2021!  On March 31st you are all welcome to witness the soon to be legendary Rap Battle between two heavy weights in the Underground Hip Hop Battle Circuit, Booka Vs. Flip!  The battle will air live on the The J-0 Podcast, hosted by Jordan “J-0” Hunter himself.   Winner takes all, no holds barred!  Witness the two go head to head, verse to verse March 31st at 7 PM Eastern Sharp, exclusively on The J-0 Podcast available on The Anchor App. and Google Podcasts!  Be there

Stream the Rap Battle live on The J-0 Podcast available on the Anchor App and Google Podcasts!

Visit the official J-0 Podcast blog for more updates and information

Introducing Rising indie record label The House of Léon



Rising indie record label The House of Léon has major plans for the Spring!  The label currently comprises 3 rising pop singers, Alia a female vocalist, composer and producer, Nigerian Afro-pop performer Moonbwoi Epik and the label’s flagship artist and CEO Samuélli Léon have all been working on new material that they plan to release all throughout the upcoming months.
Alia’s current single “Carolina Chick” has been getting lots of spins on various podcasts and internet radio stations across the nation, and the success of her single landed her a featured spot in the prestigious on The Women of P.O.W.E.R blog.
Moonbwoi Epik’s latest ditty, “Halle” has been getting major support from DJs, bloggers, vloggers as well as prominent industry insiders.  Moonbwoi has been featured on many major media outlets throughout Africa and is currently making waves in the states as well.
Samuélli Léon continues to write and produce for various artists including his own signees, and has been enjoying the success of his new single “Light Skin, Dark Skin” which is a tribute to all beautiful women of all shades!
Visit the official promo blog for the label at the direct link below
Stream Music from The House of Leon on Spotify 
Samuelli Leon
Moonbwoi Epik

St. Pete’s @Tenoheight are not rappers they are street poets

In a industry filled with cookie-cutter rappers Ten_Oh_Eight are quick to explain to you they are street poets not rappers. They came from poverty and are building their empire. This camp has the work ethics of seasoned industry veterans and have set the bar high for other artists.

In a industry filled with cookie-cutter rappers Ten_Oh_Eight are quick to explain to you they are street poets not rappers. They came from poverty and are building their empire. This camp has the work ethics of seasoned industry veterans and have set the bar high for other artists.

The group consists of A1/Auk & A1/Fatz based in St. Petersburg, Fl. Their current single “Street Ni&&a A Diary” is garnering new fans nationwide and available in all major online stores. Rest assured these guys are going nowhere and will continue to work hard to perfect their craft.


Be a part of the movement @ten_oh_eight

Candidly speaking with rap artist PJ Dakota



Songwriter / performer PJ Dakota’s new single and video “Just Skate” is being featured all over the world on various websites, platforms and radio programs.  “Just Skate” is the breath of fresh air the world needs after recovering from all the tragic and somber events from 2020!  Today Supastars Online Magazine sits down with the rising indie artist to discuss her positive, upbeat new single and video “Just Skate” among other things.  Tap into the mind of this amazing, gifted recording artist.

Supastars Online Magazine:  What’s up PJ Dakota?  Are you ready for this interview?

PJ Dakota:  Yes I’m ready and excited. Thank you for having me.

Supastars Online Magazine: Could you tell the readers a little about who you are as an artist?

PJ Dakota:  I’m a R&B/Hip Hop Artist, singer, songwriter, and producer from Flint MI. and I love working with upcoming independent artists.

Supastars Online MagazineCould you tell us about your latest single “Just Skate”?

PJ Dakota:  Yes, Just Skate is my latest single that we are promoting all over the world with hopes for listeners to reminisce about skating and having a good time. This past year has put a damper on things and we hope Just Skate will lift people’s spirits. The song and movement offers positive vibes and a drama free zone. It’s for Everybody. Just have a Good Time. JUST SKATE!!!

Supastars Online Magazine: Who did you work with on the song?

PJ Dakota:  I worked with Angie McClendon who had asked me to write a song about Skating. We worked with Jeff Fountain on the music production. As well as the awesome vocal talents of Armisha Smith and upcoming artist Gabrielle Smith with background vocals.

Supastars Online Magazine:  How would you sum up 2020?

PJ Dakota:  A Trying time, Scary time, refocusing on everything – life, music, the future, and finances.

Supastars Online Magazine: How was your overall experience in the year 2020?

PJ Dakota:  I got to focus a lot more on myself and get a lot of things in order. I utilize the time off from work. Worked on my health and music.

Supastars Online Magazine: Did the pandemic affect you when it comes to your music and what you do as an artist? 

PJ Dakota:  Yes it affected me as an artist. I was laid off from work and now told not to go outside or do anything. For the first two months I became depressed. I had no energy or desire to do any music or anything. I was so used to being out networking and performing and being in the studio. Here I was with my project not done needing to be mixed and mastered but everything was closed. But then I found a studio that was open and I got back to it and started working on my project again. So now I’m in the studio getting CD finalized and I got the call to do the Just Skate song. Loving the final version of the song we decided to put it on the project and we’ve been moving ever since. So now just getting things ready for when this Covid pandemic is behind us or alleast to a point where we can get back to performing and traveling and doing music.

Supastars Online Magazine: How has your new year been so far?

PJ Dakota:  It’s been moving at a Steady pace. My Team has been promoting the song on every radio station we can get it to, doing interviews and blog interviews everywhere we can. Back in the studio work on new material.

Supastars Online Magazine:  What plans and goals do you have for 2021?

PJ Dakota:  I will drop a full CD in March called Day Dreaming. We will be shooting several music videos as the weather breaks. We are currently pushing and promoting the Just Skate music video. We plan to chart on the Billboard Charts and the Itunes charts with Just Skate in the next Month or so. Plans to travel overseas pushing the Just Skate Movement and the Day Dreaming CD.

Supastars Online MagazineIs there anything you would like to plug or mention that we haven’t discussed so far?

PJ Dakota: Everybody please continue to stay safe. S/O to Angie McClendon for believing in my talent. S/O to my team at S.S.Global with Tiffany Gaines, my Booking Agent Latoya Crayton and my management Team at Goddess Entertainment Management with Tishea Mendoza. All the artists I’m working with under On Top Management and the Team at Day Dream Production. My music can be found on all media platforms. Thank you to my Fans and Everyone who believes in PJ Dakota. And a Big S/O to the Waka Flocka’s Supastar Online Magazine.

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A Candid Conversation With The Beast!



Q-  First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?

When I seen my mother and Aunt sing at church for the first time that’s what made me want to start entertaining.

Q-  What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Nervousness is good for you it keeps you focused at least for me it does.

Q-  When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful?

Both and I love it.

Q-  How easily do songs tend to come to you?

It’s fairly easy for me for some reason. The music helps me write I don’t know how it just talks to me.

Q-  What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
Don’t let anyone stop you from your dreams, always keep pushing no matter what.
Q-  Who do you feel is the most influential artist in your genre?
I really don’t have one my radio station is dialed into the gospel channel so I have no clue who’s doing what really. I know of a few artists but not too much about them you know what I mean, lol?
Q- What are your future goals as a music artist?
Just to do what I love to do that’s all.
Q-  What was your most memorable performance to date?
When I did a music festival in Vancouver BC it was sick, thousands and thousands of people was most amazing adrenaline rush, it was crazy.
Q- Tell us about your current release or upcoming project?
I am getting ready to release three new joints, and I’m currently working on sound scores for some action films, and also for a horror film. I am also getting in shape for a movie I was picked for. You can get the info on that at legacy entertainment rob@gmail.com, and also at Universal Talent Booking Management.
Q- How can we follow you on social media?
IG @thebeast.worldwide
FB @2020thebeast
Music is on sale in all major online stores!

Madame Muzik comes hard with new single “Badlandz”

 The latest release from Madame Muzik is sure to grab the attention of the most discerning music fans. This is a track that talks about the reality women around the world face and overcome. It empowers women to be badass and protect themselves from the evil in the world. The track is dope with an apocalyptic, mad max feel which will make for an amazing video!

New to the game with the work ethic of a seasoned industry vet Madame Muzik has created a lane of her own. Setting the bar high for the cookie-cutter artists out there, her versatility sets her apart. Madame Muzik creates music of all genres. She is truly what the game has been missing.

Tennessee’s hidden gem is a vocalist, songwriter and musician that is focused and destined for success. She discovered her passion for music at a young age and has never let it go. Madame Muzik has embraced her craft and on her way to becoming a heavy-hitter in the music scene!

Follow her movement:

Interview with Blazed Up Records Hip Hop artist Pop Lodi



This week, Supastars Online Magazine sits down with rising New England based hip hop recording artist Pop Lodi to discuss his upcoming projects, his past and opinions among other things.  Take a look into the mind and the life of this wonderful new artist.
Supastars:  How did you get the name Pop Lodi?
Pop Lodi:  Pop is short for Poppy. Which is my childhood name… Lodi is my street name given to me by my boy when we were young.
Supastars:  How would you define your style as an artist?
Pop Lodi:  Flamboyant!
Supastars:  How would you describe the man behind the music?  Outside of your public image as an artist, who is Pop Lodi the man?
Pop Lodi:  I’m a father first and foremost. I stand 10 toes down.
Supastars:  What separates you from all the other artists out there in today’s industry?
Pop Lodi:  Being myself.
Supastars:  What projects do you have out right now and what are you currently working on?
Pop Lodi:  I have an ep called Dangerous Environment. Sinners & Saints album.. I’m working on Revelations of a lyricists album as we speak my upcoming project followed by The God Body album
Supastars: Who have you worked with?
Pop Lodi:  Locals: Late Nite Snacks, Williono, Fuego Base, Dubb Divine, P.I.M.P not too many… dudes be scared to send the work back once they hear my verse at times. Some just don’t know where my mind be at.
Supastars: Who would you like to work with in the future?
Pod Lodi:  I would like to work with this kid name Rome Streetz from New York.
Supastars: Speaking of the future, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Pod Lodi:  In the next 5 years. At a higher level in this music game.
Supastars: What artists are you currently listening to?
Pod Lodi:  I’ve been on my guy Rome Streetz. Locals I really like Sax 5th & Banga bandanas.
Supastars:  Just to change gears for a moment, if you had the pleasure of meeting president Joe Bidden and VP Kamala Harris, what would you say to them?
Pod Lodi:  Get this country back on track asap.
Supastars:  On the flipside if you could have a meeting with Donald Trump, what would you tell him?
Pop Lodi:  Never would I place myself in the same room… next question… it’s like talking to a doorknob.
Supastars:  Where do you see this country going in the next 4 years with Biden at the helm?
Pop Lodi:  If he can stay healthy. He can set us up right I believe… these dudes be wired man I tell you.
Supastars:  What’s the best advice you were ever given and how did you apply that knowledge?
Pop Lodi:  The best advice, A wise man could play the role of a fool, but a fool could never play the role of a wise man.. or it’s never fun when the rabbit has the gun. It’s mind motivation at it’s best.  I took it and ran with it.
Supastars:  What advice would you give the youth coming up?
Pod Lodi:  The Advice:  To these young boys put the guns down iand be careful who you give a child to.  To these young ladies let no man hold you back from being independent peace.
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